Hurricane Harvey… The aftermath!


This has not been an easy time for Texas but I have never been prouder of my State. I have never been prouder of my family and neighbors as well. We own a home in Rockport, Texas, and along with thousands of others, we waited patiently to find out if we too lost it in the storm. Thank the Lord we were spared, but there is still a ton to deal with in the aftermath.

We have seen this destruction first hand and have worked non-stop to help our neighbors and friends. We also own a home in La Ward, Texas, which also was affected by the storm. We lost electricity and water for days but fortunately, we only had minor damage to our home. 

I am saddened by the loss of life from this storm but so grateful that many listened and followed the suggestions. We evacuated along with thousands of others leaving our home, not knowing what to take, or, what to leave. We had to decide what mattered most to us and what we could live without. We decided our family, animals, and paperwork was all that had to be removed. We worked day and night to prepare and luckily we got out in time. 

Once the storm came through we had to wait a couple days before going to evaluate the damage and see if we even had a home left. I can not begin to explain the devastation of our town. We were some of the fortunate few whose home survived, but on both sides of us, homes were flattened.

My proud moments have been watching my children helping others. My oldest son is a police officer who worked for days keeping everyone safe.  Then on his first day off, he started helping neighbors cut trees off their roofs and cars.  My husband who is driving over 2 1/2 hours to and from work has been stopping to remove trees off of his co-worker’s homes. 

We are now able to start cleaning up and trying to get our lives back to normal. 

We’re only a week out and don’t have water or electricity but what we do have is so much more important. We have family and love and above all faith in our country again!! #TexasStrong #HurricaneHarvey #HurricaneHarveyRelief

Going to try this for our condo, to help with the moisture!!  


10 Advantages of Living in a Condo #condolife #secondhome #fishing

We were recently relocated due to work, but did not want to sell our home, so we opted to purchase a condo as our second home to stay in while working.

We quickly realized how nice and convenient this is. Here are just some reasons I  love it!!

  1. While not here, we can earn money renting it out.
  2. We don’t have to do any upkeep of the lawn or anything outside of our condo.
  3. We have a pool, tennis court & lighted pier we can use.
  4. Our water and cable are included in our HOA.
  5. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets
  6. Friendly neighbors
  7. Grandkids want to come visit!
  8. We have a community grill & picnic tables available all the time.
  9. It is animal-friendly.
  10. It is safe.

I love watching the wildlife here, so far we have seen a red fox, two coyotes, and tons of birds. We also have a dolphin that comes to visit our pier often. This has been such a fun experience. If you are looking for a retirement home or just a place to spend vacations, look at condos!

Lastly, the views are breathtaking. I love just sitting outside and watching the views.

Rockport Texas #rockporttexas #rockport Flounder Recipe

We bought a condo in Rockport, Texas, which is located on Aransas Bay, home of some great fishing and beautiful water. I have had the pleasure of the most beautiful photo opportunities. I am by no means a professional but you can’t go wrong when you are surrounded by beauty. I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures.

Our Condo is facing the water and we have a 750′ pier, as you can tell I love taking pictures of the pier!! Especially the sunset.

This year I want to try and take some with people fishing in the background. I love walking down the beach road and listening to the water, and finding new photo opportunities.

These are just a few of my favorites, hopefully I will have more in the next couple weeks to share.

We loving fishing here, we catch flounder, trout and red fish. Our favorite is flounder. It is some of the best fish you will ever eat!

I have an amazing flounder covered and smothered recipe:

Season and bake flounder (we use Tony Chachere’s)

Melt butter and onions in a pan add flour and a broth (we use veggie broth)

mix until smooth, then add craw fish tails cook about 7 minutes longer.

We serve this over rice and it is to die for!!

Craw fish tail cover and smother mixture