Swim Video Analysis

How to Use Video Analysis to Evaluate Your Swimming Technique

If you are a swim racing professional, you probably are familiar with using video to evaluate your technique. This is a method that has been used for many decades by professionals and aspiring amateurs alike. But if you are just entering the world of competitive swimming, the idea of using video to evaluate and improve your performance may be a new one. You should know that swim video analysis is an excellent way to document your strengths and weaknesses. Using video to highlight the pros and cons of your performance is a great way to help you get better.

What Can the Tale of the Tape Do to Improve Your Performance?

There are many reasons why using video to make a note of your performance is a smart move. For one thing, when you are in the middle of exercising, you can hardly stop to evaluate how you are doing. You are in the moment and can’t break away from it. Even if your coach is with you, they may overlook every little last detail. But the camera will record every nanosecond of the experience with a candid eye.

You’ll Be Amazed at What You Can Learn from Watching Videos

Once you have your performance caught on video, you will be able to learn from it. As noted above, the camera captures it all. There is no judging and no lying. Every last part of your technique will be there for the world to see. This is exactly why you should be using video to critique your performance. Everything you do right and everything you do wrong are right there on the tape. This is how a strong athlete gets better in the end.

The Time for You to Make Use of Video Analysis is Now

There are a great many methods that you can make use of to improve your swimming technique. But if you want to be competitive, you owe it to yourself to make use of this amazingly effective technique. What you see revealed by the tale of the tape may be shocking at first. However, it’s the cold, hard truth and you will do well to learn from it. Before you know it, you’ll be improving daily and looking forward to seeing yourself excel. The time to tape yourself is now.

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