The Benefits of Mobile Gaming on the Brain

Let’s face it – mobile gaming is everywhere! Back in the 80s, many people would tell you that video games are nothing more than useless time wasters. You can see that even nowadays as well. Even though gaming has never been more widespread, many people still look down on it.

PC and consoles are still the primary platforms when it comes to gaming. However, mobile gaming is a very hot trend nowadays, and its popularity is growing as we speak. It shouldn’t be surprising at all. Unlike the previously mentioned platforms, mobile gaming allows you to play your favorite games just about anywhere. Whether you decide to game on your couch or a bus seat, the experience will be the same. It also doesn’t matter if you use Android or iOS. You can easily find any game you like in both cases.

Many studies tried to prove the negative effects of mobile gaming on the community (especially children and young adults). While some observations are certainly legitimate, most conclusions are very subjective. Some scientists challenged these results very quickly, and they managed to prove that mobile gaming can be very beneficial. The most surprising observation is that mobile gaming has many positive effects on your brain too. That applies to both children and young adults as well (the two “critical” groups from the previous studies).

Regardless of what you may believe, mobile gaming can make your brain more powerful. Let’s take a look and see some of the most beneficial effects that mobile games can have.

Mobile games can improve your mood

It may be obvious, but yes, mobile gaming can increase your dopamine levels quite a bit. No matter if you’re having a blast playing Super Mario Run or if you strive for a casual game like Angry Birds, the sense of accomplishment will instantly make you happy. Even people who suffer from major depression and/or anxiety will feel the same benefits as well. If there is one way to keep all your worries at bay in a matter of seconds, that’s certainly mobile gaming.

In this context, we should add that casino games are becoming very popular nowadays as well. The interest in online casino games has been pretty high for quite a while. But, as mobile gaming is constantly expanding too, you can also play these games on your phone right now. If you play them in moderation (and with caution), they can have the same effects on your mood as well.

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My problem-solving skills are also getting a boost

Even though logic games have a fair advantage here, any game that requires the brain itself can have a very beneficial effect on one of the most important organs in the human body. Children can benefit the most in this case. The younger you are and the more puzzle games you play, the bigger the effects will be in the end.

Tetris is the first game that comes to mind here, but you can also try other games like Elevate and Lumosity as well. The latter two are particularly popular right now, and you won’t need to wait long to notice the improvements in your problem-solving skills.

Mobile gaming can improve your memory as well

Yes, mobile gaming has a positive effect on both long-term and short-term memory too. No matter if we talk about memory games or other types of games, several studies have shown that playing mobile games regularly can increase your overall memory by up to 10%. That’s a huge number, but it just goes to show just how effective mobile gaming can be in this area as well. As we age, it’s natural to forget some things, and playing mobile games is one of the best ways to keep our memory intact for as long as possible.

You can easily find many great mobile games to boost your memory on both Google Play and App Store.

Your focus will be improved too

Many people struggle with focus and that’s not age-related. It’s not easy to keep your focus when you have so many things on your mind, but it’s not rare to see that someone can barely keep their focus at all. Going to a doctor is a logical decision, but there is one more thing that you can do. That’s right – you can play some mobile games as well.


An RPG game that has plenty of different objectives will likely have very positive long-term effects on your focus.

Autistic children can benefit from mobile games as well

It sounds staggering, but mobile gaming can even help autistic children. It can’t provide a cure, but some studies have shown that children with autism who were gaming regularly had a slight improvement in their cognitive skills. Autistic kids also appear to be much more active after accomplishing a certain in-game goal.

It’s good to know that mobile games can be helpful even in circumstances like these.

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