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My grandson is just now learning to eat food, so needless to say this new adventure can get quite messy. Fortunately we have the amazing roll up bibs. These bibs fit great and are easy to put on and take off. They are a lifesaver! He loves how soft they feel and these are the only type of bib he will actually keep on.



We love how easy it is to clean since it is made from waterproof Silicone and Anti-Bacterial Fabric. You can rinse it off and it dries quickly. It is ready for the next use. I love how well made these bibs are, we have used them over and over and they still look and feel brand new!


Here are all of the features:

• Very easy to attach around the neck of your child, even one-handed;
• Specially designed for better portability, it can be rolled up and tossed into the diaper bag for eating on-the-go;
• It can be used to safely carry & store baby cutlery;
• Made exclusively of soft materials so it won’t get pushed up into your child’s neck when it rests on the tray;
• Water resistant, it’s ideal for bottle feeding;
• Easily adjustable Velcro straps that will prove difficult for your child to undo;
• Sturdy and durable, it will last for years;
• Extremely easy to clean and dry – just rinse it or drop it in the dishwasher for a quick cleaning;
• Provided with a wide silicone pocket that stays open when it’s being worn and effectively catches crumbs and other food spillages;
• Compatible with most high chairs so they won’t get in the way;
• Perfect even for toddlers who are beginning to self-feed;
• Non-toxic and hygienic so it will keep most of the germs out.

It comes with two bibs, blue and green and a cute spoon for those small hands to grip! Check it out: roll up bibs

With this great price, they would make a great gift for those hard to buy for mothers!!

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