Best Buy Auto Equipment – Car Rotisseries

My husband loves to work on cars! We recently bought some land, mainly because it has two large garages. He is always under the hood of someone in the neighborhoods car. So this year I wanted to surprise him and found the most amazing thing ever! Have you heard of a car rotisserie?  I had not until I started searching for a car lift for him.



The car rotisserie I found is amazing, not only great quality but works amazing. Now he spends even more time outside under a car!

I wanted to share a little more about them:

Some who are more serious when it comes to automotive work may like to make major alterations to their vehicles or even build a new one altogether. For major customization, reconstruction, or serious maintenance, it is very important to be able to approach the job from any angle. In order to do this, powerful equipment is needed. Best Buy Auto Equipment understands that those who are serious about working on vehicles as a personal hobby or for a living needs powerful auto rotisseries to help them compliment their skills.

Unmatched Stability: Keep Your Vehicle Safe
Body and frame work can sometimes be a bit stressful, as everyone wants to make sure that the unit stays safe during the entire process. Our impressive array of rotisseries is guaranteed to provide the stable foundation for any job, with some models boasting capacities of over 3,000 pounds. Solid steel parts and modern technology allows these units to hold automotive components steadily and allow for easy access and a more work-friendly setup. However, it shouldn’t be thought that the sturdy nature of these devices creates a rigid or unmovable work environment.

Maximum Versatility: Adjust Angles and Heights
Truly detailed work requires that a unit be approachable angle. Many of these models feature adjustable heights and 360 degree rotation capabilities. Hydraulic cylinder systems allow these auto rotisseries to support, balance, and rotate body’s and frames safely. Built to be durable, these units are made with prolonged use in mind. For those who are serious about working on vehicles either for themselves or others, there is no substitute for more control. An improved working perspective makes for a better finished product every time.

Get Greater Control Over Your Project
When you’re working with intricacy, detail, and precision in mind, the most versatile and stable setup is the best foundation for skills to be shown on. Utilize these high-quality auto rotisseries to customize, service, and modify a frame from every angle.

5 Best Aftermarket Mods for Ford Focuses

Ford Focuses have a strong history with the modifying, racing and performance communities. Working on one can be a very rewarding experience. Picking up a few online auto parts and put in some hours wrenching and you could be looking at an excellent hot hatch or performance sedan. Here are some of the best aftermarket mods for Ford Focuses.


  1. Spectra Premium Turbocharger Intercooler


If you have a Focus with a turbocharged engine, a performance intercooler can help you maximize your power. The intercooler cools air compressed by the turbo, thereby increasing the oxygen density. More oxygen means more power.


  1. K&N High Performance Air Intake System


Every engine relies on its air intake to breathe in oxygen. A K&N air intake system will help you maximize airflow into your engine. This is one of the simplest mods to perform, even for beginners.


  1. Duralast Motor Mount


Engine movement can be an issue for keeping control of your vehicle during performance driving. Replacing your motor mounts can help to minimize this. This aftermarket modification is especially useful for older vehicles.


  1. MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust System Kit


The exhaust system is how your vehicle pushes fumes out of the engine to make room for new air. Reducing the inhibition with a performance exhaust can greatly improve the flow through your engine and increase power. MagnaFlow is among the best in the business for exhausts.


  1. Power Stop Performance Brake Pads/Rotors Kit


Control is as important to performance as power. Upgrade your brakes to make it easier to go into turns at the right speed. Power Stop has several kits that can help upgrade a Ford Focus.


Start Wrenching


Give aftermarket mods a try and see what you can create from your Ford Focus. Alternatively, grab a car diagnostic tool and fix those dashboard lights. Whether you are working on maintenance or performance, there is nothing like working on your own car.