Tips For Helping Your Parents Find A Nursing Home

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It’s strange to think how the roles reverse as we age, where once upon a time we used to be entirely dependant on our parents who were physically and mentally agile, however. now they may have increasingly become dependent and are now in need of your support


Every year, millions of people in America face a tough decision of whether to encourage or place their parents/guardians into a nursing home. This decision is made easier if your folks are aware they may not be capable of living independently as they used too. Alternatively, others may feel their parents are no longer able to live alone despite their parents’ protests, and that maybe they might be safer and happier in a nursing home with 24/7 care.


Whether your parent has enlisted your help for finding a nursing home or you think it may be in their best interests, the below tips can help you to help your parents find somewhere suitable to live, somewhere that provides you and your folk’s with peace of mind.

Include Your Parents In The Decision Making

If your folks have asked for your help to find them a nursing home, ask them what they are looking for. Note down their thoughts, whether they wish to live in a remote nursing home with pleasant gardens to stroll around, perhaps they would like to be a part of a home that has regular activities, or maybe they have a zest for tasty food. Whatever their thoughts, this will help you research the best care homes for your family.


There’s a divide between the elderly who use the internet and those who are not entirely sure how to use it. Either way, chances are you have more experienced in how to use Google to your advantage to find a suitable care home than your parents are.


The utmost care initially should be taken to source nursing homes with a good reputation. Take time to read reviews and source any newsworthy articles attached to nursing homes you are considering attending. Above all, the most important elements of a nursing home to consider are:


  • The standard of care provided to the elderly
  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • A happy welcoming environment for your family members


A large concern for those helping their parents into a nursing home is whether their parents will receive a high standard of care and respect to keep them happy and healthy. If you suspect nursing home abuse of a family member or friend, you can contact an attorney such as Green Broillet & Wheeler for legal advice.

Schedule Visits

Once you’ve chosen a few nursing homes and sourced your information online, present your findings to your parents. Whether through pictures online or brochures you’ve ordered. This is your time to take a step back and let your folks review their options.


Try to encourage your family members to visit a few homes. This may mean viewing homes which are out of state too as they could have better facilities/healthcare. Contact the favored nursing homes and schedule your visits. Try to block out half a day to spend an adequate amount of time in each nursing home. Check out all of the facilities, potential free rooms available, talk to the staff and the elderly to gauge their experience of working/living in the nursing home. Prepare questions in advance to ask about the health care they provide, social events and visiting hours. You could make it a pleasurable day out and go for a spot of lunch after your nursing home tour to discuss the homes you’ve viewed. After you’ve viewed the nursing homes of your parent’s choice, set another date to attend the nursing homes they like again. This will help solidify theirs and your decision about which nursing home is most suitable to take care of your parents.


Helping your parents to choose a home, or choosing one for them can be a problematic and stressful time for you. You may be filled with feelings of worry and guilt, and this is entirely natural. If you are struggling to move closer towards a decision of choosing a home, you could ask for help from your family or friends.


When you eventually arrive at the best nursing home option for your parents, you can take comfort in knowing they will have them around the clock support that they need, provided by qualified members of staff.

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