Your Health Isn’t The Only Reason Why You Need To Give Up Smoking



Smoking kills!


There, we said it, not that it should be any surprise to you. Should you have fallen prey to smoking addiction, you are jeopardizing your health. This fact sheet will tell you all you need to know!


However, other than your good health and longevity on this planet, there are other reasons why you should give up smoking. If you ever needed another incentive (as if the health risks weren’t enough), consider the following.


#1: You will look younger


No matter what facial serums you use, know that you are aging yourself every time you take a puff of a cigarette. The longer you smoke, the more it affects your skin, causing dryness and wrinkling that might not befit your current age. There is more information here on the scientific reasons why. The sooner you stop smoking then, the better. You will improve the oxygen flow to your skin, your collagen levels will go back to normal, and your skin will look healthier than it might do at the moment. Have a look in the mirror and see the effects for yourself.


#2: People won’t avoid you


While you may be neglecting your own health needs by smoking, other people won’t. Knowing the dangers of passive smoking, your friends and family might choose to steer away from you every time you light up another cigarette. Oh, and your clothes and breath will smell bad too, so if you have noticed people backing away from you, even when you don’t have a cigarette in your hand, you now know the reason. Kick the habit then and your social circle will improve tenfold!


#3: You will start to enjoy food again


Smoking impairs your senses of taste and smell, so if you haven’t been enjoying your food recently, it’s probably not because of your lack of culinary skills (we are assuming). After giving up the smoking habit, your senses will strengthen, and you will get to experience those wonderful tastes and smells that you have otherwise been missing.


#4: You will experience a greater sense of freedom


If you are constantly craving another cigarette, you might feel locked out of certain places. Bars, diners, hotels, and many workplaces have placed smoking bans. You might even be barred from visiting friends and family, or at the very least, you might find yourself relegated to the garden when you want to smoke. Where once smoking was a social habit, the tide has turned, so to have more freedom in your life, giving up could be the best thing you do today.


#5: You will sleep better (and so will those around you)


Research has found that smokers are more likely to have less sleep at night due to the increased nicotine levels in their bodies. Because nicotine is a stimulant, it keeps you awake at night, and because of your dependency on cigarettes, your cravings might also disrupt your sleep patterns. Smoking can also cause you to snore, so if your partner has relegated you to the spare room, then your bad habit may be to blame. Stop smoking then, and your sleeping pattern will return to normal, as will the sleeping pattern of anybody sharing the bed with you.




While we advocate the need to give up smoking, we know it isn’t easy. However, there are solutions. Vaping is cheaper than smoking, so by picking up some cheap e-liquid, you will do your financial (as well as your physical) health a lot of good. Your doctor will also have advice for you, so it’s worth booking an appointment for some professional advice on how to kick the habit. Your life will benefit if you do, so perhaps today is the day you consider the change to your lifestyle, for your health, and all of the other reasons we have mentioned in this article.


Take care, and thanks for reading.

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