Top Home Security Tips

How do you feel when you are at home? Safe? Secure? We all want to feel this way in our own homes and the thought of an intruder in your home is likely to make your blood run cold.

Making sure you are security conscious in all areas of your day to day life will help you to make sure your home and all your personal belongings are safe from would-be burglars and intruders whether or not you are home or away.

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Keep on Top of Repairs

If you have noticeable damage to external windows or doors, then this can prove appealing to those who make a living from stealing other people’s possessions. The easier you make it for others to gain entry to your home, the higher the risk of falling foul of those who wish to cause you harm.

Make sure to keep on top of damaged windows or window frames to eliminate unwanted invitations. Make sure you check all doors and windows fittings and locks to ensure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing and helping to keep your home as secure as possible.

Fit Security Systems

From alarms on doors and windows to full smart home refits, there are many options these days when it comes to upping your at-home security to protect everything you have in the four walls of your home. Incorporate biometrics by utilizing fingerprint door locking systems and video doorbells so you can see who is knocking at our door and on your premises. Install alarm systems that are less intrusive and have noise alerts for movement and noise when you are away from home as well as a temperature monitor.

Light It Up

Burglars love the darkness. It makes sense that a lot of home intruders pounce under the cover of night. So, light up your outside space with sensor lights that detect movement and come on automatically. Solar lights that charge by sunlight and be left on during the night in gardens or on patios and fences. Aim the light at the more hidden areas of your home such as garages, side paths as well as lighting up areas closer to the house itself to deter anyone trying to sneak in.

Check Your Habits

Be aware of your surroundings when going about your day to day life. Take notice of others around you when you leave home or come back. Try not to leave keys in doors whilst you nip in and out again with shopping. Or indeed keys in cars or even engines running to warm the car up or if you have to get back out if you forget something as you leave home. Opportunist thieves thrive off this kind of chance and won’t hesitate to make you regret that split-second decision.

Make yourself aware of what you do and how you do it help you become more security conscious and change your habits to better protect yourself and your home.

3 Tips for Becoming a Better You

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It’s a very rare person indeed who could honestly look at themselves in the mirror and say “Yep, this is absolutely as good as I can be, and I’m totally content with how things stand right now.”


In fact, it’s quite likely that no such person really exists.


As human beings, we’re all driven to strive for self-improvement, and to look for ways to maximize our potential in the world. In other words, we are always on the lookout for ways to be better versions of ourselves – and that’s why things like New Year’s resolutions hold such powerful sway over the public consciousness.


Without further ado, here are a few straightforward tips for becoming a better you.



  • Address and deal with any immediate consequences and problems that need to be dealt with


If you’ve been wandering down a bad path recently, or have just been afflicted by a bad turn of circumstance, there’s a decent chance that there is some “unfinished business” that needs to be dealt with, or some form of “damage” that needs to be addressed and amended to the best of your ability.


Before you can really get started on the road to a new you, you should take steps to deal with any immediate consequences and problems that need to be dealt with, particularly those which have occurred as a result of your actions in the past.


Dealing with all sorts of issues might mean contacting a law firm such as the Michael Harbeson Law Office, or it may mean having a frank, honest, and apologetic conversation with someone.



  • Commit to changing your habits, and view each repetition of a habit as a vote for a new you


In his book, “Atomic Habits,” James Clear mentions one very powerful mental exercise that can help you to stick with positive habits that you are trying to entrench.


That is: you should view each repetition of a habit as a vote for who you want to be. So, if you want to “be fit,” or “be an athletic person,” each time you make it down to the gym for a training session you will be reinforcing that particular sense of identity.


By the same token, every time you do something that makes you feel ashamed, you are reinforcing a negative identity for yourself.


So, commit to changing your habits, and “vote” for a new you.



  • Re-evaluate the people you surround yourself with, and the information you absorb


Whenever you are planning to make a positive change in your life, it’s very important for you to keep in mind the impact of your environment, the people you surround yourself with, and the information you absorb.


Though we all generally like to think we are totally in control of our own actions, there’s a lot of good evidence to suggest that you will come to mirror the behavior of your friends and acquaintances, at least on some level.


Likewise, if the information you absorb – whether from TV, society at large, or the Internet – is entirely negative, you can’t expect to feel particularly motivated or uplifted on an everyday basis.


Consider surrounding yourself with people you want to be more like, and pay attention to the information you absorb.

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