oNecklace Necklace Review

Having an obsession with jewelry I always try to find the best deals, cutest designs, and the highest quality to ensure I find the best options to wear. When I came across oNecklace I was intrigued by how many different options of jewelry they had. I just had to get one!

The necklace I chose not only has the best quality, it also has the sentimental value. Right out of high-school my son joined the Navy. I was so thrilled and proud of the man he was becoming. He loved the ocean. As a mother I enjoyed seeing my son doing what he loves. The necklace I choose has an anchor through an infinity loop. This necklace spoke to me when I saw it on so many different levels. I LOVE to tell *brag* about my son being in the Navy.

To me the anchor represents his time he spent serving, while the infinity represents the love a mother has for her child. It was not easy having my middle child move states away, however seeing him being happy with what he does made it worth it. Along with my son in the navy I feel as if the anchor represents my love for the beach. I was born in Florida and currently living in Rockport, Texas, my life is complete by the beach.

Along with beaches, some salty water, and wind which could lead to rust. With oNecklace I do not have to worry about the water or wind messing with my necklace! With it being stainless steal it is perfect for any weather or condition. It matches any silver pair of earrings I have. The metal is very durable considering I wear it almost everyday. Highly recommend this company, and specifically this necklace. I will be ordering from them again soon! 

Is oNecklace a legit company? Yes it is! Check it out.

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