SmartBambino Stroller Organizer

SmartBambino Stroller Organizer



I am a new Mimi to my third grandson, all of which are less than 2 years old. Needless to say we each have a stroller in our car for “just in cases”. I usually will have one or two of them on any given day since they live next door to me, and I love it! I was so excited about this stroller organizer since I like things to be organized. I use this in my car and keep it packed in case of an emergency. I love how easily it attaches to my stroller and how the deep pockets can hold my phone and keys. The magnetic top flaps over and attaches quickly.

It is so roomy you can store a lot of extras, I like to have a couple diapers, wet wipes a cup or two and of course snacks!


If you are looking for a great shower gift or just need to get organized in the car check out this stroller organizer!

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