Trying, Testing and Treating: The Roller Coaster Journey of Infertility

The moment you decide to have a baby, your entire life changes forever. Even if you aren’t physically a parent yet you will start to feel the stresses and strains right away. If you’re battling infertility then every day can feel like an uphill battle. You stare longingly at expectant parents and wish you could have the same feeling, but becoming a parent isn’t that easy for you. No matter how hard you try it’s always a big fat negative staring right back at you. Here are a few pieces of helpful advice that might help you during your rollercoaster journey.

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Finding the Root of Your Fertility Issues

When you first started trying to conceive, you figured it would be pretty easy to have a child. All of your friends got pregnant pretty quickly, so why wouldn’t you? It’s important to get to the root of your ongoing fertility issues so that you can start mapping out a plan for the future. Whether you decide to use donor eggs, sperm, or even a surrogate to help you along the way, there are many different options you can explore. If something can help you to achieve your ultimate dream of parenthood, then you should pursue it.

That Two Week Wait

If you have been trying for a while or you’re going through IVF treatment, you will know the ultimate struggle of the two-week wait. This is the time between your predicted ovulation day and your next period. If you test before this time it could bring up a false negative and make you feel disappointed. During your two-week wait try to continue your life as normal, without worrying too much about what’s happening inside your body. The time will soon come around when you can take a test and you will then know your answer, whether it is good news or bad. Getting into the cycle of the two-week wait is a tough one especially if you’re struggling with your fertility, but as long as you can keep living your life as normally as possible, you will make it through.

How to Stay Positive

When you’re trying to conceive and you’re not getting anywhere it can be very easy to simply give up trying, but you need to remember to stay calm. Getting yourself all worked up and frustrated will hurt the way your body functions. You want your hormones to be balanced and ready to create a healthy environment for a little one. Find a calming routine that you can stick to and you will soon find your coping mechanisms.

So don’t ever believe that you don’t deserve to be a parent. One day you will find the solution that works for you and your partner and you will be happier than ever. Take every day as it comes and does not forget to live your life. Becoming a parent is incredibly important to you, but it should never define who you are as an individual.

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