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Zesty Paws is an item you do not want to miss out on. In the picture above there is (left to right) Mobility Bites, Salmon Oil, and a Omega Dog Bone. I will start with Mobility Bites and explain just how awesome it works. For starters, they help with the joint support of animals, to ensure a long healthy life for your little side kick. It is not only healthy for your fur babies but it is great tasting for them. The texture is soft and easily chewable so even the little fur babies can enjoy them. This would be a great morning snack for a very picky eater, especially an older animal with joint problems. Next, we have the Salmon Oil, the oil does not have a fishy salmon smell, nor is it extremely oil. IIt is a very light oil so being able to make any dog from a lab to a husky looking shiny while leaving your fur baby with healthier fur. Just two pumps over their food will do. I was kind of nervous because I was afraid the puppies would not eat it. For a picky eater, it is perfect because they will not even notice it is on their food. You will start to see the difference just after one dosage. This item is something I would defiantly recommend to someone.


We had a surprise, the dog bone which happened to last a full five minutes before our fur babies dug into it. It is great tasting leaving our fur babies refreshed. Not only are these amazing items to use on your fur baby but they are affordable. Compared to other companies, for what this product offers, it has the best prices and best results.

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