Lifepharm Lamiderm High Apex Performance Bio Serum


I have declared 2017 to be the year about me. This year I will be the big “50”, which is scary for even me to say. I am going to spend this year on making a better me. I already started about a month ago trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Walking and exercising and spending  more time on my skincare are first on my agenda. I have looked into what skin care products will help me fight the inevitable aging, wrinkles and aging spots. I found that Bio Serum is what works best for me, this product is designed to help your skin elasticity, it keeps those wrinkles and spots away!


I am currently using Lamiderm Apex Bio Serum which is by far my favorite. I am super excited how quick this serum works. I have what I call smile lines around my lips because I am always smiling. These lines are my enemy they help age my look by showing wrinkles around my mouth. I use this serum every evening prior to going to bed and can tell a difference before I have even finished applying it.  My husband says not only do you look skinny but you are looking younger too.




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