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Top Tips To Keep Your Energy Bills Down



We all know that owning a home can be a pricey ordeal. Bills gather up that demand more money every month, and it can be very overwhelming at times. But if you didn’t already know, the more energy you end up using in your home – the more it’ll cost you, so if you can keep them down, you’ll be able to hold onto your bucks.

Here’s how that can be done.


Turn heaters and coolers off when you don’t need them

Whether you’re leaving a room or you’re going to bed, turn off your heater or cooler. There’s no need for it to still be using up valuable energy when you’re not even there. – Especially if you’re leaving the house. You should turn everything off, or at least down to save money. It really does add up.


Layer up on clothes

If you’re cold in your home, instead of turning the heat up – put some extra layers on. Get out your wooly jumpers and your fluffy socks to keep you feeling toasty. Wrap yourself in a blanket when watching tv, this will not only save you money, but it’s super cozy too.


Stop putting things on standby

Believe it or not, but up to ten percent of your electricity bill is caused from gadgets that have been left on standby. For example, you know when you charge your phone, most people will leave the charger plugged into the outlet. What people don’t know is that even if your phone isn’t attached to it, it still uses electric, so take it out. Never leave the tv on standby either – turn it off properly if you’re not using it.


Shut doors and close curtains

When you’re not using a room in your home, make sure you close the doors properly otherwise you will be using even more energy to heat up more of the house when you don’t need to. Close the curtains and blinds to seal your windows, and make sure you do this especially at night time as it tends to get colder. If you find that drafts still come out of rooms when the door is closed, block it with with a towel. You can find some other tips on


Go for a cold wash

When you wash your clothes in the washing machine, do it on a cold wash. This can save you a whopping $120 a year by going cold, and it makes no difference to the effect of your clothing. Another way you can save is by selecting a shorter wash when appropriate, and only wash your things when the machine is full. It’s a total waste on sparking up the motor just for a couple of t-shirts.


Invest in the right thermostat

Thermostats can cost you quite a bit, especially every time you have to alter the temperature in order to keep your home balanced. But this can be avoided with companies like who provide you with thermostats for each room of your home so you always have the right temperature for you. This is also great because you can save energy when you’re not using certain rooms.


Save energy in the kitchen

If you need to defrost something that you have just pulled out of the freezer, do it in the microwave instead of the oven – it uses far less energy. Or better yet, take it out the night before and leave it in the fridge to thaw naturally.

If you’re cooking something on the stove, keep the lids on your pots to speed things up. And clean your dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher, or only use it when it’s full.


Insulate your roof

You’ll want to make sure that your ceiling is insulated because it will make a huge difference to your energy bills. If it’s already insulated, check that it has been done properly and that there are no holes or gaps. If there is you’ll need to have it redone as it will be a total waste because it’s not doing its job.


Run your fridge efficiently

It’s important to remember that your fridge is always running, and because of this it makes it the most expensive appliance to run. Ensure that the door is always sealed properly so you don’t let any cold air escape. This will not only kill and waste the food that’s in there, but it’ll also mean your fridge is working even harder to keep it cool. The perfect temperature is four to five degrees, while the freezer should be minus fifteen to minus eighteen degrees.

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