The Toolbox Essentials Every Homeowner Should Own

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As a homeowner, there are always going to be times when your home needs improving. Maybe you’ll need to install a new shelving unit to accommodate your expanding collection of books or perhaps the kitchen will need a new coat of paint to get it looking fresh and new again. Sure, you could hire a handyman to do these little jobs for you, but that costs money, and when you’re able to do your own DIY, you don’t have to wait for those little jobs to be done.

Of course, if you’re going to tackle your home’s DIY needs yourself, as well as a few good books or Youtube tutorials, you’re also going to need a well-stocked toolbox. To get you started, here is a list of an essential tools every homeowner should have in their toolbox:

An Interchangeable Screwdriver

A screwdriver with an interchangeable head, like the ones at, and lots of tips is the perfect tool because it means that you’re never stuck looking for the right screwdriver again! Every home should have one, but you need to look after it well and ensure you don’t lose any tips of the problem could rear its head again.

A Hammer

It’s pretty obvious that you need a hammer if you want to be able to hang pictures or build, well, pretty much anything at all. It’s also pretty handy at removing nails when you need to take things apart too.

A Tape Measure

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If you want to do DIY right, then you really do need an accurate tape measure. With it, you’ll be able to accurately measure materials, choose the right furniture size, hang pictures an equal distance apart, and so much more.

A Spirit Level

If you don’t want to spend your days looking at wonky pictures, sloping shelves and a fireplace that resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it’s pretty obvious you need a spirit level to get your placement right.

A Heat Gun

Heat guns, like the ones you can buy at, are a pretty versatile piece of kit, but where they will probably make the most difference in your life is by effortlessly stripping paint, so that you can start again anew! They’re also good at drying out wood that has gone damp and bending plastic for your projects.

A Utility Knife

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Utility knives can be used for everything from cutting open windows that have been stuck closed by paint to trimming carpet and scoring your drywall that no toolbox would be complete without one.

A Wire Stripper

With a wire stripper, you can effortlessly cut the wire to the correct length for your purpose without ruining it. So, if you do a lot of electrical DIY projects, it’s a must-have tool.

A Power Drill

Last, but most certainly not least, is the power drill. A lot of DIY involves putting holes in things so that you can screw in, hang up and attach other things. This would take much longer, and in some cases be near impossible, without the trust power drill to do the bulk of the work.

Do you have these tools in your kit? Have I missed anything you would consider essential for the average homeowner?

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