Turning Your Garden Shed Into Your Dream Office Space

If you work, blog, or like to get creative from the comfort of your own home; it can be difficult to find a calm, secluded space where the kids and pets (and your other half) aren’t busy making noise and a mess. Over-crowded and cramped offices do nothing for your train of thought and will slow the work process right down. Therefore, it’s crucial that you’re able to find a peaceful sanctuary to type, draw, and work productively, and where you can leave your busy job behind at the end of the day.


So many people have unused, dilapidated garden sheds outside, and with a little love and attention; the majority of them could provide the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of your family home and get to work. The following are some tips and ideas for those who feel their shed needs some TLC and would make a great office out in the garden for them.

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The Structure


After you’ve cleared out the old toys and the garden equipment that’s no longer used, or could be stored in the garage; you’ll need to check the wooden or metal structure to ensure that it’s sturdy and safe. A little renovation project might be in order; so be prepared to get to the DIY store and invest in new wooden to cover any holes or gaps in your shed. Depending on the condition of the wood; you might have to also consider treating for pests or dampness, which can mean the building won’t last much longer without help. However, once you’ve sorted out the structural side of things; you can begin to think about moving forward with the project.


The Power


Once you’ve ensured the shed is structurally sound and weathertight; you’ll need to think about the power source. You can connect your power from your house, and it will be part of your household energy bill. However, you must use the services of a qualified electrician to help you do so; it’s not worth the risk of sorting out the wiring yourself. You’ll need a few power points or sockets, so you can charge and plug in your devices, computer, and things like a printer and tea kettle or coffee machine. You’ll also need adequate lighting, so make sure you have all the fixtures needed in your office before you move in and work there.


The Comfort

Now for the fun part; you can make your office as unique as you want as it won’t affect the rest of the house. So, when it comes to color choices and furniture; choose things that will make you feel comfortable and items that are likely to boost creativity and thinking for a productive week of work. A carpet or a large rug will help the space feel less like a shed, and you could even invest in curtains or blinds for the windows. Pop a cushion or two on our seat and take a couple of throws to soften the interior and warm yourself up on winter days. An electric heater will be an essential addition in the colder months, so see which ones are best and invest wisely. Put your artwork and favorite photos up for decorative touches, and make your office a place you enjoy spending your time.

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