Spring Cleaning is a breeze… Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology

Shark RocketShark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology

I never thought I would say this but this year I am so excited about spring cleaning. I know it sounds crazy, like saying I would like for someone to rub their nails on a chalkboard, please. But really this year I have the best help to tackle those spring cleaning issues. The Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology is my secret weapon to spring cleaning this year!

I have not one but TWO, two story homes. I know, what was I thinking… But both need a good spring cleaning and both have carpet and tile. So this awesome vacuum has come to the rescue.

Here is what all is included with this vacuum:

  • Shark® Rocket® Complete vacuum with DuoClean Technology
  • Dusting Brush
  • 12” Crevice Tool
  • Pet Upholstery Tool
  • On-Board Tool Clip
  • Wall Mount
  • 30’ Cord
  • Under Appliance Wand (bonus item)


This Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology can literally clean your home from your ceiling to your floor. It is light weight and offers a ton of options for all of your cleaning needs! I have tried everything and love the fan cleaning option and under the furniture wand!



I am able to tote this lightweight vacuum upstairs with no problems. I use it for the stairwell and even the tile at the bottom of the stairs, this makes cleaning a breeze! It also is so easy to clean out. Each time I finish with the house or condo I just dump it out. It has a clear container so you can see how amazing it is working!


It is so easy to use and to move that I am able to take it to the condo each week for a good clean. Before I would have to load a big vacuum that would leave a mess in my car. This one has really been a lifesaver, not only has it helped my spring cleaning but it is going to make my summer a lot more fun!!



  1. I have one of these and it’s amazing. I’ve been cleaning from ceiling to floor. And everyone that comes over wants to try it so I get a lot of work done that way as well, lol.

  2. We actually have been looking into getting a new vacuum. I keep seeing the Shark all over the place, so I’m already thinking about getting one.

  3. Spring Cleaning is still before me;(. It would definitely be easier with a vacuum cleaner like this!

  4. Dang! That Shark Rocket can do everything can’t it!? I could use this with our 4 pets and all the dust in this place. We have super high ceilings that peak too! I will check it out more and maybe get one.

  5. That looks amazing! I have 2 kids, a dog, and a messy husband so I need all the cleaning help I can get!

  6. My family uses a Shark vacuum too. They are really amazing – ours even keeps up with our animals’ hair!

  7. Claudia Krusch says

    I need the Shark Rocket for my house. I will have to add it to the list for the store this weekend. It will be perfect for spring cleaning.

  8. Jessica Taylor says

    Woah. This thing looks AMAZING. Not a bad price tag either!

  9. Haha, your secret spring cleaning weapon definitely sounds like it would get the job done quickly and easily! Anything that decreases the amount of time spent on cleaning is a winner in my book 🙂

  10. Of all the chores, cleaning is my least favorite. I want this! This will make cleaning time easier and faster.

  11. Jaime Nicole says

    I would LOVE to try out this vacuum! Ours is SO heavy, and I dread lugging it up and down the stairs.

  12. That is so versatile you can clean all with it! What a great way to get a good clean!

  13. I just got one of these and I love it! The light is so cool and I can reach everything!

  14. I haven’t even started on my spring cleaning .. but that’s ok. I don’t stress about it too much. Shark products are some of the best and this one looks great as well. I love that’s versatile and light weight!

  15. I was wondering about a Shark vacuum. You did a great job reviewing it. When my old machine goes out, I will definitely look into this brand and model. Thanks for your review.

  16. Elizabeth O. says

    I’ve heard so much abut this vacuum. I think it’s awesome and it sure does a great job with helping you clean thoroughly. I love that it has different features.

  17. Awesome! I would love to have a vacuum like this by my side especially when it comes to general cleaning around the house. It sounds really reliable!

  18. I love Shark products. I like that this reaches the ceiling fans. A wall mount is a plus too.

  19. Jennifer G says

    This is so neat. Love how light weight it is. My ceiling fans could totally use some of this love.

  20. I have one that is similar and I love it. Mine doesn’t have all the cool attachments though. It makes cleaning up the pile of dirt from using the dry mop on our wood floors. I turn it on and vacuum the junk up. No worrying with the broom and dust pan.

  21. I have never used any of their products before, bu1t I’ve heard nothing but good reviews! I’ll definitely have to check out this brand in the future. Great review

  22. Taty Pradilla says

    This little vacuum looks amazing!! I am not looking forward to starting on Spring Cleaning.

  23. karlyn cruz says

    that shark rocket says it all!! lol. sounds very interesting product!! gonna check it out!

  24. I never get excited about spring cleaning either but I think that Shark might change my mind. It looks like it does a thorough job at cleaning.

  25. Victorial Heckstall says

    this is what i need at home! omyyy!! this will be my new partner!! lol. that looks work so well !

  26. This looks like a great little vacuum! I’ve heard so many great things, I might have to look into getting one!

  27. Have it. Love it!

  28. I need this to clean the steps, my vacuum is way to big and it is hard to carry it up and down the steps.

  29. How amazing is this! One vacuum for so many uses! The best part is that it is lightweight which means I can lug it around the house and not feel tired because I have to lift and move furniture (and the vacuum) to clean under, behind and above! I’m totally sold. Might seriously consider getting one too.

  30. Hollie mason says

    I too am looking forward to spring cleaning ! I want that under appliance wand!!!

  31. Seems like a very good vaccum. We have just a basic one we got for Christmas one year, that sits in storage! haha.

  32. Oh wow I never seen a vaccum with a light on it this is so convenient! I bet this is a real efficient.

  33. I spend the day cleaning up the floors because my daughter has an obsession with throwing food on the ground and we have a lot of dust too. This would make the daily task so much easier.

  34. We use the Kerbie. Never thought of buying a Dyson. It looks much smaller than a kerbie…. which is probably a benefit.

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