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Sometimes buying gifts can be a real nightmare. It doesn’t matter who it’s for, the whole process of trying to find something they will like can be a challenge. One of the best ways to get around this is to simply try and find something which is beneficial beyond the individual person themselves, yet can still be enjoyed by them. Such presents might be simple or complex, cheap or expensive, and they can be a whole range of different types of product. Regardless, this is one great way to help out your friends while helping the planet. But what kind of thing are we really talking about here?

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Artisan Bracelets


Who said that buying jewelry had to be immoral? There are many kinds of decorative pieces you can get hold of which actually actively help people out in different communities. A great example is these wanderlust bracelets. Each one of these you buy is going to help give sustainable and long-term work to impoverished people in Bali and Indonesia. And this is not to mention the fact that they happen to be beautiful pieces too. If you want to buy someone the gift of jewelry, but you’re concerned about a marketplace full of blood diamonds and the like, then this is a great direction to move in.


Seed-Bearing Lollipops


Yes, you heard that right. At amborella organics, you can get hold of lollipops that actually bear seed after you have finished with them. Not only that, but they also taste slightly of whatever seed you might have in yours. Once you are done, you just place the stick (made from recycled paper) into the soil, and before long a little seedling will sprout. This is a great gift for any sweet-toothed gardeners you might know, and also a fantastic choice for a child’s birthday. Anything to encourage the emerging generation to grow some plants is likely to be a solid idea!

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Recycled Gifts

Sometimes, it’s not the exact item itself which makes a difference, but the manner in which you get hold of it. If you are really keen on helping out the planet, then you might want to think about finding a recycled gift. Many people avoid this because they fear that a recycled gift will not be up to scratch in terms of its quality. But if you know where to look, this is not quite true. In fact, you can easily get hold of some fantastic recycled gifts which are going to help you help the planet. What’s more, because they are second-hand, you will more often than not be paying less as well. A gift which is environmentally friendly and saves you money can’t be that bad, after all. There is a huge range of possible gifts you can buy from sites like – doing so is likely to make both you and the recipient feel good about yourselves, while also doing good in the long-term. Consider this next time there’s a birthday coming up.

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