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Anyone who spends a lot of time in their kitchen knows how easy it is for most of that time to be spent tidying up after yourself and keeping the kitchen clean. There are plenty of habits that you can adopt to make cleaning it much easier, but what if you gave yourself less work, to begin with? Let’s take a look at how getting a little smarter with your kitchen design could save you tons of time in the future, meaning you have more to spend actually enjoying it.

Kitchen Cabinets


Storage is your friend

This isn’t so much about the real messes you might make in the kitchen as much as it’s about the clutter that can get in the way and make it feel much more claustrophobic. Rather than getting countertop containers, think about looking up. There are plenty of vertical storage ideas that can make the kitchen appear much more spacious and tidy, particularly if the room is a little on the smaller side, to begin with. Good Housekeeping shares some great ideas, like storing pots and cooking utensils in the alcove above your range so everything you need is in hand whenever you need it. A wall rack for platters and plates also means you save on cupboard space while being able to coordinate a nice themed or colorful design.

Tiles are the enemy

Tiles seem to just go in the kitchen. However, the truth is that they will become the bane of your existence if you’re not able to spend time cleaning them out as much as you would like. The crevices in the tiles attract dirt and moisture, which can lead to real damp problems if you’re not careful. This is especially true if they’re above the range or the sink. Heat and moisture are both very commonly present in the kitchen, so it’s worth avoiding any materials that have little divots or dips if ease of maintenance is on your mind. Instead, options like sheet vinyl flooring as mentioned at The Spruce are smooth, easy to clean, and nigh impervious to moisture.

The right top makes a big difference

There are a lot of options for kitchen countertops, but when it comes to easy maintenance, there are few options as reliably recommendable as granite. Granite countertops from suppliers like AA Marble and Granite. Though they’re quite heavy, that’s part of the reason they’re quite so impervious. Unlike materials like wood, they often require little more than a sponge and hot water to clean thoroughly. Moreover, they’re one of the most heat and water-resistant materials you can have in a kitchen, so they can withstand the heat of a pot off the stove, for instance. Laminate countertops are a cheaper option that is just as easy to clean, but they’re more susceptible to marks and scrapes

The right choice of materials, fixtures, and accessories can make your kitchen much more low-maintenance. It will be both easier to clean and much more convenient to use. That means more time to actually enjoy making and eating your meals and spending some quality family time there.

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