Planning For The Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has got many of us thinking about the future and what it may hold for us. With an astonishing amount of deaths caused by the illness, it has made people realize that they are not invincible or mortal and that at some point, we will need to make plans for what happens when we are gone and what we leave behind for our families. 


Here, we look at some of the things that you may want to think about for the future.

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Make a will


You need to think about writing your last will and testament so that your loved ones and the legal authorities know precisely what you want to happen when you have passed and who is to have what. You may be sitting there asking ‘Well, How Do I Make A Will?’, and what it entails. 


A will is a legal document that lays out what is to happen with any properties or assets that you own, guardianship of your children should that be needed and the person who is to carry out your wishes after you die. Unless you own lots of property and assets, a simple will is all that is needed, but it is still important to seek proper legal advice. A solicitor will know all of the ins and outs and the latest guidance and rules. This can save a lot of unnecessary heartbreak for your loved ones in the future.


Talk about your funeral wishes


It sounds a bit morbid, doesn’t it? However, it is important to talk to your family about your funeral wishes before it comes to the point that they have to make those decisions themselves. Do you want to be buried or cremated? Do you want to be buried in a specific spot or have your ashes scattered anywhere in particular? Some people even go as far as choosing the music that they want to be played at their funeral and choose their coffins! You may also want to consider setting up a pre-payment plan so that you can pay for it all before you die, taking one less stress away from your family when it comes to that time.


Discuss what happens if you become too ill or incapable of making your own decisions


It is estimated that around one in 14 people over the age of 65 will suffer from dementia and one in six over 80. Sadly, this cruel disease, along with many other conditions, can take away your ability to make decisions regarding your care and your finances. You need to know what you want to happen should you get to this point – who will take over and make decisions on your behalf? To do this, you need a living will, a power of attorney and medical power of attorney. 


Thinking about the future can be a little scary, especially when we consider the fact that we are not going to be around forever. However, by thinking about it, talking about it and planning for it, we can take much of the stress away not just from ourselves, but our families and loved ones too. 

5 Bugs That Can Infest Your Home And How To Get Rid Of Them

5 Bugs That Can Infest Your Home And How To Get Rid Of Them

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Nobody likes to have bugs hovering around their home, but whether you like it or not, they always find their way in. While some bugs leave as quickly as they arrived, others come to stay, and worse still, they multiple at alarming rates. So here are some common bugs that normally enter homes and some tips about how you can send them packing.


  • Cockroaches


Cockroaches contaminate food and take bacteria everywhere they go. They are normally found in warm areas, near food, in the kitchen and bathrooms. Apart from being disgusting to see at home, cockroaches may carry harmful illnesses. They can be killed with chemicals from the regular stores. They can also be prevented by chopping an onion, then adding a teaspoon of baking soda and putting it in corners around your house. 


  • Mosquitoes 


Mosquitoes can be found all over the world, and some of them carry and transmit diseases like malaria and yellow fever. They like to lay eggs in still water and are normally found where there is a pond, a lake, swamps, and marshes, etc. You are likely to see them in the spring or summer. The female species called the anopheles, bite humans or other animals, sucking blood from them to get nutrients. The adult males, however, are okay with flower nectar. A bite from a mosquito will leave the area red and itchy. To keep your house safe from these insects, you need to install screens and try to keep your windows closed at peak times such as in the evening. All standing water should be drained so that it cannot breed. Your yard grass should also be kept short always. Positioning a fan in your outdoor spaces can help keep the bugs away or use chemicals occasionally.


  • Moths


Have you ever found larvae in your cereal and wondered what it was? What about chewed holes in your favorite sweater? Your house might have moths. These bugs neither sting or bite, but they can be frustrating to have around your house. To get rid of them, you may have to use moth control products from brands like Moth-prevention, which has products for killing all types of moths, including clothes moths, pantry moths, and carpet moths.


  • Spiders


Having spiders in your house may be scary as some spiders are poisonous. But even if they are not, you would still be happier knowing that they can’t come into your house. Spiders make annoying webs around the house and decrease the aesthetic, so it’s not the best thing to have them around. They can be kept away with repellents or other products. A suggested natural repellent is drops of peppermint mixed with water and a liquid detergent.


  • Ants


Ants have a way of suddenly appearing from nowhere, mostly in sneaky places like your kitchen and pantry. You can use chemicals to kill them, but do you want to be using poisonous chemicals in your kitchen? It’s alleged that ants do not like cinnamon, so putting cinnamon powder in places they may likely hide or places you think they enter from will keep them away.

Having bugs and insects in your house is not cool, and you should do everything possible to keep them away.

What To Be Honest About In Parenting


When it comes to parenting, there’s a lot of different things that you go through. Not only that, there’s so much that you learn too. Over time, you experience so much in motherhood, that you get to take in a whole range of emotions. Now, some of them are great and you will find that you enjoy the process – but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you may find that you are just not experiencing the best. But that’s okay. Parenting involves so much and the best thing that you can do is to be honest with yourself and others about your emotions. This can be hard but it will also be beneficial. Let’s take a look at some of the areas you will want to be honest in.


Feeling Guilty


To start with, you have to know that it’s okay to feel guilty. After all, mom guilt is real! If you feel guilty about working or wanting to work, it’s natural. Or maybe you feel guilty about the choices you make or your priorities? Well all of us experience that at some point, and the more you open up about it, the better you will feel. It’s okay to talk about it – you will be surprised how many people relate.


Needing Help


From here, you may find that you often feel like you need help. But maybe you don’t want to admit it or talk about it? Again, this is something that we can all think about yet don’t always act on. Yet, asking for help isn’t a weakness, it can actually be a strength and allow you to get yourself back on track.


Wanting Some Me Time


It’s natural to want some me time. You can’t be a mom 24/7 – you have to be you too. And there’s no need to keep that quiet. Instead, you should think about vocalizing it so that you actually get the respite you need.


Wanting It All To Slow Down


It’s safe to say that some days you will wish that your kids could get through certain stages – especially when they are hard. However, that won’t always be the case. You will often think that you just want it to all slow down. So it’s a great idea for you to be able to capture it. Whether you look into baby photography options or keep record yourself, it’s good to be able to document different times. And you can be honest about wishing it would all slow down.


Feeling Proud


But then also, you’re going to find that you do feel proud and a lot of happiness most of the time – and that’s okay. Sure, parenting is hard and it’s not easy all of the time. But, it’s okay to relish in it when things are going well. Because they do! And you will always feel like such a proud and happy parent. So be honest about the times you are enjoying and what’s going well. Just because your friends or family might be struggling, it’s okay to admin when things are going okay.

Guaranteed Ways To Inject A Little More Fun Into Your Life

Adult life can get very serious after a while. Kids, financial worries, and stressful jobs can all serve to sap the joy out of existence. You spend the vast bulk of your time just doing mundane tasks or thinking about things over which you have little or no control. It’s enough to drive anyone mad. 

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Think back honestly over the last year. When was the last time you really had a lot of fun? You probably can’t remember. When you’re busy doing adult stuff, fun tends to take a back seat. It’s all about earning money and fulfilling your duties. 


The truth, though, is that fun is essential. It’s one of the only things that we all do for its own sake. And it allows you to get lost in the moment, without always having to plan for the future or think about what comes next. Fun is its own reward. 


Introducing a little more fun in your life can seem like a challenge. Still, it’s surprisingly easy once you know how to do it. 


Here’s what do to : 


Abandon Your Belief That Conditions Have To Be Perfect


Let’s say you’ve got a headache, or you’re up against a tight deadline. In situations like this, it can be challenging to permit yourself to have fun. In life, though, you never know when opportunities to have a good time are going to come along. Often you can be doing something utterly mundane, like waiting for the bus, when the fun factor strikes. Being open to fun is the first and most crucial step. Try to avoid making excuses not to have it. 


Stop Believing That Fun Is For Kids


Kids are great at having fun, but that’s not a sign of weakness. It’s actually a sign of strength. 


The reason that kids find fun so easy is that people don’t expect them to be serious. Adult life, we’re told, is a solemn experience full of responsibilities. Kids don’t have to pay the mortgage or raise children, and so they’re free to experience fun. Adults, on the other hand, must always have one eye on their duties. They shouldn’t drink too deeply from the cup of life, just in case they get drunk on it. 


Notions like these are complete nonsense when you think about them. Yet they tend to have a profound impact on our ability to enjoy our lives. 


Fun isn’t just for kids. It’s for adults too. 


Stop Assuming You Have To Be Perfect


Many people can get into the habit of thinking that they have to be perfect in everything that they do. This self-imposed pressure then makes it impossible for them to let go and just enjoy their lives. They come to believe that they have to be the best at everything to have a meaningful existence. Nothing could be further than the truth. 


When you abandon the idea that you have to be perfect, fun becomes easier. You’re able to loosen up a bit and just get into the flow of the moment. So what if you’re not the best at something? That’s okay.


Stop Believing That Fun Has To Be Spectacular


When kids have fun, it’s not because they’re doing something spectacular. It’s usually just because they’ve discovered something novel, and they’re exploring it, even if it is mundane. 


Adults would do well to learn the same. Fun doesn’t require spectacular gestures or lavish, expensive parties. Often, it’s the little things that make all the difference. It could be something as simple as playing a Thunderstruck 2 slot on the computer or giggling with friends at the park. 


Start Planning Something Big


Doing the same thing, day after day, week after week, can eventually get a little tedious. Often, you want to do something different and break the mold. New experiences are the spice of life.


If you feel like you’re in a bit of a rut, start planning something big. It could be a new relationship, career, or relocation. Having a vision can help alleviate the humdrum of your everyday life and, hopefully, make you feel better. 


Learn Something New That Helps Other People

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Focusing on your internal state is a great way to make yourself feel bored and depressed. Concentrating on the emotions of others, however, can radically shift your focus and alter your outlook. 


Learning something new that helps other people, therefore, is a great place to start. The needs out there are tremendous. So do whatever you can to fulfill them. You could train to become a counselor, therapist, nutritionist, or exercise coach. There are all kinds of opportunities, ripe for the picking. 


Stop Thinking About What Other People Think


Related to the above point is the need to stop thinking so intensely about what other people think. Fundamentally, their opinions don’t matter. And if they’re causing you to avoid fun, then they’re essentially ruining your life. 


People who judge you for being silly often have their own issues. They aren’t your responsibility. You might as well enjoy the time that you have, instead of fearing backlash from the people around you. 


Stop Watching So Much TV


People are addicted to their TVs. Many of us spend countless hours watching shows on them that we don’t really care about


Try switching it off and applying your mind to something else. 


Start Performing Random Acts Of Kindness


Like learning something new helps other people, so too do random acts of kindness. 


Being generous is a great way to have fun because you can use your resources to improve somebody else’s life. It feels rewarding, and it makes a big difference in their experience. 


Start Volunteering


Likewise, volunteering can make a substantial difference in the level of fun in your life. Offering your services for free is a great way to get involved in community projects and avoid feeling cut off from the rest of the world. 


Would you like to have more fun in your life? If so, then try these methods and make each day a little more enjoyable.

Top Safety Concerns In Any New Office

If your business is moving to a new office, or you are starting up your first one, there is a lot that you are going to have to consider. One of the main issues that will always be necessary to look into is the safety of the people who work there. There are a lot of safety concerns that you will come across in any new office, and in this article we are going to take a look at some of the most important of these. If you are aware of these, you should find that you know what to do to keep your employees safe – and ensure a brighter future for the company.

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Slipping & Falling


If you look at the statistics for office safety across the world, the single biggest cause of injury is slipping and falling. Therefore, if you can do whatever you can to avoid these instances occurring in your office, you are going to be keeping your employees much safer, and everyone is going to appreciate that. So what can you do to make sure you keep slips and falls to an absolute minimum? As it happens, there are a couple of important things to bear in mind.


Firstly, consider the kind of flooring you have in the office, and whether it might need to be replaced with something safer. If so, do that before you actually move your staff into the office. Then you need to make sure that there are some basic health and safety routines in place to ensure people don’t run and make slipping more likely. At the same time, be sure to keep the floors clear of obstructions. That will ensure that fewer people slip or fall in your office.




Collisions can either be with other people or with objects. In either case, the majority of collisions are avoidable, and you should make sure that you are doing whatever you can to stop them from occurring. In a new office, you will want to clear the floor of anything anyone could collide into before they start working there. On top of that, consider whether there are any potentially problematic parts of the office – blind spots around corners, for instance – and what you might be able to do about them – such as putting up a mirror or a sign suggesting people to take care in that area. With that kind of attention to detail, collisions will be kept to a minimum.

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Sharp Corners


It’s not just children who need to take care around sharp corners – any of us could be injured in this way. In a new office, you might not know which corners are going to be sharp at first, so you might need to make sure that you are checking them all out to begin with. If there are any that seem particularly problematic, you need to make sure that you are going to cushion them in some way, or even have them attended to and sanded down. With sharp corners being one of the most common safety problems in offices across the world, this is more important than you might at first assume.


Poor Lighting


Although it might not seem as though poor lighting is a hazard in itself, it’s not hard to see why it might pose a problem in any office. After all, if your office has poor lighting, it means that people are more likely to suffer from the above causes of injuries, especially tripping and falling. Poor lighting can also cause people to have ongoing health problems. In the worst case scenarios, you might find that your employees have a lot of headaches and fail to come into work. It is clearly important to make sure that your new office has decent lighting before you let anyone work there.


Hopefully, this will usually be a pretty simple fix. It will probably just mean that you need to replace the lights that are up, or even just the bulbs. At other times, you might need to completely strip out and rewire new lighting in to ensure that all parts of the office are covered. As long as the lighting is sufficient, your employees are going to be looked after much more, and suffer less from working in your office.

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Electrical Faults


There are few safety concerns more important than potential electrical faults, given that at the very worst end of the scale it can cause death. When you are moving into a new office, this is one of the first and most important things you need to check, to ensure that you don’t cause any harm to be done to any of your employees, partners or guests to the office. You need to look into this as early as possible, and definitely before anyone actually starts working there.


Of course, you should not check it yourself, but rather you should hire an electrician to do so for you, as doing it yourself could be dangerous. Make sure you get them to check the entire system in the office and that they fix any issues that they find. This is a non-negotiable part of setting up in a new office, so make sure that you don’t overlook it. You should also ensure that you get the electrician to return every six months or so, just to check that everything is still safe and in perfect working order.

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Plumbing Issues


In a similar vein to the electrics, you should also make sure that you have the plumbing checked out too. Although it might not be quite as serious as faulty electrics, pipe problems can still pose a problem and could cause some safety issues if they are left untreated. In the worst case, you might even end up with flooding in the office – and if that is combined with electrical problems, then that is likely going to be a recipe for disaster. As you can see, this is really important.


Again, the solution is to call in the professionals to take a look, and to fix anything that might be out of place. Do this before anyone starts working there to ensure that you avoid any serious emergencies.


Fire Safety


Nobody wants to be caught in a fire. That much goes without saying. One of your main priorities as a manager is to ensure that the office is safe from fire as far as is possible. There are two main routes you need to follow here: preventing fires from breaking out, and making sure that you are well equipped to deal with it if it does happen anyway. Both are essential, and you should make sure that you do whatever is necessary in both cases just to make sure.

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In order to prevent fire, you need to make sure you have decent and strong protocols in place for how to behave in the workplace. That avoids any silly behavior causing a fire, which is vital. You also need to make sure that electrical faults are dealt with promptly, as above, and that your people are trained in fire safety as well as possible, and regularly too. That should hopefully prevent the majority of fires.


No matter what, occasionally fires do break out in offices, and it is essential to make sure that your staff know what to do if that happens. That is where the training comes in, and particularly training around what steps to take if there is a fire. That’s why fire drills are so important, and not to be overlooked. You should also make sure that you stock your new office up with all of the necessary equipment: fire extinguishers and so on, as well as making sure there are fire doors in place and so on too, and that fire exits are never blocked.


As long as you do all that, you can say you are doing everything possible to both prevent fires in your new office, and deal with them if they occur as well as possible.


Air Quality


Poor air quality is related to a number of health and safety issues. Notably, it can lead to your employees having breathing problems or other health issues, and you need to make sure that you are avoiding this as well as you can. That means taking a look at the ventilation system, and ensuring that it is maintained as well as possible at all times. This will also help in preventing the spread of illnesses and diseases, which is especially important during a global pandemic such as the coronavirus pandemic. On top of that, a general cleanliness is vital too, so make sure that you clean the office well before anyone starts working there, and regularly thereafter. It all makes a difference.


If you do all that, your employees are going to be safer and your office is going to be a much better place to work in many ways. Make sure that you don’t overlook any of these important concerns.

8 Ways To Make The Way You Live Life A Little Easier


If life was meant to be an easy ride 100% of the time, then we wouldn’t be able to learn things. We also wouldn’t be able to go through amazing times. The majority of happy times are brought on because we had to go through struggles. Good times are amplified by the adversity – we feel as though we’ve earned the positives by striving through the negatives. Human brains get bored of things very easy, so if we’re handed things on a plate with no hard work involved, the dish served to us doesn’t taste anywhere near as nice. 


With that said, it would be nice if we could go through life feeling a little smoother and more confident in ourselves. The struggle is necessary, but too much of it can lead to some long-term issues. As human beings, we don’t deserve to have terrible lives filled with pessimism, fear, and anxiety. We, instead, deserve to face battles with vigour and self-belief. We deserve to go through life with smiles on our faces, regardless of where we might stand at that particular time. 


Some people are able to go through life and treat it like a piece of cake. Many are able to constantly see the good in every situation and battle through whatever task they have with consummate ease – or it seems that way, at least. The idea that life is surprisingly straightforward is a concept that many successful and happy people have no problem with understanding. 


So, if you’re a person that isn’t in the best possible place mentally, physically and spiritually, then you probably want to change a few things, right? The chances are that you would rather wake up every single morning happy with where you are and what you have ahead of you. How can you do that kind of thing, though? Well, here are a few ideas:


Go Out And Try Things 


The first option is one that might bring a little worry and anxiety to you if you’re not the most self-confident human being on the planet. It’s something that would improve your life so much, though. Actually going out and doing something makes such a difference. Sitting around and thinking about doing stuff is pointless – you may as well have not even had the motivating thought in the first place. The confidence you get from knowing the result of your action(s) is amazing. Even if you fail, you learn what you have to do. Those that go through life more confident and assured than others are simply ones that have tried more times – that’s it.


Do What You Enjoy – And Lots Of It


If you actually live the way you want to, then you’re going to be in a better headspace each day, right. Now, of course, this isn’t something we can all do 100% of the time, but we can certainly work towards it. People that live life for others never reach the kind of satisfaction and happiness they need – make sure you’re not one of those people; do take care of your health by living it for yourself. When you have time, do what YOU want to do, not what you think you should be doing. If you can, get a job in a field that YOU like – not what society expects of you.


Make Your Home A Little More Convenient 


When things are good at home, you tend to feel a lot better with regards to outside factors. You don’t need to live in the perfect home, of course, but making sure you’re content with your abode should be high on your list of priorities. Whether it’s installing a 5000 litre water tank in the garden or finally getting everything cleared up like you said you would – be sure to get those jobs sorted. It’ll do a lot of good. 


Work Out A Little 


If you’re not a sports fan or a fan of working out, then this idea might seem a little annoying – fitness freaks can be quite insufferable at times! Exercising will make you feel more confident in yourself, though. It’ll allow you to believe in yourself physically while making you feel better socially in your head. You don’t need to sign up to a gym or a club – simply walking or jogging for half an hour would suffice. 


Adopt A More Positive Mindset


Being positive is hard to do when you’re naturally quite pessimistic. You can’t just turn it on like a switch. You can train your brain into behaving in such a way, though. Stopping yourself from being a negative person would save you from a lot of stress. You wouldn’t think of all the worst scenarios every day, and you’d be more content overall. 


Do Your Best To Ignore What People Think 


You obviously shouldn’t ignore absolutely everyone, but this world is full of doubters. People out there will dislike you for absolutely no reason – these are the kinds of voices you should ignore. They’ll say something bad about you, and then forget about what they even said. They hold no value. 


Eliminate Toxic People And Things 


Negative aspects of life can be such a killer when it comes to your pursuit of being happy and living the smoothest possible life. This idea is similar to the idea of doing what you enjoy, but it’s simply the opposite side of the coin. Get rid of toxic people and toxic things. You might feel bound to them right now because they’re part of your life and, thus, your identity, but once they’re gone, you’ll be so much happier. You don’t have to rip the band-aid off immediately as that might be too difficult, slowly removing these things from your life would make a lot of sense, though.  


Don’t Compare Yourself With Others  


This is another killer. When you look at others, you tend to only see the good things about them and the parts that you wish you had. Focus on yourself – everyone has their flaws. Social media has played a big part in people feeling insecure and not being able to live how they want to. Scroll through people’s lives less and focus on building yourself up. Nobody’s better than anybody – that’s a fact.

Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer


There are many reasons why one may find themselves in need of a personal injury lawyer. If you find yourself in this situation, you want to hire legal representation that will take your best interest to heart, using experience and legal expertise to build a case that will ensure you get the justice (and the settlement) you deserve. 


Photo Credit: Brett Sayles


There are many different types of personal injury cases that require an attorney. Let’s look at a few below. 



When you’ve been injured in a car accident, motorcycle or truck accident, or a slip-and-fall accident, you need a personal injury lawyer who can help you build the best possible case, especially if you’ve been severely injured. Your personal injury lawyer will help you build a defense to ensure that your legal bills are paid, as well as your medical bills for the past, present and future, and that you’re also paid for pain and suffering. Getting into a serious accident is a horrible experience to go through, and you need justice. 


Medical Malpractice

In cases of neglect, medical malpractice or doctor’s error, you deserve compensation for what you’ve suffered. Holding medical professionals and healthcare providers accountable for their actions is very important, to ensure that no other patient has to go through what you’ve been through. A good lawyer will make sure you get compensation to pay for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and to make an example out of the medical professional who dropped the ball. There’s no excuse for healthcare professionals who harm others. Let your lawyer ensure it doesn’t happen again. 


On the Job Injury

For injuries acquired on the job due to unsafe conditions or workplace negligence, your personal injury lawyer can help you hold the employer accountable. Workers compensation may have dropped the ball, but your lawyer will work hard to get you the settlement that you deserve, to cover not only medical expenses but lost pay and more, so you can pay for expenses and get on with your life. 


When hiring a personal injury lawyer, do your homework. Check references and take the time to read reviews and ratings online. A good lawyer has many years’ experience under their belt and a success rate with many cases just like yours. Most law offices offer free consultations, so be sure to meet up with a few to see which one is the best fit for your case. Often, personal injury lawyers won’t ask for upfront payment, rather allowing you to pay once they’ve gotten you a settlement. Each law firm is different, however, so that’s why it’s important to do your research before hiring legal representation. 

Choosing a reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. With the right legal representation, you’ll hold those parties responsible accountable, get the settlement you deserve to cover your lost wages, medical expenses, repairs and damages, and pain and suffering, so you can get back to your life. 

Are You Drinking Too Much?


Drinking alcohol is a common part of socializing or a way to unwind. As alcohol is so normal, it can be easier than you might think for a drinking problem to sneak up on you and start causing you health and happiness problems. If you’re concerned about your drinking habits, here are some signs to watch out for. 


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You Set Limits But Don’t Meet Them

You might have noticed that you get drunk quickly, or that you’re drinking every night. You might be deciding that you stop after two drinks or not drink at all. However, be the end of the night, you’re drunk again and aren’t sure what went wrong. If you find yourself often go over the limits you’ve set yourself, then this is sign that you’re losing control of your drinking. 


Others Make Comments About Your Drinking

Your friends might not be making serious comments about your drinking, but maybe they make jokes about how much you drink. There might be some truth to what they’re saying. If you’re known as someone who can handle their drink, or you have a reputation for enjoying a drink, this might be a warning sign. 


You Crave Alcohol

Crave can be a misleading term. It doesn’t have to mean your mouth waters at the thought of a drink, or you’re buying alcohol to drink all at once. Craving can also be a low-level romanticization of happy hour that carries you through your day. Having a drink to unwind sometimes is ok, and shouldn’t be seen as a problem, but if you can only get through the door by thinking about the drink you’ll have later, then you have a problem on your hands. 


You Get Defensive About Your Drinking

How do you react if someone suggests that you might want to take it easy, or think about quitting drinking? If you feel insulted or get defensive, then ask yourself why. If the suggestion comes from someone who cares about you and that you respect, consider why it bothers you. Are they perhaps echoing your internal concerns and you are in fact feeling worried about your drinking and the idea of having to stop? 


Drinking Is Taking A Toll On Your Health And Well-Being

Your Doctor might not bluntly tell you that you are an alcoholic, but if they start to suggest that you might want to cut back on your drinking, then this is a sign that it’s time to stop or drastically cut back. If you feel weird when you wake up without a hangover, even a mild one, then this is another sign. If you spend all morning getting over the night before, then this is another sign that you drink too much. For those who drink moderately, hangovers should be rare, if you get them at all. If hangovers are a part of your routine, then it’s time to take a hard look at your drinking habits and start to make some changes.

Top 5 Tips For Your Next BBQ

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Summer is basically upon us, which means it’s BBQ season. As soon as the sun is hot enough for us to stay outside without shivering, that’s when the BBQ gets fired up. Bearing that in mind, here are some top tips to make your next barbecue one people will remember forever. A small caveat – these tips focus more on the cooking side of things, rather than hosting or entertainment! 


Tip 1: Use fresh ingredients

In general, this should be a tip for everyday cooking! Fresh ingredients are packed full of more flavor and less bad stuff. But, it’s particularly important for a BBQ, particularly if you’re cooking meat. Go to the local butches and get all of your ingredients from there. Find a farmer’s market and get fresh produce to make your salads and accompaniments. With this simple tip you have instantly given your food more flavor!


Tip 2: Variety

Burgers and hot dogs are two quintessential BBQ items. Still, they can get boring after a time. Instead, offer up some variety. Get chicken on there, maybe some pork, possibly even fish! Be sure there are vegetarian options as well, just in case someone at the BBQ doesn’t eat meat. Speaking of which, loads of vegetables are amazing when grilled on a barbecue. Corn tastes fantastic, so don’t be afraid to grill some veg for extra variety. This tops your BBQ from being boring and adds new flavors to the party.



Tip 3: Season your food

Some of you will look at this point with a confused expression. Surely everyone seasons their food? Well, you’re wrong. Too many people will get their food and just slap it on the BBQ, relying on the classic charring to provide all the flavor. In reality, you need to add some type of spice rub or a marinade that imparts more deliciousness on your food – particularly your meat. Check out the video above for a BBQ chicken marinade that takes your food to the next level. 


Tip 4: Don’t forget the drinks

You’re so caught up in grilling that you forget about drinks! Now, you could buy some from the store, but where’s the fun in that? Spend some extra time making your own lemonade or other fruity and flavorsome drinks. If you wanted to go down the alcoholic route, there’s a great recipe on Giadzy for a blood orange shandy. It’s Italian-inspired, bringing a nice blend of sweet, sour, and fruitiness to the party. Ideally, use drinks that pair well with your BBQ food to enhance the flavors. 

Image Credit (CC0 License)


Tip 5: Be patient

Don’t be too impatient when grilling your food. Let it sit there for a while on each side to really get the charred marks. You’re not burning it, you’re adding flavor! The worst thing to do is to keep turning your food so there are no char lines at all. It defeats the purpose of a BBQ! Be patient, let it char. 


There you have it; my top five tips for your next barbecue. Whether you’re grilling for your family or a larger group, keep these tips in mind for the best experience possible.

World Flags

We have always had flag poles outside of the home. I love the pride I feel pulling in and seeing our US flag. Regardless what flag you like to fly I have found a great place that has a ton of world flags. This site has a variety of well built, colorful flags.


These flags are great quality and able to stand the hot and cold weather. Their variety includes, sports flags, international flags, honor and remembering flags and of course they have some great healthcare heroes flags.

Best of all their products are made in the USA!!

“We carefully control the quality of the fabrics used in the production of our flags. From fiber selection to weaving to final finishing, each step is carefully executed. Flags must be colorfast to sun and rain, lightweight, and have high tensile strength. To achieve these results, one must design and construct the fabric to exacting specifications. Because we do all of this, we offer the finest selection of flag fabrics in the world. 100% Made in the U.S.A” These US flags are great quality!

If you are looking for something more personable, they even offer personalized flags.

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As a flag manufacturer, we produce countless types of flags and banners each year. Our best sellers are our American flags, which are available in different sizes, materials, and brands. Whether your needs are indoor or outdoor, our nylon, polyester 2, and cotton fabrics will stand up to the task! Our options feature standing, hanging, desktop, and even car window flags! In our military and POW flag offerings, we have commemorative military, retired, general’s, and POW/MIA flags to honor our nation’s bravest. From the Air Force to the Navy, we have the flags you need to show your support. Plus, this collection also includes a number of guidons, lapels, patches, and decals. The sports and team section features a very large number of NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, NASCAR, golf, and Olympic flags. In our international flags, we proudly offer over two hundred countries’ flags. Some, like Ireland and Italy, include two options to choose from.

Outside of our top selling flags to buy, we offer custom designed flags, guidons, and table covers and throws. This option is especially useful when needing a rush order fulfilled, which we are outfitted to do! Once we get your design, we can produce many products that you would need for your business. Some of these include tail feather and dancer flags, table throws, golf flags, table covers, stick flags, and car window flags.

To guarantee your flags or banners look their very best, we sell a wide range of flagpoles, accessories, parts, and lighting. Our flagpoles are great for commercial and residential areas, and specified by in-ground, indoor, or wall mounted uses.

At Flags Unlimited, our end goal is ensuring your experience with us is streamlined and easy, and that you leave with the exact flag you came for. If you have any questions about our site, buying flags, or other inventory, please contact us and we’d be happy to further assist you.”

Writing A Will – What You Need To Know


Will solicitors are a must if your financial situation and estate are anything except very simple. Even then, other issues such as a complex family structure or arguing siblings mean that a solicitor being involved in writing your Will is a good idea. For a small fee, your solicitor will guide you through the process and deal with other issues such as whether you need a lasting power of attorney. Having the right support now at a reasonable fee could save you a great deal of money and stress in the long term.


No one likes to think about getting old, or dying, but they are fated to happen to everyone eventually. Being prepared and knowing that plans are in place for your later years and your family after you pass can take a great weight off your mind. 


Solicitors can help with both aspects, and it is worth taking the time to plan with them what legal paperwork needs to be in place for you to ensure your well being and financial needs are covered should you lose the capacity to do this yourself. 


Making a Will with a solicitor does involve costs, and the cost of writing a Will with a solicitor depends on several aspects. If you are writing a Will for just you, the fee will be different from that of a Will for a couple. Fees will also differ depending on the complexity of your estate and your tax situation. The need for trusts, dealing with overseas properties and tax advice, all add to the overall cost of your Will. As well as dealing with the complexities of your Will, working with a solicitor gives you the confidence to know that no mistakes have been made, as probate law can be complex. 


The simplest of mistakes could mean that your Will is invalid on your death. This can lead to your intended recipients missing out on inheritance, and can even lead to family members falling out. In the same vein, using a solicitor means that your Will is stored safely. The solicitor will keep the original, usually in a fireproof safe, while you can take a copy away to show those that need to see it. 


Although a solicitor is essential to ensuring your Will is correct and cannot be challenged, it is important that you do your part. You are the one that must decide who is going to get what after your death. This covers everything from your property and money to any specific items from your possessions. A good place to start this process is by listing all the people that you want to benefit from your estate. Your beneficiaries could include, your partner, children, siblings, and other family members. It may also include friends and charities. 


Next, you need to be able to provide your local solicitors for making a Will with a list of your assets and their worth. Your assets include any savings and valuable objects including jewelry, heirlooms, and antiques. Then you need to consider the more complex items such as property, stock market investments, your pension, and if you have one your business. 


Lastly, there are items that have little or no financial value, but that have sentimental value to individuals. The wording of your Will is one aspect that your Will writing solicitors can ensure is correct. This is particularly important where you need to consider the needs of a partner that may outlive you, and then the needs of any children or grandchildren.

The People You Might Need In Your Support Network

(Pixabay CC0)

No man is an island, or so the saying goes, and no woman is either! In life, we all need a little support from time to time, and in this article, we are going to point you towards the types of people that you might want to consider.


#1: Close friends


A close friend will cheer you up when you are down. They will throw a dinner party to distract you from your worries. They will be with you when you need that arm of support. And they will provide that listening ear when you need to offload your burdens. Different friends can offer different things, as one person might not be enough to give you every level of support. So, look for those special people in your life, and if you’re currently short of friends, use some of the following suggestions for meeting new people


#2: Trusted neighbors


We all need good neighbors, as they can support us in many ways. They might look after our pets and watch our properties when we are going away. They might drop food off for us when we are feeling unwell. They might help us with some of the tasks we do at home, especially those that we aren’t very good at. And they might be there for us in a supportive friend role if we ever need someone to talk to. So, be good to your neighbors because you might one day need them. And if you haven’t already, make an effort to get to know the people near you so you can build those trusting relationships.


#3: The professionals


We’re all in need of professional help from time to time. It might be a tradesperson that can help us with the repairs we need doing at home. It could be an insurance lawyer that can help us with our insurance claims. It might be a local pastor who can offer us spiritual support in times of trouble. And it could be one of any number of profession types that are specific to our own particular needs. These are the people you need to form connections with, because if you know who they are early, you will have less need to worry when you do need professional help. 


#4: A mentor


A mentor is somebody who will guide you on life’s journey, using their experience to help you make the best of your life. It could be somebody in your workplace, for example, giving you advice on taking your career further. It could be somebody at your church, helping you on your spiritual journey. Or it could be somebody who can help you in other ways, giving you the advice you need to help you grow and develop. We all need people in our lives who have the power to help us be the best that we can be, so reach out to those people who might take on that role for you. 


So, do you have these people in your support network? If not, consider their worth, as you might be glad of them when you do need support in your life. 


Take care, and thanks for reading. 


How to Throw a Dinner Party With a Difference

Image by vargazs from Pixabay 


When planning a dinner party, you want to make yours something different – not like everyone else’s you have been to before. You could do a theme or put on food which is a bit ‘out there,’ or you could make a few simple little twists and make it a dinner party with a difference. 


Invite People Who Don’t Know Each Other

While many people do this anyway, it’s worth putting on this list because it’s important. Inviting people who don’t know each other to your dinner party allows for a far more interesting conversation. Instead of it just being the usual group of mates who hang out anyway, bringing people together who might not normally meet can be really fun. You might see some fantastic debates or spark some special friendships. 


Have Everyone Bring A Dish

It can be fun to ask people to bring something to your dinner party. This could be a pot-luck idea where you don’t know what everyone is bringing, or it could be a dish that you have told them to bring. It doesn’t even have to be a main part of the dinner but perhaps some taster dishes to show people their favorite dish or small for a starter buffet. Think aloo tikki, homemade dips, canapes, or a taster of your favorite meatballs. 


Cook only show-stopping dishes

Impress! Don’t go half-hearted, this dinner party is where you go all out. By show-stopping dishes, this doesn’t mean that it has to look like a Michelin starred restaurant, but what it does mean is that it has to taste amazing. Whatever you serve, make sure that it’s something you do really really well, and everyone who’s ever tried it loves it. 


Play Games

You’re never too old to play games, and at a dinner party, there’s no better time. It could be post-its on your head for a quick round of ‘Who Am I’ in between courses, the After Eight game once you have finished, or even cracking out the board games. There are some fabulous dinner party games out there, so have a look and see what you think would suit your crowd. 


Serve A Signature Cocktail

When everyone arrives, don’t ask them what they want to drink, simply serve them your signature dinner party cocktail. Make it something easy to make, something that looks cool tastes delicious and has a snappy personal name.


Sharing Platters

Rather than the main meal, why not serve sharing platters? This way, there’s more food for people to try, and people love the relaxed atmosphere of sharing food. It also brings people closer and is a really nice way for people to eat. 


Use Different Rooms of the House

It’s a really nice idea to use different rooms of the house for different things. For example, you could have one room as your reception room where you mingle and drink in the beginning. Move somewhere else to eat your dinner, and then another room could be the dessert room. Finish off in the lounge or garden or play games or have a party.

5 Tips While Sheltering In Place

When I realized back in March we would have to shelter in place due to a virus I was completely devastated. I just started a new job that would require me to be in public and attend events.  This of course has been put on hold until further notice.

I decided to look on the positive side of this and have lived by these tips for the last couple months.

1) Find something everyday to be thankful for. I look back on the day and think about things that I am grateful for. Most of the time it is something as simple as the safety of my family.

2) Time with the family. My husband and I have actually started having movie nights and after being married for 20 years, I feel have talked more the last two months then ever before.

3) Realizing what is important in life. Prior to this, we spent the last twenty years working toward a future and missing out on the now. We have realized the now is just as important as planning for the future.

4) Keep accurate information, there is so much negative news right now we found a great source for accurate information at

5) Working from home. I have spent a lot of time cleaning clutter and selling items we don’t use. My house not only looks amazing but I accomplished more than I have in years.

Regardless what you do during this time, remember the most important thing is it won’t last forever. We are going to be back soon. I will always cherish this extra time I have had with my family.

How are you spending this time? Do you have any tips to share on how to keep a positive attitude during this shelter in place? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Life in Lockdown: Handling a Home Emergency

Life in lockdown has been challenging for people all over the world. Some have been unable to work or forced to work from home. Many of us are having to home school our children, or commit significant time to take care of our families. Many are struggling to get the supplies that they need, as well as missing families and friends. We’re in our homes for far more substantial periods, and trying to find ways to keep busy, as well as healthy and happy. 


Another challenge that some will have to face is coping with some kind of emergency at home. You might have a DIY disaster, your boiler could break, or a pipe could burst. Usually, you’d simply head to a DIY store, ask your dad to come around and help or get in touch with a local tradesman. But, now, things are different. We have to consider social distancing before we do anything, and it may not be as easy to find supplies as it would have been a few weeks ago. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do if you find yourself facing a home emergency while you are in lockdown. 

Call in Help

While not everyone is able to work normally, you can still reach plumbing services and other professionals in an emergency. But, precautions such as wearing a mask and limiting contact while they are in your home may have to be taken, so be prepared for a different kind of service.

Turn to DIY

Image – CC0 Licence


If there’s a serious emergency, and you lack the skills to fix it, you are usually better getting help in than going it alone. But, if you are a keen DIYer, or the problem isn’t that bad, you may be able to deal with it on your own, or at least patch things up, so that you don’t need help until life has started to return to normal. 

Ask For Advice

If you’d rather not take the risk of inviting someone into your home, you could always ask for advice. A professional may be able to walk you through on a video call or send you detailed instructions. If you have a friend or family member that’s good in a crisis, give them a call.

Take Care of Your Home

Of course, the best way to avoid emergencies and breakages at home is to take care of your home and its appliances in the first place. Look after things, and they’ll last for longer, saving you money and reducing risks. 

Check Local Restrictions

Lockdown isn’t the same everywhere. Different areas have different restrictions, varying guidelines and differing interpretations of social distancing.  Check online for the restrictions in place in your area, so that you know what options are available to you. 

Contact Your Landlord if Renting

If you are renting the home that you are living in, your landlord is usually responsible for repairs and replacements. Get in touch as soon as you can, explaining what has happened and talking through the next steps with them.

Tips To Cope Through A Rough Time

There’s a lot of things that can challenge us in life, whether it’s physically or mentally, and none of us are immune to it happening. Going through a challenging time can be tough, but it’s important to ensure you’re looking after yourself and allowing others to help in order to get to the other side. Here are some tips to cope through a rough time.

Image Source


Speak To Someone

It’s always good to speak up about how you’re feeling, no matter how small or big the problem might be. There are plenty of friends and family members in your life that you can probably turn to but usually fear or embarrassment can tend to stop us from reaching out. What is important to remember is that if someone else you loved was in the position you’re in, wouldn’t you want them to come to you for help? Remember that speaking to someone is going to be much more beneficial than keeping a lid on it. It might seem easier than confronting how you feel, but when it comes to the long-term, it’s not going to be healthy for your mental wellbeing if you keep yourself closed up. Letting those feelings fester is never a good thing to do.


Get Help Where Needed

When the help you need is not being aided by those closest around you, it might be that you need professional help in order to feel better. There might also be other things you need to do in order to move past this tough period in your life. Whether that’s seeing a therapist to talk about your experience or having to consult with a car accident attorney as part of your case, it’s essential to get the help where needed. You are deserving of that help, and if it’s going to make the situation better, then why not give yourself that?


Distract Yourself

It’s always good to give yourself a distraction every now and then in order to take away from how you’re feeling. No one wants to feel sad or be in that negative mindset for too long, and so it’s worth finding things that can help distract your mind for the time being. That could be giving yourself a bit of self-care by doing something you love or it could be spending quality time with friends and family in order to remind yourself of what really matters.


Be Grateful Of What You Have

When we often go through tough periods in our life, it can be handy to focus on what we do have in life, rather than what we’ve lost or what we don’t have. Being grateful is something to practice every day and not just through this rough time. Think about all those things you have to be grateful for, right them down and have them somewhere visible to look at. This visual aid can certainly help you to feel better.


Coping through a rough time might seem like a dark tunnel with no end, but always hold onto hope, and you’ll get through it eventually.

Lockdown Lunacy: Your Greatest Assets In Avoiding Stress and Anxiety During the Pandemic

Feeling anxious? Stressed? Irritable? Moody? First of all, don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s okay not to feel okay. Especially when we’re all in the throes of an international pandemic. We’ve been cooped up indoors for weeks now. We’ve been diligently practicing our social distancing, straining to keep the kids where they should be while under lock down and coping with the learning curve (and reduced paycheck) that comes with working from home. Under the circumstances, you’re doing an incredible job of keeping it together!

Image by Bongkarn Thanyakij via Pexels

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need and deserve a helping hand when it comes to reducing stress and easing your anxiety. Your home can either be your greatest ally or your greatest enemy when it comes to avoiding stress and anxiety. Here we’ll look at some items around the home which can do you a world of good…


Your windows


Natural light is both the ultimate office perk and the perfect antidote to cabin fever. So make sure you get plenty coming into your home. Great quality windows are a long term investment, so use a reputable company like Plymouth Window Installation if you plan to replace yours. The right windows can help you to make the most of your natural light,are easy to clean, keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, saving you money on heating and AC. What’s more conducive to a relaxed mind than knowing you’re saving money? 


What’s more, your window can give you a great view of…


Your garden


Who could have known that we’d come to view our time spent outdoors as such a luxury? Nonetheless, the time we spend in the garden can be a great antidote to the stresses and strains of your workplace and your home becoming the same location. 


Gardening, fresh air and spending time amidst your flowers and plants can all be a fantastic boost to your mental health and allow the stress of the day to melt away. 


Your phone


Like your home, your phone can either be your greatest ally or your greatest enemy. If you use your phone to trawl through Facebook and Twitter you’ll likely be struck with a feeling of FOMO as everyone seems to be navigating the lock down better than you… or simply watching people being hateful to one another. However, when you use your phone to call or video chat with your friends you can enjoy an endorphin hit that helps your stress simply drift away. Nothing eases anxiety better than seeing a familiar face. 


Your pantry


It’s not just the plants in your garden that can be a huge boon for your psychological well being. The food you eat can also help you to reduce stress and anxiety. We’re not talking about the guilty comfort foods you enjoy over the weekends. We’re talking about all the wholefoods and plant based foods which can gradually alter your brain chemistry and stabilize your mood. According to recent studies, plant based diets are directly linked to lower levels of stress, depression and anxiety. 


Your pets


Finally, we cannot underestimate the importance of pet therapy throughout the lock down. Spending time with your furred and feathered friends can help ease stress, make you smile and boost your mood throughout the day.

4 Things You Might Want To Rethink When The Lock down Is Lifted

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, much of the world has gone into lock down. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re at home rather than work. In fact, you’re probably spending more time between those familiar four walls than you might have anticipated when you ushered in 2020. You may be working from home full time or have been placed on furlough by your employer until the lock down is lifted and life returns to normal. Still, at least this is a good time to make the most of your spring cleaned home and slow down the hectic pace of life a little.

Image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels


As stir crazy as you may be feeling right now, and as alluring as a return to normalcy may feel to you, we should all be asking ourselves one question. Which parts of “normal” are worth returning to? Because these recent weeks have shown us some ways in which a little change might just be good for us. For instance, you may want to rethink…


The businesses you choose to support


All over the world we’ve seen businesses at their best and their worst in response to the global lock down. Some businesses have done an exemplary job or protecting their employees’ jobs and helping them through this difficult time. Others, however, have unceremoniously let huge swathes of their workforce go without any support whatsoever, even encouraging them to seek employment elsewhere temporarily before coming back to them. 


We’ll all need to vote for a more ethical form of capitalism with our wallets when all this is over, remembering who has looked after their workforce and who has left them out to dry. 


Your gym 


The good news for the fitness conscious is that there are all kinds of workouts which can be done from home to keep themselves fit, lean and healthy while on lock down. Still, many will yearn for an opportunity to hit the gym. But were you ever really getting your money’s worth out of your old gym? Maybe now is the perfect time to look into an alternative like Fitness 19 which offer more for your money without keeping you locked into a restrictive contract. Why give more for less?


Your commute


Across the globe, we’ve seen a significant reduction in air pollution and more wildlife returning to our major conurbations, with fewer cars on the road and fewer people on the sidewalks. This may cause us all to wonder whether or not we should work from home even after this is all over, at least on a part time basis. Or maybe we might want to ditch the car in favor of cycling to work, at least for a few days out of every week. If you’re enjoying the current cleaner, clearer skies, you might need to rethink your commute. 


Your career


Finally, many of us will be reevaluating our careers and asking ourselves what we want and expect out of our jobs. When the gears of commerce return to their former speed, many of us might want to look into new career or even consider the path of entrepreneurship. With many around us falling ill and tragically losing their lives, those lucky enough to remain unaffected are slowly realizing that life is too short to waste in a job that doesn’t give them the fulfillment they deserve.

Planning A Funeral

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Funerals cover a wide range of different options. It could be that your loved one left specific instructions about what they want to happen after they have passed away. However, not everyone knows what they want, or has planned ahead for their own funeral. This is why those who are left behind are often confused about the options for funeral services and how they can do their best for their departed loved ones. A popular choice is to hold a service and have the burial in a church setting. Could this be right for your situation? 


What Are Your Choices?

If a Church based funeral is the route you want to take, for instance, do you know what different options you have? Simply choosing to have a religious service is the first step, but there is more to consider for funeral services. Not all funerals have to take place within an actual church, for instance. Equally, neither you nor the deceased needs to have been a regular churchgoer to benefit from a church funeral – they are available to anyone. You can choose which type of service to have, which might be a religious, a humanist or a civil one. Some people leave details of this when sorting out their will and probate with a company like Speak to the experts at your chosen funeral home company, who will explain each type and help you decide what’s best. 


A funeral can take place in four different locations, namely a church, a cemetery, a crematorium, or a green or woodland burial site. Whichever you choose, a church minister can take the entire funeral service, or you can combine a church service with additional prayers or important words at any of the other places listed. Something to consider when you arrange any kind of funeral is the music that will be played, assuming music is wanted at all. Hymns are an obvious choice for a religious funeral, but the music of any kind is usually welcomed. It is often best to speak to the minister in charge at the funeral venue to ensure that your choice of music is something they will want to play. 


How Can Family And Friends Be Involved?

For many people, a funeral is a chance to say goodbye to someone they have loved very much in life. At funerals, it is possible for friends and family to be involved in the planning of the arrangements, and also on the day itself. One way in which they can be involved is to make a speech (known as a eulogy when given in praise of someone who has died). It could be that one family member writes the eulogy while another reads it out on their behalf. Or perhaps a reading is more appropriate – it can often be easier for those left behind as it is not quite as emotive as a eulogy. 


A reading could be a religious piece, a poem, or perhaps a piece of prose that the deceased particularly enjoyed, or that links to their life in some way. No matter what is chosen, it is a lovely addition to any funeral service.  Family and friends who may not feel comfortable in standing up in front of people to speak may want to organised a monument or memorial after the event, and it is worth speaking to the funeral directors who are helping you as they will be able to give advice about this and much more.

Babies Behind Bars And The Mistakes Their Parents Make

Unsplash Image: CC0 License


As a proud teen parent, the chances are that you spend most of your time thinking about how you can help your baby prepare for adulthood. Sadly, as the tumultuous teen years get underway, many parents find that things don’t quite go according to plan. 


Psychologically, these are years throughout which your teen is going to test the boundaries. Some manage to do so with little more than a few years on the wild side but, for those who get in with the wrong crowd, it isn’t often long until the police get involved.


This is distressing for everyone, not least you who are stuck at home having nightmares about what your youngster could be getting up to. And, if you’re unlucky, those nightmares will come true with a call that your teen has been arrested. 


Sadly, an astounding 2.1 million youths under the age of eighteen are arrested in the US annually. Still, the majority of parents don’t have a clue what to do if that dreaded phone call comes through, and many of them make mistakes that could harm, rather than help, their teen’s chances of release. To make sure you avoid doing the same, keep reading to find out what you definitely shouldn’t do if the police take your teen into custody.


Rushing to the station


Your first instinct will be to rush to the station and sit on those police interviews with your baby. But, let’s face it; you’re not a legal expert. While you may assume your defense is the only one your teen needs, that’s far from the truth. Instead, you should seek expert legal defense as found from firms like Wasatch Defense Lawyers before you even think about heading to the station. This way, your teen has a specialist on their side from day one, making it far less likely that their arrest will lead to a conviction.

Unsplash Image: CC0 License


Assuming guilt


If you’re having difficulty with your teen, you may assume that they’re guilty of whatever crime. Your assumption alone can do significant damage to both their mentality and police outlooks. Instead, remember that teens are arrested for all kinds of misunderstandings, including being in the wrong place. With that in mind, you should always assume the best, and go in there believing that your child is innocent so that everyone else believes it, too. 


Letting police stay in the room while you talk


Lastly, you’ll want to talk to your teen when you arrive, and you’re well within your rights to do so. Note, though, that this should be a private conversation. If you let the police listen, they may record or otherwise take incriminating notes. Instead, insist on a private audience and get the full story from your teen so you’re in the best position to help. 

Pexels Image: CC0 License


Arrests are any parent’s nightmare but, as the states show, they do happen. The only thing for it is, therefore, to avoid these mistakes, and instead do whatever you can to get them back home safe and sound.