The Problem With Pigeons: Dealing With These Feathered Pests

Pests are every homeowner’s nightmare. They’re unpleasant, expensive to get rid of, and a lot of pests are able to spread disease and cause health issues in humans too. Insects and rodents such as rats, mice roaches, and flies all carry bacteria that can cause serious problems in people- in rare cases even death. Dysentery, Salmonella, and gastroenteritis are all illnesses that can be caused as a result of these critters. On top of this, pests can chew electrical cables or the structures of properties, resulting in expensive repairs.  But there’s one type of unexpected pest which can cause more damage than you might think, and that’s pigeons! If you’ve encountered these feathered pests, here’s some more information for dealing with the problem.

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Where They Nest

Pigeons usually nest in the eaves of buildings so you will need to check carefully both on your home and in any outbuildings. There might be visible pigeon activity such as feathers and droppings, but it’s worth checking every so often just in case. That way you can spot any problems early when there are fewer birds to deal with.


Health Risks

In some cases, pigeons can be hazardous to human health. The risk is considered small, however, they are known to carry viruses which can cause flu-like in humans. The dried droppings are a problem since spores from these can be carried by the wind and inhaled causing illness. Certain groups are especially vulnerable: children, the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions need to be careful.


Getting Rid of Pigeons

There are lots of effective bird repellent products out there which can stop pigeons from nesting on and around your home and cause damage. Sprays, gels, even physical barriers like spikes can stop them from sitting in the eaves of your home. If you’re already dealing with a substantial problem, you may need to call an exterminator, but otherwise, non-kill methods are the humane and ethical choice. You can often solve the problem by deterring them without having to resort to killing living creatures.


Repairing Any Damage

The main issue with pigeons is that their droppings are corrosive. The main issue you will find is that they cause leaks in the roof of your home, which can eventually cause black mold and even structural damage. A specialist restoration company like would be able to repair any damage once the pest problem was under control. Another area that can get damaged is the brickwork or rendering on the walls of your home, this can make your property look unattractive. If it’s only minor, you may be able to get away with jet washing the stains and repainting rendering. If it’s started to cause cracks, flaking or other damage, you could get some supplies from a DIY store or look online for a company who specializes in this kind of work.


No one wants to deal with pests, and as a homeowner, they can cause a lot of hassle and expense. But if you do come up against pigeons you now know what to do.

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