Ultimate Guidelines For A Babyproof Home




While your home might feel like the most secure place in the world, it has many hidden dangers that could be harmful to your little ones. And while things might be going great when your baby is immobile, as soon as they get on the move, everything changes. Before you get to this stage of crawling, rolling, and walking, it’s vital to ensure your home is baby-proof – for their safety and for your own peace of mind. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

Fingers and thumbs

Babies are inquisitive little souls, and as soon as they are on the move, they will explore everything – including your kitchen drawers and cupboards. Naturally, the slightest little accident could result in a very painful experience for them, and a stressful one for you. But what can you do? Try investing in some hinge protectors for a start, which will help your baby stop trapping their fingers inside. There are also door stoppers that will prevent doors and drawers from closing to consider. You should also bear in mind that electrical points are also a danger, so buy some covers for any sockets that are unused.

General child care

Baby monitors are essential for nervous parents and will help you hear your little ones when they are crying out at night. You can also check a security camera review or two to find an internal camera if you want to keep your eyes on your baby, as well as your ears. But the most important thing you can do regarding childcare is to make sure you are ‘always on.’ It only takes a second for an accident to occur anywhere in the house, and you need to be aware of where your little one is at all times as they grow into a toddler.

baby crawling


Fix your furniture

Look around your home at all your bookcases, shelving units, and wardrobes. Now imagine what will happen if your baby decides to try and pull themselves up – the result is incredibly scary even to countenance. So, make sure that all your furniture is fixed onto the walls, so that it is impossible to fall down on top of your children. It’s cheap to do – and simple with a few basic DIY skills – so get it done before your baby starts to get moving.

Rearrange your storage

Whatever your baby gets their hands on as they start to become more mobile can end up being dangerous. So, it’s vital that you think about rearranging your cupboards, drawers, and storage, so everything that can cause harm is well out of the way. Knives, heavy pans, crockery, tools – the list is a long one, and it all needs to be well out of harm’s way.

Regular vacuuming

Babies will explore their surroundings with great detail, and whatever they find ends up in their mouths – it’s how they experience the world in these early years. So, make sure you are using your vacuum often: you never know when a visitor might drop some medication or bring in something nasty on their shoe which could result in a very ill child.

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