Who Said Health Was All About Gym Membership?

It often seems like fitness and gym memberships go hand in hand. This is so much the case that many of us are on the phone to the local gym the day that we decide to take control of our health. Gym memberships are just what health-conscious people do, right? 


Undeniably, the gym is the best thing for a lot of people. It provides the structure and monetary motivation many need to get fit. But, gym membership doesn’t work for everyone. Many find the high-pressure setting puts them off altogether. And, when there are no visible alternatives, that can put the nail in their fitness coffin before they get started.


In reality, though, there’s a whole load more to getting healthy than hitting the gym. In fact, stepping away from the structure of gym workouts could see your health efforts benefiting in the following ways.

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Informed exercise decisions


When we go to the gym, we have to tailor our exercise to someone else’s fitness ideas. We use the machines on offer because they’re there. We even limit our experiences to the exercises our gym caters for. The moment you shake those shackles, you can start to enjoy an altogether more tailored experience. For instance, you could buy a machine because it offers benefits which appeal to you, rather than because it’s the only option. Equally, you could research an exercise method rather than just going along with it. Instead of doing tai chi because there’s a class on offer, then, you could look into the history of qigong and other alternatives to find something which fits your needs. Either way; you’ll be free to tailor an exercise routine which benefits you rather than holding you back.


A select exercise group


Other people are often the worst part of the gym experience. This is especially the case if you’re new on your fitness journey. The imagined judgment of those experienced gym pros could stop you going altogether. When you step away from the gym structure, though, you’ll be in the position of selecting who you work out with. If you want to get fit alone, you can do it. Or, you could select a few friends who are at the same fitness level as you. You certainly wouldn’t need to worry about accusing eyes ruining your weight lifting efforts.


A chance to take fitness outside


Ditching the gym can also see you taking your fitness efforts outside. Given that fresh air and meditative nature bring significant benefits, that’s a definite plus point. Even something as simple as some outdoor jogging could see you feeling a whole lot fitter than you might after a session on your gym treadmill.


Just like gym membership itself, ditching the gym isn’t for everyone. If you get along with the structure and accessible equipment, then keep doing what you’re doing. If that standard approach to exercise doesn’t work for you, though, don’t be afraid to step away and carve your own path on this fitness journey. 

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