Bathtub vs Shower: Which Is Better For Your Home?

You’ve bagged your dream home in the best location possible. It’s close to the local schools, there are plenty of shops nearby, and it didn’t cost a fortune. There’s still room for improvement, particularly in the bathroom. You want to complete a full renovation, but you’re stumped by one conundrum. Should you install a bathtub or a shower in your home? Which one would be better? Let’s put them up against one another to see who comes out on top:

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Showers take up less space

A big advantage of a shower is that it doesn’t need to take up much space. You can have a small cubicle that leaves more room in your bathroom. The extra space could be used for storage, which will help keep your bathroom neat and tidy. Or, you can leave it as it is, making your bathroom feel much bigger. 


Baths are more relaxing

You can’t deny that lying in a bubble bath is far more relaxing than standing up in a shower. After a long day of work, who wants to stand up and scrub themselves? You want to lie down and relax! To be honest, you could get the best of both worlds and install a show in your bath. It doesn’t avoid the problem mentioned above – in fact, a bath/shower combo probably takes up even more space. 


Showers are more convenient

Sure, relaxing in a bath is great, but what happens in the morning? What about those times where you need to get ready ASAP? You can’t afford to wait for a bath to fill up, you need to wash right this second! In scenarios like this, a shower will always come out on top. You hop in, turn it on, wash, then get out. It’s that simple, and I bet you could complete your entire shower before a bath even fills up. 

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Baths create less mess

Unless you’re splashing around like a dolphin, a bath won’t create anywhere near as much mess as a shower. The problem is that water from the shower will always spray on the walls. From here, you genuinely end up with water damage over time. If you have tiles, you get mould in the grouting. But, if water gets on un-tiled surfaces, it can linger and cause damp. Then, you’re online looking for water damage restoration companies to try and fix your bathroom wall. With a bath, all of the water is contained in the tub. It doesn’t splash on the walls, so this isn’t an issue. 


Who wins?

How big is your bathroom? Are you willing to take up space with a bathtub? If you are, then the obvious choice is to install a bath with a shower attached to it. This way, you truly get the best of both worlds – but it all depends on if you have enough space. If you don’t, then a shower is the obvious answer. Realistically, there’s no reason to only have a bath in your home. Yes, it can be relaxing, but is that a good enough reason to spend money on one? You definitely need a shower, and whether or not this comes with a bath is up to you. 

The Top 5 Johnson & Johnson Baby Products Every New Mom Should Know

媽媽: 最受歡的五種強生嬰兒產品




1.Johnson’s的嬰兒洗髮水被認為是嬰兒護膚系列中最受歡迎的產品之一,只有它的爽身粉可以媲美。Johnson’s嬰兒洗髮水是專門配製的,以幫助清潔嬰兒頭皮上的頭髮,屬性溫和而且清潔徹底有效。它的定義特徵包括無淚配方,有助於防止洗髮水與眼睛接觸時的刺激,有助於避免孩子經歷疼痛和不適。 根據其最新配方,最新的Johnson’s嬰兒洗髮水不再含有對羥基苯甲酸酯,鄰苯二甲酸鹽,人造染料和硫酸鹽,確保您的孩子保持清新,清潔和安全。







父母在將孩子帶到其他地方進行活動時應該要帶備一件必須品,就是手部和面部拭擦濕紙巾; Johnson’s濕紙巾含有清潔配方,家長可以放心輕柔地清潔孩子的臉部和手部。對於容易流口水的孩子,並且可能經常有少量污垢粘附在皮膚上的嬰兒,更可以大大受益於Johnson’s的手部和面部濕紙巾。另外,Johnson’s濕紙巾含有著名的No Tears配方,包裝也沒有酒精痕跡,所以父母可以確保在清潔嬰兒時,他們的臉和手時不會經歷任何刺激或過度乾燥。



Johnson’s Baby Powder被認為是幾代人母親的育兒必須品,此產品更被認為是公司自成立以來最受歡迎的產品之一。 Johnson’s Baby Powder以其柔軟溫和的香味而聞名,有助於保持嬰兒皮膚乾爽柔軟,同時防止尿布更換之間的摩擦。此外,這些爽身粉也可供其他人使用,包括兒童,青少年,甚至成年人!








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