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Do you sometimes have that feeling of wanting to make something? It’s called the thirst for creation, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always work as it should. You can find yourself sitting down and facing a completely blank mind. Your creative enthusiasm is still here, but you have no idea to drive it in the right direction, or any direction at all for that matter. Whether you want to sketch little scenes, paint a landscape, write or poem, bake an amazing-looking cake, or even upcycle an old piece of furniture, creativity is full of alternatives. All you need is to find the way to unlock them!

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Everyone is creative

For a start, you need to acknowledge the fact that, while some people are making a lot of money being original artists, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative yourself. Everyone is naturally creative because believe it or not, people are simply born this way. Indeed, exploring possibilities is a natural behavior that can be observed in babies. Exploration drives the capacity for creation. Very early, children are comfortable using colored pens to represent their vision of the world. In other words, you’re as creative as everybody else. Just let it happen.


Boost your creativity

Think of your creativity as an engine that you need to start with the right behavior and care. However, unlike physical activities, creativity is the expression of your mind’s vision which means that you might want to consider ways to improve mental health if you struggle with anxiety or depression disorders. Instead, follow healthy habits to reset your brain, such as getting more sleep and exercising. These simple things help to rest your mind and get the blood flow kicking to nourish your ideas. Additionally, more often than not, a change of decor can be beneficial. A full immersion in nature, for instance, is proven to improve your creativity. You may not be able to immerse yourself in nature, but you can, at least, remove the digital interruptions by putting your smartphone away.

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Do you need a creative room?

You need a space that is dedicated to creation. If you’ve got a home office, you can turn it into your creative paradise. Don’t panic if you haven’t: There are other solutions. You could decide to convert your basement with the relevant lighting systems and wall and flooring solutions, for instance. Don’t have a basement? No problem. Maybe all you need is a box full of original and sensory-enhancing objects to kickstart your mind!


Build your creative decor

There can be no creativity without inspiring decor. As nature can boost your ideas, it’s always a good start to surround yourself with your favorite houseplants and flowers. You can also use the work of inspiring artists as a platform for your creations. And finally, why not paint the walls to give you the little push you need? If you want to induce a sense of peace, use an earth-toned palette. If you need upbeat happiness, try bright yellow or turquoise instead.


Creativity is the combination of your state of mind, your sense of exploration, and the environment you’re in. By influencing any of these factors, you can remove the infamous white page or white canvas block that all creators dread.

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