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When you think about your home, it is worth thinking about how effectively you are using all the space. While it may feel like your house is full to bursting point, it may be the case that a simple rethink helps to open up some areas that you never really thought about utilizing before. Let’s take a look at the five most underused areas of the home, as well as how you can rethink them to do something entirely new with space.


Small Bedroom

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Small bedrooms often become storage areas if there is no one using them, so you could convert it into an actual closet. This way, you can open up some more space in your master bedroom as you can clear out your clothes over here. Alternatively, you could make it into an extra bathroom or even a home office. And if you do decide that you need the area to have guests over to stay, you could put in a small sleeper sofa rather than a full-sized bed so the room can be used for dual purposes.


Dining Room


These days, dining rooms tend to be a bit unnecessary as people prefer to eat in their kitchens and living rooms. Gone are the days when there would be ample time to prepare big meals for the entire family. The most common use for this space is a home office. Many people are working from home more often and starting their own businesses so it makes sense that you have a base from which to do this.




Either you have a garage that is big enough that it can be used for two purposes or you simply don’t need to store your car here, but it makes sense to get the most out of this space. You could convert it into an extra living room, a bedroom or even a home gym. Whichever option you decide on, you will need to make sure that you have thought about issues like heating, lighting, ventilation and garage door security. But you often have a lot of potential to get quite creative in this area.


Attic or Basement

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Attic or basement conversions are hugely popular with a wide range of homeowners, and these are often areas that simply get piled high with clutter. Probably the most popular conversion is to turn them into extra bedrooms, but you could also go down the home office path or even create a games room area.


Under Stairs


Even if every room in the house is being well used, you may find that under the stairs is an area that could be better utilized for storage. Creating more storage space can help to open up other areas of the house to be better used.


Making the most of every area of the house is something that you should be looking to do, so consider what your priorities are and the ways that you can make the most of the space that you are not using so much.

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