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UpSpring Prenatal & Gummy

From the moment I heard “Congratulations, you are pregnant.” I immediately felt a protective urge come over me. I want to protect this little human growing in my stomach. I started reading everything I could and really just wanted to make sure everything that entered my body wasn’t going to harm the baby. This is when I learned about the UpSpring Prenatal & Gummy.

This is such a special time in your life and the whole experience is amazing, I couldn’t risk anything, I was so relieved when I found this amazing all natural multivitamin supplement. It is so important to take vitamins as soon as you find out. I loved the assurance of knowing I was doing everything I could to have a healthy baby!

Product Description:

  • UpSpring, a mom-founded and mom-run company, has a mission to empower parents with confidence and to give them the freedom to enjoy motherhood even more. By finding innovative solutions to the everyday health and wellness challenges and frustrations facing mothers of a baby or young child, UpSpring provides “more fun, less worry.” Since 2005, UpSpring has made all-natural products based on true science that solve real problems.

  • UpSpring Prenatal+ is a complete multivitamin that also includes omega-3 DHA and choline (in the form of Alpha GPC), which are clinically shown to support fetal brain development.  Alpha GPC is a highly bioavailable form of choline and the only form that crosses the blood-brain barrier to nourish your baby’s growing brain.  It also helps to enhance DHA absorption.  This formula also contains the natural form of vitamin B9, folate, instead of synthetic folic acid. Enjoy three delicious mango-peach gummies every day plus one easy-to-swallow softgel. You get 100% of the daily value of 11 essential nutrients, plus brain-building omega-3 and Alpha GPC. Best of all, our gummy is easy on the stomach, so no tummy upsets!      

    You can check them out for the latest information and products here:                                                                                                                                        

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“This review was made possible by iConnect and UpSpring.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.”




  1. I know how it is to want to protect our unborn babies. I made sure to take my prenatal vitamins every day. I was careful about what I let enter my body.

  2. Good to know if I ever have kids. It really makes you womder what we put into ourselves when we don’t pay attention.

  3. It must be amazing to be overwhelmed with the feeling of love for someone you created. These vitamins sound perfect, especially if they do not make you nauseous!

  4. It is really iimportant to take vitamins as sion as you find out, these sound perfect!

  5. These vitamins sound great. Good to know some new things 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  6. These sound like such wonderful prenatal vitamins. Passing your post along to my daughter .. she’s just a few months along with her second and is always looking for great recommendations like this one!

  7. It’s always good to find new information on things like this. Great advice.

  8. A lot of people can’t have prenatals because it gives them nausea and acid reflux. However if you can have prenatals these seem to be like a great product.

  9. I take fish oil for DHA well past pregnancy. It’s good for you. This is awesome.

  10. I cannot say much on this as I’m still a student.
    But still, it must be amazing feeling of having a baby. These vitamins sound perfect, especially if they do not make you nauseous!

  11. I wish these viatmins were arond when was pregnant, it is so important to get ectra nutrients in to your body when pregnant.

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