Rockport Texas #rockporttexas #rockport Flounder Recipe

We bought a condo in Rockport, Texas, which is located on Aransas Bay, home to some great fishing and beautiful water. I have had the pleasure of the most beautiful photo opportunities. I am by no means a professional but you can’t go wrong when you are surrounded by beauty. I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures.

Our Condo is facing the water and we have a 750′ pier, as you can tell I love taking pictures of the pier!! Especially the sunset.

This year I want to try and take some with people fishing in the background. I love walking down the beach road and listening to the water, and finding new photo opportunities.

These are just a few of my favorites, hopefully, I will have more in the next couple of weeks to share.

We love fishing here, we catch flounder, trout, and redfish. Our favorite is flounder. It is some of the best fish you will ever eat!

I have an amazing flounder covered and smothered recipe:

Season and bake flounder (we use Tony Chachere’s)

Melt butter and onions in a pan add flour and a broth (we use veggie broth)

mix until smooth, then add crawfish tails and cook about 7 minutes longer.

We serve this over rice and it is to die for!!

Craw fishtail cover and smother mixture




  1. Congrats on the new condo. It sure does look like you have an amazing view. Hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

  2. The pier is absolutely beautiful! I love seafood so this flounder recipe sounds like it’s delicious.

  3. I have never had flounder before because it is not common in the Chicago area but I would love to one day give your recipe a try. Sounds yummy.

  4. Rockport Texas sound and looks like a gorgeous place indeed. These are all beautiful photos for sure and I will have to add this to my bucket list of places to visit. Flounder is a fish I have not eaten but would love to try. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos and the awesome recipe.

  5. Congrats on buying a condo. With that view of the ocean, I can see why. It’s beautiful. Your photos are stunning.

  6. That is a beautiful picture of the Bay! I have never heard of Rockport Texas, but it seems like a pretty cool place to visit.

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