The Ultimate Gadgets No Kitchen Should Be Without

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Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and you adore the memories that you have created in there, the culinary creations that you’ve cooked up in there and the daily chats you’ve had in there with friends who’ve popped over for a coffee and a cookie. Kitchens are replacing living rooms as being the room where we entertain, congregate and simply relax. It’s time to make the heart of your home the ultimate kitchen by filling it with the ultimate gadgets to make your culinary life a whole lot easier.


Before you even consider gizmos and gadgetry, it pays to take a look at the design of your kitchen. Does it have all of the cupboards you require? Is the cabinetry in good order? Do you require a new kitchen worktop? If you think that your kitchen needs a little bit of a spruce up, take a look at a site like who can lead an entire kitchen renovation from concept to completion, or if your plans aren’t so grand, can source your perfect mixer tap and that pendant lighting that you have always longed for. When your kitchen space is refreshed, you’re ready to go gadget shopping.

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Simple Gizmos


  1. The Apple Divider – If you have kids who love their fruit, this is a gadget that you’ll be putting to good use daily. By setting your shiny green Granny Smith on a board and pushing your divider down on top of it like a French guillotine, you have a perfectly cored and segmented apple ready for your little darlings to devour.


  1. The Garlic Twister – This is an ingenious design to save you from the awkward washing of the garlic crusher or enduring garlic infused fingers for days. You pop your peeled clove inside this device, give it a twist and thirty seconds later, minced garlic is ready to pop into your ragu or chili.

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Extravagant Gadgets


  1. The Ice Cream Maker – Yes, you can buy a wealth of luxury Italian gelato now from any high street shop or deli, but the joy of making your own ice cream infused with your own flavors is one of life’s little pleasures. Check out for a wealth of recipes to try. How about a scoop of blueberry and banana clotted cream gelato or a mango and almond sorbet?


  1. The Bread Maker – The smell of fresh bread cooking in any home is one of the most satisfying aromas known to man. Without all the sweat-inducing requirements of kneading, proving and then kneading again, a bread maker takes all of the hassles out of the cooking process without taking away from the traditional rustic taste of a homemade sourdough or focaccia.


With our lives becoming busier and full of work, technology, and errands, it’s worthwhile to invest in a world of culinary gadgetry that saves you time and effort but still enables you to enjoy spending time in your kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the heart of your home, and there are many memories still to be made.

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