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Does anyone else feel like they have to abide by what their neighbors are doing? Perhaps wanting to ensure that they aren’t the person on the street that has the shoddy garden or the unkempt lawn letting the side down? You won’t be alone, many people aspire to ensure that they can keep up with their neighbors regarding their home’s curb appeal. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can improve yours.



Fix that roof


Is your roof starting to look tatty? Is it even causing you problems? Then it may now be the time to get it fixed and improve the appearance of your home’s exterior, as well as solving a problem. Looking online to find the perfect contractor is easier than you would think. A roofing job could be expensive, depending on the type of roof and what needs replacing, but it could be a really worthwhile investment not just for the look, but also for your investment.


Clear out the gutters


Let’s face it, clearing out the gutters is nobody’s idea of fun. But it is an essential yearly chore that can help to prevent problems with drainage, as well as making the curb appeal look far more inviting. Many people have this on their to do list for some time, before getting round to actually doing it. But it can make a huge difference to the exterior of your property. There are tutorials online if you are unsure of the best methods.


Give your lawn some TLC


Many of us have a front lawn, and if it resembles a jungle, then you won’t be keeping the neighbors happy, I can assure you. So take some time to give your lawn some TLC. Perhaps cutting it down, feeding it some lawn seed or treatment, and watering regularly on the hottest days.


Tidy up the flower beds


Just as a lawn can make a home look untidy, so can unkept flowerbeds full of weeds. Take some time to put some love and attention back into the flowers and watch them thrive with less pressure from weeds. Give them a good water on the hot days to ensure they grow.


Paint your door


A striking door can really catch the attention of passers by, so why not paint your door a new color. People these days are choosing really bright colors like red or blue. But you could do whatever suits your home or personality.


Clear up the driveway


At any time throughout the year, a driveway can look messy because of blown leaves or twigs strewed across it. It takes no time at all to give the front of your home a good sweep and can make a huge difference to the exterior look.


Invest in new windows

Finally, the windows in your home can look a little drab if they haven’t been replaced for some years. So investing in new ones not only could reduce your heating bills, but give the exterior of your property a design boost.

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