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If you suspect that you aren’t in your best health or if you want to try and make sure that you are looking after yourself to the best of your ability then there are things that you can do about this. After all, you can’t hope to make a difference in your health if you don’t know if you are unhealthy in the first place, and this may just give you the motivation you need to turn things around.


Swollen Legs


If your legs are swollen then this is known as edema. It could be down to a thyroid issue or it could be something more serious, for example, it could indicate a problem with your heart or even your kidneys. You need to chat with your healthcare provider if you want to find out for sure and you may have to take medication as a result. Your doctor may even recommend an exercise routine as well. If you suspect that you have a kidney condition due to excessive drinking, check out rehab facilities with proven results to try and get the help you need.


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Longer Ring Finger


Your body is more than able to tell you when something is wrong. If you know that your ring finger is looking longer than usual then this could be a sign that you are at risk of developing osteoarthritis. This usually happens in the knees and one way for you to get around this would be to exercise properly. You also need to try and maintain a healthy weight as well, so that you can try and give your body the help that it needs to try and fight off these conditions.


Ice Cravings


If you are constantly craving something out of the freezer or if you want to eat ice then you could have an iron deficiency. Those who suffer from a lack of iron can usually go on to experience pica and which is a disorder that makes you crave certain foods that have no nutritional value. The main one here is nice, and it can also be things like paper and other products. The best thing that you can do here chats with your doctor. They will be able to advise you on the best way for you to get the treatment that you need and they will also probably advise you to have way more vitamin C as well, as this will help your body to absorb the iron that you have.


ice melting


Weird Wrinkles


Sure, beauty is only skin deep but it does indicate what is happening to your body. Wrinkles usually are a sign of aging but if you do have a lot of wrinkles or if you are starting to get wrinkles in strange places then this can be a sign that you have high blood pressure. If you have wrinkles under your arms then this can signify hypertension and by looking out for signs like this, you can be sure to get the best result out of your diagnosis.

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