The Top Appliances Causing You To Waste Energy In Your Home

Cutting down on your energy bill is one of the quickest and easiest ways to save money, but how many of us practice what we preach? One of the easiest ways of saving money on your energy bills is to turn off appliances which aren’t needed – do you know which ones they are? Take a look at this handy list and see if you could save some money on your energy.


Your television

Your television could be using energy without you even knowing it. TVs that are left on standby can actually cost you more than you think, and even though the cost may seem minimal each month, when added up over the year it could be significant. You could shop for a more eco-friendly TV as a way to save money, or simply turn it off at the mains when it’s not being used.

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Games consoles

The latest games consoles are all about being quick to power up, and always connected to the internet to make sure that gamers can play games with others from all over the world and benefit instantly from the latest updates. However, is it really that important to you that your Xbox takes five minutes to load up instead of two? That extra wait seems rather insignificant compared to the savings you could be making, so make sure you turn your consoles off to stop them being an unnecessary energy drain.


How many people are guilty of leaving a light on in a room they’re not using? The occasional accident can happen, but there are also some lazy people out there who just leave lights on all over the place. Whenever you leave a room – turn the light off, it’s really simple and can save you money easily. If you struggle to remember, leave a post it on the switch. The modern solution is to invest in smart lighting for your home (find more info about the benefits here:  which can help you ensure that everything is turned off when you’re not there, as well as measure how much energy you’re using.

Heating/air conditioning

Homes that rely on a lot of heating and cooling could be costing you a lot of money unnecessarily. You can start saving by shopping for the best provider through and make sure that you’re getting the best deal for your energy needs. Alternatively, rely less on heating and cooling and make the most of the blankets and hot water bottles in winter, and using your windows and doors in the summer to bring some natural air into the room. Having a home that is poorly insulated is also a concern, and you should take some time to weatherproof your home for fall to make sure you’re not left struggling to make fixes as problems occur.


Simple fixes may not seem like they have much of an impact, but you’d be surprised at what the combined savings could look like over the course of a year. Practice better home habits and stop wasting energy in your home.

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