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Paint Diy Brush Painting

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Opting to go DIY as opposed to hiring handymen can already save you a lot of money. But you can save costs further by fixing up your DIY methods. Here are just a few cost-cutting tricks to help you complete your own handiwork on a budget.


Shop around for tools


Don’t just rely on your local hardware store to get tooled up. You may be able to find more reliable tools at a cheaper price by shopping around. Research online so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Online guides such as this review on the best cordless impact wrench can help to fill you in on the facts. Be wary of saving money by going second-hand – an old used tool might be unreliable and hard to find parts for. Always check the condition first before buying. If buying second-hand online, always make sure the seller is reputable and has provided pictures.


Hire expensive specialist tools


When it comes to some pricy specialist machinery, hiring may be the better option, especially if you doubt you’ll ever use the tool again. You’ll find lots of tool hire companies online. Read reviews of their services so that you can ensure reliable equipment. Most tool hire companies are able to provide top of the range equipment and keep it well maintained, only charging a fraction of the price you’d expect when buying such equipment.


Time your purchases right


Certain times of the year can be cheaper for buying tools and materials. You may be able to find a promotion on tools and materials for gardening by stocking up in winter rather than summer. Similarly, insulation may be cheaper to buy in summer. On top of this, there are many annual deal periods to look out for such as Black Friday, Father’s Day and the January Sales.


Don’t be a material snob


Do you really need a granite kitchen countertop and mahogany flooring? You may find substitute materials that look like the real thing and have many of the same qualities for a much cheaper price. Formica is a plastic substitute to granite that looks and feels like stone but is much cheaper, plus you don’t need to seal it like granite. Lyptus meanwhile is a wood that looks like mahogany but is also much cheaper. Other information on substitute materials can be found online.


Know when to call in professionals



Saving money by going DIY isn’t always worth it with more complicated projects. Electrics and gas work generally require a license and making an error can be dangerous. Other work such as knocking down walls could result in huge costs to fix up if all goes wrong. Stick to projects that you know you can do. If you’re new to DIY, try tasks such as painting, installing floating flooring and basic landscaping before venturing into ambitious projects such as extensions and conversions. Whilst it’s easy nowadays to find video tutorials and guides online, know your limitations so that you don’t cause damage that then costs more to repair.

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