Unique Gift Ideas For Colleagues

If you’re working in an office, you’ll be well aware that the holiday party season is fast approaching, so you need to get creative! Gifts for the people you work for can be the most difficult to plan out. After all, for the most part, you may not be particularly close with your colleagues, and you may also not have a clue what they would enjoy. There are some rules that come with giving gifts in the office and the etiquette can make you question whether you have made the right choice. There’s nothing that says, ‘I care about you’ more than a gift for your friend or loved one that keeps them safe and makes them happy. Surprisingly, gifts that are aimed at safety are quite popular for those close to you, employees, employers and even the neighbors.

Knowing that someone has handed you a present designed to ensure that you can go about your daily business and feel secure while you do it can feel like a warm hug: someone clearly thinks about your wellbeing when they’re not there! There are plenty of ideas and options out there for the office gift bingo, so why not check out some of our suggestions below?

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Safety. We mentioned gifts that are ‘safety’ related for people around you to show them that you care. If you’ve got a fashion-conscious recipient chosen for you, then you should look into the Bricraft RFID wallet, which can prevent identity fraud as well as act as a stylish accessory. You could also go for a travel mug like this one. It may not initially strike you as a good gift for safety purposes, but there are no more chances to spill scalding drinks with one of these, so we think it’s pretty safe! While we’re talking spillage, this Drinklip Portable Cupholder is great for those who are constantly having to mop up knocked drinks!

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Office Supplies. If you’re taking the time to get to know your co-workers, you’re bound to discover if any of them are stationary mad. Pretty notebooks like these and this funky floppy disk post-it notes set are perfect and perfectly nostalgic!

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Mildly Techy. Working in an office means being around computers and other technology pretty much all the time. Stylish wooden phone docks like this are perfect for the office and is a nice little organizer for the trailing cables and random pencils lying around.

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IT Gift. For the IT team that you draw from the office hat, why not have a look at this recycled computer hard drive clock? It’s a brilliant gift for someone who appreciates the complexities of computing!

Choosing gifts for colleagues is often hard. They have to be suitable for the workplace, usually within a budget and always appropriate for the age and style of the person you’re gifting to. Not always an easy concept! However, keep it light, keep it fun and make it relevant and your gift choices cannot miss!

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