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Baby it is cold outside!! I love this time of year, fireplace going, hot chocolate and the smell of baked goods in the oven. Nothing better, except sharing all of this with your three grandsons! I love spending time with them, usually we try and do outside activities but since it is so cold here we decided to find some fun stuff to do inside.

Thanks to Staples for supplying our games, we now have several of inside games to choose from during this winter weather.

First we absolutely love to play with Lincoln Logs.


Not only is it fun and safe, but it helps the boys use their imagination to build things. I love how they would rather do that then watch tv! These would make an awesome Christmas gift. You can mix and match Lincoln Logs to make even bigger designs. We can play for hours just building different items. It is recommended for 3 years old and up, due to small pieces.


The next thing we love to do while it is cold outside is draw! As a former teacher, I couldn’t wait until the grands wanted to start writing. We learn letters and numbers. As a reward after lessons, they get to play with the Spirograph Kit. This is so fun to them and they love to hang up their final design on Mimi’s fridge. I have a fridge of memories!! These are awesome for their little brains because they have the freedom to design it like they want.


This too would make an awesome Christmas gift. It includes markers and paper in it’s own tray. Great for children who need to work on their motor skills and allows them to learn to make their own decisions by choosing their colors and designs. My favorite type of gifts!

Last we love Bounce Off, this gives them a chance to get up and move, which three little boys seem to love to do. Bounce Off is a game where you have to throw the ball in a pattern.  You draw a card telling you which pattern to use. This has been so neat to watch them grow while playing this game. The are learning so much from counting and patterns.


This is also my grown children’s favorite game to play with a bunch of friends, so from young to old everyone will love this!

If you think these games look fun, you should see what winter time Staples Games Terri’s playing over on Shabby Chic Boho.

I have tried to simplify my shopping this year, I love spending time over money with the grand kids, I want them to learn the importance of family and time. Staples has been a lifesaver, they have such a variety to chose from. I was able to order most of my Christmas online and save a ton of money.

If you are in need of last minute gift ideas, check these out. You will have so much fun while it is cold outside!


  1. Thank – you so much . I didn’t know Staples had such items. I would really love shopping there than a crowed Toy store with a lot of over excited kids. Hehe
    It was such a cute article.

  2. My son used to make what I would almost call palaces out of Lincoln Logs when he was a kid. He absolutely loved them. He still pulls them out from time to time.

  3. Those look like some fun games. With all the cold weather it’s hard to stay entertained at home! Your kids look like their having fun!

  4. Lincoln logs bring me back to when I was a kid! We had so much fun with Lincoln logs. I might buy some for my son for Christmas cause I think he would have a lot of fun building with it.

  5. My Teen Guide says

    I’m sure these kids having fun game time. My kids also love playing games whe it’s winter especially this coming Holidays

  6. Those look like some really fun games! Never knew staples had stuff like that!

  7. These all look like fun products. I actually thought about getting that bounce off game. It looks like it would be a fun one.

  8. i used to love games in the winter. whenever we were snowed it my mom would say pull out the games. lol

  9. What fun games!! These all sound like so much fun. There’s nothing better than staying inside and playing fun games on a snowy day!

  10. I hate that we don’t have a Staples. They came and stayed for maybe and year and shut down. I guess it wasn’t a good market for them. – Yolonda

  11. These all look like such fun games. My kids would definitely enjoy all of these. I know my youngest would love building with lincoln logs.

  12. Funny you should mention the spirograph. One of the boys was drawing something the other day and it kind of reminded me of that.

  13. I had no idea those Spirograph games were even still around with most everything going digital

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