Reviews for the Little Ones: How to Choose the Best Toddler Carrier for You

Babywearing has many benefits: it soothes your baby, promotes feelings of love and connection, and aids with baby’s cognitive development. It also allows you to have your hands free and get on with your daily activities while still keeping your baby close.

Now that your little bundle of joy is no longer a newborn, though, you might think that those babywearing days are over. We have some good news: you can continue to practice babywearing, if both you and your child are happy with it.

Read on to find out how to choose the best toddler carrier for you and your little one.

Baby crawling on wooden floor in diaper pants. Back view

Versatility is Key

Let’s take a step back. If you have a newborn baby and are considering babywearing through to toddlerhood, then you will need a carrier that’s versatile and long-lasting.

So, what does versatility look like in a toddler carrier? You’ll want a carrier that gives you the opportunity to carry your child in different ways: facing inwards, facing outwards, and perhaps even on your back.

Carriers that only offer parent-facing options will become unsuitable as soon as your little one is a few months old and are definitely not a good option for toddlers.

Children aged one to four can still be carried, but because they are more curious and keen to explore their surroundings, they will prefer an outward-facing position.

For example, check out this tula toddler carrier. It’s perfect if you want to carry your new baby, but remains a great option for when they grow up.

Comfort (and Safety) First

Of course, toddlers are a lot stronger, sturdier, and more mobile than newborns. This, though, doesn’t mean that you should skimp on safety or comfort when it comes to choosing the best toddler carrier.

Make sure your carrier is fully compliant with all the latest health and safety regulations, and that it’s designed to carry an older and heavier child.

As for comfort, you want to ensure that both you and your child are cozy and relaxed in order to make the most of your babywearing time. For this reason, you should look for a carrier that features padded and adjustable shoulder straps, as well as a hood to protect your little one from the sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine: if you live in warmer weathers, or are planning to use your carrier when on holiday, go for breathable fabrics and mesh features.

Don’t Give up on Style!

Toddler carriers don’t have to be dull or boring: they come in all sorts of colors and patterns, to please even the most fashion-savvy mom.

From leopard prints to star-studded carriers, there is something out there that is right for you.

Some of them even include a mini purse with handy pockets and zips, so you can bring your essentials with you while carrying your child.

Find the Best Toddler Carrier for You

Now that you know exactly what to look for, you can browse online and look for the best toddler carrier for you and your child.

If you’ve enjoyed reading our tips on how to choose the best toddler carrier, make sure you check out the rest of our blog for more inspiring content!

Convincing Reasons To Give Up Your Car

(Pixabay CC0)


Ask yourself this one important question.


Do you need a car?


It might be that you do, especially if you travel on a regular basis. But if you rarely use your car, and if you could manage quite well without one, then you might want to consider giving it up.


Here are just some of the reasons why.


#1: You will save money


When looking at your monthly bank statements, consider how much money you spend on your car. With fuel, tax, insurance, and possibly even maintenance costs to add up, consider where that money could have been better spent. So, rather than relying on a car to get you from A to B, consider other forms of transport instead, such as the bus, train, or even your bicycle. And for those times when you do need a car, consider borrowing one from a friend or family member, or consider the types of car you can book now at Burswood Car Rentals and similar places, and hire something instead.


#2: You will face less stress


Let’s face it; driving can be stressful. You will know this yourself if you have ever had to deal with road rage from yourself or another driver, if you have been stuck in rush hour traffic for an age, or if you have found yourself dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. If you didn’t have a car, you wouldn’t have to face such stresses, so if you don’t need to rely on your four wheels, get rid of it for the sake of your sanity!


#3: You will do your bit to save the world


Road transport is responsible for around a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions, and you become part of this equation every time you step foot into your car. Sorry for the guilt trip! To reduce your carbon footprint, you could use your car less, switch to an electric car, or give up your car entirely. With one less car on the roads, the world will become a slightly safer place, and you will have less need to feel guilty about the part you have had to play in damaging the environment


#4: You will experience the health benefits


The more we rely on our cars, the less exercise we do, and the unhealthier we become. So, if one of your goals has been to keep fit this year, you might consider giving up your car for either the short or the long-term to help you achieve your targets. By walking or cycling more, you will improve your physical health. And because of the fresh air you will be getting, as well as the added exercise, you will do much to improve your mental health too. So, think about yourself and your own health needs. Then think about the health needs of your family. By using your car less or by giving it up, you will all start to benefit from the exercise you will be receiving. 


So, what do you think? Could you give up your car? We have listed some very good reasons as to why you should, so consider the option, even if it’s only for a short time.


Thanks for reading!