Shore Up Home Security In 3 Simple Steps

Writing a blog is a funny old thing in that different ideas come to you as you’re writing certain articles. I posted a piece not long ago about making old people feel safe at home. As I wrote this, it got me thinking about home security in general. I think a lot of us are guilty of being a little bit relaxed when it comes to how secure our home is. So, it gave me the idea to write this blog to help you all shore up the security in your home.


Install A Proper Security System

If I asked all of you to raise your hand if you actually use the security alarm in your home, how many hands would be in their air right now? I’m willing to bet it’s a fairly small percentage! The fact is, we often forget or neglect to set the alarm when we go out. Or, we haven’t used the system for so long, and it doesn’t even work.


Either way, this isn’t good as you need a proper security system to keep your house safe. Especially if you’re out for a long time, as anyone can break in without an alarm going off. My advice is to install a new security system, so you’ve got an updated and modern one in place. Set the alarm every time you go out, and the house is empty. This will really help beef up security and keep your home safe.

Tackle The Problem Areas

There are parts of your home that are fairly safe, and there are parts that present risks. These are the problem areas, and you need to get them as secure as can be, right away. I find that the garage is a real problem area, as it can easily be broken into. All it takes is a faulty garage door to provide an opening for a burglar to get inside. Companies like Tip Top Garage Doors will tell you there are lots of ways for a garage door to break. So, your first port of call is ensuring your garage door is as secure as can be and working properly.


Then, address other problem areas such as your back door or garden fences. A poorly fenced garden is asking to get broken into, and your back door often gets left unlocked by mistake. The bottom line is that you need to tackle the problem areas and really shore them up for a secure home.


Get A Front Gate

A lot of us have houses with an open driveway and no gate. Personally, I think front gates are really handy for improving home security. Particularly if they make a lot of noise when they’re opened!


A gate poses an extra obstacle for an intruder to get passed. It makes things harder for them and can stop them from breaking in. Plus, the noise from a gate can alert people in the home which means you can stop the intruder and call the police right away.


If you’re keen to make your home safer for everyone, I suggest following these three simple steps to shore up security.

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