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Gentlemen, let’s talk masturbation. Yeah, it’s a bit of a taboo topic, but studies show that 78% of adults worldwide masturbate regularly.

So shouldn’t you have fun doing it?

While your hand can get the job done, you’re missing out if you’ve never used a masturbation sleeve. Most sleeves replicate mouths, anuses, or vaginas, and some are even modeled after your favorite adult film stars.

But what’s the best masturbation sleeve for you? It’ll take some experimentation. To help you get started, we’ve outlined a few of our top picks.

Fleshlight Quickshot

When talking about purchasing a masturbation sleeve, it’s impossible to avoid mentioning Fleshlight. They’re some of the originators of male sex toys in general, so you can rest assured they know their stuff.

While most Fleshlight products are full-on sleeves, measuring about 6 to 9-inches long, the Quickshot is a bit different. Instead, it comes in at around 3-inches and is designed to fit the tip of your penis, as well as the top of your shaft.

It might not sound like much, but big things come in small packages. Because the head of the penis is such a sensitive area, containing around 4,000 nerve endings, the Quickshot is perfect for anyone looking to maximize their pleasure in a small amount of time.

Another advantage of this small but mighty toy? Easy storage. Since it’s only around 3-inches, you shouldn’t have an issue finding a place to store your new toy.

The Pure Romance Masturbation Sleeve

If Fleshlight is the Porsche of the men’s masturbation sleeve industry, Pure Romance is the Rolls Royce; a classic with a reputation for quality work.

Though the Pure Romance Masturbation Sleeve doesn’t offer as many textures or life-like features as its counterparts, let’s just say this toy has a few tricks up its sleeve, so to speak. In many ways, the simplicity is this toy’s best benefit.

This is a perfect choice for anyone looking to experiment with a male masturbation sleeve for the first time. To learn more, or see the sleeve for yourself, check out

ZEMALIA 3-in-1

Having trouble deciding between a sleeve with a mouth, vagina, or anus? With the ZEMALIA 3-in-1, you don’t have to choose!

This sleeve features three holes, so you can spend all night stroking and experimenting. Each hole has its own unique texturing, too, designed to replicate the real thing.

Additionally, the vaginal canal features a built-in ring for a tighter sensation. Add your favorite water-based lube and have a blast!

Up Your Solo Game and Find the Best Masturbation Sleeve

It’s great to see the world of sex toys embracing men’s pleasure, too. If you’re thinking of checking out one of these toys, we suggest reading user reviews or browsing the manufacturer site, as finding the best masturbation sleeve will take a bit more research. That said, you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

For more info and reviews on all things hot and steamy, make sure to check back with our blog! We’re constantly adding new and exciting reviews on the products you’ll love — both in and out of the bedroom.

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