Reasons I love living in Rockport, Texas #Mytownproud

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I live in Rockport, Texas and I have never been prouder of my town than I am right now. We survived Hurricane Harvey and although we are not 100% yet and probably won’t be for a long time, we do have pride and we do care about our neighbors and are willing to help each other out. Rockport, TX is a small rural town on the Gulf of Mexico in South Texas, prior to the hurricane we were known simply as a quiet retirement kind of place.

We have farmers, business people, families, and churches that were all affected from the storm. We didn’t mind rolling up our sleeves and helping each other out for days, even weeks to try and get some type of normalcy back to our town.

We have lost our crops, our stores, our restaurants and even our homes, but we haven’t given up. Our farmers are back at work, people are rebuilding our stores and restaurants and homeowners are working nonstop to make their homes livable again.

I am proud of my community and even my state of Texas for everything they have done to help us rebuild. We have never had a disaster like this and we did what came naturally. We fed our neighbors, gave clothes to the needy, took water to strangers and even offered our homes and showers to those who had none.

Days after the storm, we delivered free eggs to our neighbors. We were all without electricity and since we had chickens we had fresh eggs, no stores were open, nor gas stations, so a lot of time, that would be all they would have to eat. We made do and we shared with each other. We had a home full of refugees and no one complained.

This is what makes me proud of my hometown!!

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