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What Does It Take To Build Your Own Home

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Many people dream of building their own home, but what does it take to make this a reality? Here are some of the big things to consider when planning to build your own home.

Buying land

Before you can build your home, you’ll need to acquire land to build it upon. Buying land can often be one of the biggest costs of building a home and many people have to take out a land loan to pay for it (which is like a mortgage for land). You can find land for sale at sites like Wyndham Ridge Estate. You must make sure that the land is build-able and that there are permitted planning to right to add all the dream features that you want.

Designing your home

The design stage can be one of the most fun stages of a self-build. You should hire a professional architect of whom you can work closely with to try and include your dream features. A good architect will be able to advise you on ways of keeping within your budget as well as meeting building regulations and permitted planning rights. They may even be able to suggest features you hadn’t even thought of. Make sure to do your research in order to find the best architect possible for the job.

Hiring contractors

 Once you’ve designed your home, you’ll need to hire contractors to build it. Some people take on this building task themselves, but even so aspects such as electrics and plumbing may still require hiring professionals. Make sure to do your research in order to find a good team of contractors.

Sourcing materials

Some contractors may be able to source materials for you, however sourcing your own materials could help you to save costs. You’ll need to follow the advice of your architect in order to shop for the right materials and the right measurements. The likes of reclaimed materials could save you costs.

Funding your self-build

A self-build can be expensive and you will need to have a clear strategy for funding yourself. A self-build mortgage will likely be required – you can find these at specialist lenders, which you can compare at The Self Build Mortgage Shop. Self build mortgages are offered in stages throughout the build and may help to cover temporary residence whilst you wait for your home to be built.

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