Wiener dog, Duck, Wiener Dog

I usually buy stuffed toys for my puppies but for Christmas this year I wanted to make sure and add my big dog to Santa’s list. I ordered this adorable stuffed duck from Amazon. I loved the price and thought it would be perfect. But once my wiener dogs saw it, they assumed it was theirs!



The war started and needless to say I ended up ordering them all one! Now everywhere they go, they carry them.



We leave several out for them to choose from but of course they only want the one the other has.



If you are looking for the perfect gift for your fur baby, these are the best. I love the price on them and how soft they are. But most importantly is the squeaky noise they can’t resist.

Kid’s Pretend Electronic Circular Saw







Kid’s Pretend Electronic Circular Saw

My grandsons love to follow their poppy around EVERYTHING he does they have to do. This pretend saw was the perfect gift. It makes noise and moves to imitate their poppy’s real one. They feel like they are helping which is so cute!!

They love that they are able to do it all by their self and we don’t have to worry if it is safe or not. This toy is like poppy’s real one but safe enough for them!

Check it out:

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