How to Enjoy Weekends as a Family

Is there anything better than spending time as a family? You’re creating memories, having fun, bonding, and more. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving. Alas, given how busy we all are, sometimes it’s just not all that possible during the week. There’s work, school, sports clubs, and so on to take care of. Thankfully, we have the weekend, which provides the perfect opportunity to spend time together. While there’ll be weekends where people are busy, every now and again it’s worthwhile crafting the perfect weekend to enjoy as a clan. But how? We take a look at how to do it below.

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Have a Relaxed Morning


Everything’s all go, go, go during the week. At the weekend? Things should be a little more relaxed, and that all begins with how you start the day. Make sure that schedule for Saturday morning is clear, so you have nothing to do but to enjoy the gift of the weekend. That’s not to say that everyone should stay in bed for hours upon hours, oh no. There’s something magical about everyone congregating in the living room in their pajamas, with cartoons on the television for the kids, coffee in the mug for the parents.


Fuel for the Day


During the week, it’ll be dinner that’s the most important meal of the day. On the weekend, it’ll be all about breakfast. A big and nutritious breakfast will provide everyone with the fuel they need to go on adventures in the afternoon (more on that later), and can simply be a delicious way to get the weekend off to the best possible start. So look at making an extra effort to make it perfect. Set the table, prepare a tasty meal, such as scrambled eggs with sour cream followed by fruit, and enjoy. Spending some time enjoying a meal with the family is one of life’s gifts, so make the most of it.


An Adventure


Now that you’ve had the perfect morning, it’ll be time to have some fun! Saturday afternoons should always be spent outdoors (unless it’s raining of course), so plan something good. It doesn’t really matter what it is, so long as it’s fun! One particularly recommended activity is to visit a natural park close to you. There’s nothing like going on an adventure in the outdoors with the family, and you’ll also feel like you’ve done something with your day.


Saturday Night Fun


After all that fun, what will you do with Saturday night? Given that you’re probably pretty tired now, it’s best not to make too many plans. It could be that you just get takeout food and throw on a classic family movie for everyone to enjoy. 


Sunday Goodness 


And then onto Sunday, which presents a pretty fantastic opportunity to do…nothing at all. It’s a day of rest, when people can do whatever they want. Try to make a big Sunday lunch for everyone though, to round off a weekend that’s been wholesome, tasty, and fun.

Fun Things To Do As A Family On The Weekend

As the weekend rolls around, it’s an opportunity for you to relax after the working week and for the children to have fun after a week of learning at school. However, sitting around all weekend can be wasteful and although a rest is needed, having fun with your family is important. Here are fun things to do as a family on the weekend. 


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Get Some Education

Education is beneficial to a child’s development, and it can dictate what your child does as a career when they grow up. Their level of education will decide on what college they get into and what career options are available to them. Therefore, any parent wants to give their children the best opportunity to do anything they wish to do. So the more life experiences and knowledge you offer them, the better. You can all get a bit of education in the form of a popup museum that may be local to you. With museums, they can offer a wealth of knowledge that can even be new to yourself. It’s great to do as a family because you can chat about what you’ve learned afterward and you can spend hours at a time in a museum.


Visit A Theme Park

A theme park is the ultimate day out, and whether you’re children enjoy going on roller coasters or not, there’s a ride that’s tame enough for anyone. Just being in a theme park is exciting enough because it can create a certain atmosphere that can lift anyone’s spirits, especially with theme parks like Disneyland existing. Make the most of your day by venturing out as early as possible. That way, you have the whole day to yourself, and if you’re trying to save money, packed lunches are a great way to ensure you don’t need to leave earlier than planned.


Have A Picnic

Talking of food, a picnic is a great family activity to do together, particularly when the weather is nice. Head down to the local park or even outside in your back garden. As long as you’re getting some fresh air, that’s all that matters. Try to create the spread together as a family, and this can help build up skills within the kitchen for your children too. Get a soft blanket or towel and spend the afternoon eating, kicking a ball around, or just relax. You can also try removing any electronic devices to have a mini detox. 


Throw A Games Night

And finally, there’s always a family games night. It’s something that you can make as a tradition for the family. Perhaps it’s a specific game, or something different that you play each weekend. It’s a great way of getting everyone together and encouraging a little competitiveness between family members. It also teaches them to play fair and to know that winning isn’t always the point, it’s the taking part that matters most.


Hopefully, with these tips, you can fill up your weekend with lots of fun activities for you and the family.

6 Activities to do with children that are free!!

I have three amazing grandson’s, ages 4, 3 & 2. We love to do activities and stay busy. They are always wanting to try something new! I try to think of fun things to do with them, that not only will save me money but will be memorable for them. I love knowing they are going to remember doing things with their Mimi and Poppy even when they get older.

  1. Attending church functions

Churches have a lot of fun activities for children. Our own church, has a children’s church monthly, kids classes and they do a pot luck after church every week.  All of this is free of course and not only fun for your child but you will meet amazing people!

2. Fly a kite

Children love to do anything outside, we love taking kites out and spending hours flying them. Living near a beach is great because of the breeze to help us get those kites high in the sky.

3. Go to a park

I love to pack snacks, drinks and toys for our park, they will play for hours as long as we have everything we need. They could care less if we eat out as long as they are having fun, so you could even make sandwiches and have a picnic. If the weather doesn’t permit outside fun, we do a board game day and have a picnic inside!

4. Rock painting

Living in Rockport, Texas, there is a group that actually goes around to parks and hides these amazing inspirational rocks all over. My grands love to spend time painting rocks for their parents, some to hide and for each other rocks. We make an adventure out of it, going around to find the perfect rock, then once we are done taking them to parks to hide. This is very inexpensive to do!

5. Fishing

Having boys this is an easy one, their poppy loves to fish and takes them every chance he can to share this with them. They are now hooked (no pun intended). We can spend hours fishing, as long as they are biting. Most states don’t require children to have fishing licenses.

6. Plant a garden

We plant a garden every year and the boys love to “help” little do they know they are learning so much about providing for their family and taking care of the earth. They love to work in the garden with their poppy and he gets “free” help.

These are just a few things we do to spend quality time with our grandsons without spending a fortune. I would love to hear your suggestions or how you save money spending time with your loved one!



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