Planning A Funeral

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Funerals cover a wide range of different options. It could be that your loved one left specific instructions about what they want to happen after they have passed away. However, not everyone knows what they want, or has planned ahead for their own funeral. This is why those who are left behind are often confused about the options for funeral services and how they can do their best for their departed loved ones. A popular choice is to hold a service and have the burial in a church setting. Could this be right for your situation? 


What Are Your Choices?

If a Church based funeral is the route you want to take, for instance, do you know what different options you have? Simply choosing to have a religious service is the first step, but there is more to consider for funeral services. Not all funerals have to take place within an actual church, for instance. Equally, neither you nor the deceased needs to have been a regular churchgoer to benefit from a church funeral – they are available to anyone. You can choose which type of service to have, which might be a religious, a humanist or a civil one. Some people leave details of this when sorting out their will and probate with a company like Speak to the experts at your chosen funeral home company, who will explain each type and help you decide what’s best. 


A funeral can take place in four different locations, namely a church, a cemetery, a crematorium, or a green or woodland burial site. Whichever you choose, a church minister can take the entire funeral service, or you can combine a church service with additional prayers or important words at any of the other places listed. Something to consider when you arrange any kind of funeral is the music that will be played, assuming music is wanted at all. Hymns are an obvious choice for a religious funeral, but the music of any kind is usually welcomed. It is often best to speak to the minister in charge at the funeral venue to ensure that your choice of music is something they will want to play. 


How Can Family And Friends Be Involved?

For many people, a funeral is a chance to say goodbye to someone they have loved very much in life. At funerals, it is possible for friends and family to be involved in the planning of the arrangements, and also on the day itself. One way in which they can be involved is to make a speech (known as a eulogy when given in praise of someone who has died). It could be that one family member writes the eulogy while another reads it out on their behalf. Or perhaps a reading is more appropriate – it can often be easier for those left behind as it is not quite as emotive as a eulogy. 


A reading could be a religious piece, a poem, or perhaps a piece of prose that the deceased particularly enjoyed, or that links to their life in some way. No matter what is chosen, it is a lovely addition to any funeral service.  Family and friends who may not feel comfortable in standing up in front of people to speak may want to organised a monument or memorial after the event, and it is worth speaking to the funeral directors who are helping you as they will be able to give advice about this and much more.

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Babies Behind Bars And The Mistakes Their Parents Make

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As a proud teen parent, the chances are that you spend most of your time thinking about how you can help your baby prepare for adulthood. Sadly, as the tumultuous teen years get underway, many parents find that things don’t quite go according to plan. 


Psychologically, these are years throughout which your teen is going to test the boundaries. Some manage to do so with little more than a few years on the wild side but, for those who get in with the wrong crowd, it isn’t often long until the police get involved.


This is distressing for everyone, not least you who are stuck at home having nightmares about what your youngster could be getting up to. And, if you’re unlucky, those nightmares will come true with a call that your teen has been arrested. 


Sadly, an astounding 2.1 million youths under the age of eighteen are arrested in the US annually. Still, the majority of parents don’t have a clue what to do if that dreaded phone call comes through, and many of them make mistakes that could harm, rather than help, their teen’s chances of release. To make sure you avoid doing the same, keep reading to find out what you definitely shouldn’t do if the police take your teen into custody.


Rushing to the station


Your first instinct will be to rush to the station and sit on those police interviews with your baby. But, let’s face it; you’re not a legal expert. While you may assume your defense is the only one your teen needs, that’s far from the truth. Instead, you should seek expert legal defense as found from firms like Wasatch Defense Lawyers before you even think about heading to the station. This way, your teen has a specialist on their side from day one, making it far less likely that their arrest will lead to a conviction.

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Assuming guilt


If you’re having difficulty with your teen, you may assume that they’re guilty of whatever crime. Your assumption alone can do significant damage to both their mentality and police outlooks. Instead, remember that teens are arrested for all kinds of misunderstandings, including being in the wrong place. With that in mind, you should always assume the best, and go in there believing that your child is innocent so that everyone else believes it, too. 


Letting police stay in the room while you talk


Lastly, you’ll want to talk to your teen when you arrive, and you’re well within your rights to do so. Note, though, that this should be a private conversation. If you let the police listen, they may record or otherwise take incriminating notes. Instead, insist on a private audience and get the full story from your teen so you’re in the best position to help. 

Pexels Image: CC0 License


Arrests are any parent’s nightmare but, as the states show, they do happen. The only thing for it is, therefore, to avoid these mistakes, and instead do whatever you can to get them back home safe and sound.

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The Things to Check Before Hiring a Trades-person

When you are looking for a trades person, a lot of us will look to ask family, neighbors, and friends for a recommendation. But you might be looking for something quite niche for your home renovations, or just not have any friends with experience with tradespeople. So what happens then? How can you make sure that you are hiring someone that will do a good job, and not just run off with your money? It can be a massive concern for people looking for tradespeople. 


Of course, choosing a worker who is registered and signed up with a professional network or organization, who has an official code of practice and where you can report them or complain, is a good place to start. This can be one of the first places to start, as it gives you an extra level of protection, should anything not go well. So with that in mind, if you’re planning some work on your home, decorating or renovating, then here are some of the things that you should do, to help you choose the best trades person for you and the work that you want done.





One of the things that you need to do is to make sure that you speak to and get quotes from a variety of tradespeople. If you get at least three quotes, it will give you an idea if someone is charging quite a lot of money, or if what people are saying is quite a standard fee. As well as getting the quotes from people, then it also gives you the chance to speak to the tradespeople and get an idea of what they are like, and what their ideas are for the project.




Checking that the trades person that you are going to use has insurance is another key thing to look out for. You can learn more about insurance for tradespeople online, but having it is important. Not to mention that checking on warranties and any guarantees is a good idea. Then if there are any issues with the work, you will know if you are covered or not, and if they will come to look at the work over time to fix it up. 


Written Contract


Before any work starts, and you have chosen the person to do the job, then getting the plan all written out and in a contract is a must. It should be provided from the trades person, and you should look out that it includes the final cost, the expected timescale, (as well as when the work will start), the kind of materials that will be used, and the information on clearing up. For example, if you are having carpets replaced, will they take the old carpet away, or will that be something that you are expected to do? You will want to make sure that you are both clear on what is happening, the costs, and what is expected. So get it in writing and it will be a good thing for you both.

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Stuck with your Social Security Disability Claim? 5 Ways a Disability Lawyer Can help


Many people today are at risk of disability or premature death. Thousands of debilitating accidents occur every day, leaving a trail of disabilities and destitute families. Such accidents and ensuing injuries are a major cause of money problems. For instance, in June 2019, 1 in every 6 U.S. residents received Social Security benefits.

Social security benefits are a godsend for people who can’t work due to disability. However, there are millions out there who can’t access these benefits because their claims have been denied. If you or a loved one has suffered a life-altering injury and you can’t work, these benefits come in handy to cater for daily expenses.

When filing a social security disability claim, it is advisable to work with an experienced disability lawyer. This post looks at the role of this legal professional in your claim.

Professional Assessment of Your Claim

Millions of claims pass through the Social Security Administration (SSA) system. For any of these claims to pass, the SSA officers analyze the medical evidence to back the claim and other pertinent issues.

A disability lawyer has the resources to assess your claim before filing it with the SSA. They can give you an objective and professional overview of the claim and help collect more evidence to boost the claim.

Guiding You Through Social Security Disability Process

Most people expect their claims to go through though there’s evidence to suggest a high rate of original claim denials. The main problem is that claimants don’t understand the process. If you are in San Jose, CA, you can find more details here about the role of a disability lawyer. They will walk you through the eligibility criteria, the process of filing a claim, medical documents required and other important matters.

Work With You on a Contingent Fee Basis

Disability lawyers are mandated to work on a contingent basis. Payment is dependent on the outcome of a claim. If the court awards you with Social Security disability benefits, your lawyer gets paid a percentage of the benefits.

Leveraging Legal Expertise

Working with a disability lawyer when filing a Social Security disability claim can increase the chances of winning the case. Your attorney has a better understanding of the legal requirement, the application process and will help you meet the criteria on the Blue Book Listing. 

The “Disability Evaluation under Social Security”, or the Blue Book is the key to qualifying for Social Security disability benefits. Most claims are denied due to enough medical proof of disability.

Appealing a Denial 

In case of denial of your original social security disability, your disability lawyer can file an appeal. The lawyer can first try reconsideration as the first step and an SSA hearing if the review fails. They carry out further research and collect more evidence to boost the chances of your appeal.

Wrapping Up

Filing for social security disability benefits is a daunting and complicated process. Your claim undergoes thorough scrutiny before you qualify and there’s a big risk of denial. Using a disability lawyer is a smart strategy as this legal professional will guide you through the process, help you with evidence collection and other steps for a successful claim.

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Teaching Your Kids To Care For The Environment



Climate change and the destruction of biodiversity continues to be a pressing societal issue. We must equip our children with the right skills and attitudes that they’ll need to care for the earth. To help your kids take on these values, there are plenty of ways you can encourage green-living using simple everyday activities.


Conserve and recycle


Be sure to set a good example at home, by conserving water and recycling everything possible. Teach your kids to turn off the tap when they brush their teeth, and chat to them about the reasons why we recycle. Show them the recycling and food waste boxes, teach them which materials go in each one. As much as possible, make recycling into a fun game! If your children love video games, there’s a great recycling themed app by Baby Bus called ‘Waste Sorting’.


Up cycling crafts


As part of your recycling process, put aside a few of your bottles and cardboard items and then plan some art and craft days. Explain to your kids that you are going to use old items to make brand new things. There are plenty of toys you can create using old bottles; from play jet packs to fairytale castles. There’s plenty you can do with some scissors glue and a little paint. You could also turn old tins into some attractive pencil holders with some old wrapping paper and tape to decorate. Crafting is a great hobby for kids to give them a break from the technological world.


Compost together


Teaching your kids about composting is an excellent plan to help them learn about our natural world. Explain to them the process of composting, and let them help you collect suitable items to use. If your kids like worms, why not create a worm composting bin using some red wiggler worms? You can use your compost to grow some tasty vegetables in your garden and go even greener!


Vegetable garden


Growing your own food is just about the most sustainable way to live, and it’s a good idea to teach kids this skill from a young age. Tell your children you’ll need to plant the seeds in a sunny spot and that you’ll need to space out the seeds. Failing to space out seeds can mean overcrowding and make it difficult for the different vegetables to grow. Provide your children with their own special watering cans so they can help you to water the plants and watch them grow.


Green gifts


When you are buying gifts for your children, choose green-gifts where you can. Doing so will help you to set the right example. Instead of always choosing material items, opt for experiences instead. Trips to the forest or the beach, the museum or the theater can serve as wonderful gifts for children. (We all know that many toys have a short life span, and so contribute to waste fairly quickly)!


Lastly, get yourself and your kids some bikes and use this mode of transport as much as you can. Biking is great exercise, allowing you to explore the outdoors but most importantly, biking reduces your carbon footprint. For more ideas on teaching your kids good values checkout Karrol’s Korner.


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How to Feel Safer In Your Day-To-Day Life

No-one said life was going to be easy, but no-one said it was going to be this hard. It seems that from time to time, it all becomes a little too much, and we struggle to stay on top of all the responsibilities that come our way. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to just be a victim of life’s relentless pressures. There are things you can do to protect yourself from whatever life throws your way. Below, we take a look at some tried and tested tips for feeling safer in your day to day life. 

Pexels – CC0 Licence


Know You’re Safe


First thing’s first: you should know that you’re generally safe, especially from other people. The general view is that the world has gone crazy, and that everyone’s out to get you. But actually, this is not the case — in fact, the opposite is true. You’re less likely to be a victim of violent crime than at any point in history. If you find that you’re suspicious of everyone you come across, then consider getting down to the root cause of why you think that way.


In the Home


Of course, though it’s unlikely that anyone would go out of their way to cause you harm, it’s not as if you should actively invite them to do so. You’ll feel much safer if your home is secure and uninviting to passersby. Plus, you will enjoy your property much more if you feel that it’s private. So how can you do this? Taking care of any vulnerable spots that your home might have, as well as adding a fence or hedge to the perimeter, will help to make your home feel more secure. It’ll become your oasis away from the outside world.


Know the Threats


Of course, though the chances of something going wrong in your life are minimal, they do exist. To protect yourself, it’s all about becoming aware of what these threats are and taking steps to keep them at a minimum. Car accidents, for instance, are rare, but they do happen. Learning the correct way to keep yourself safe on the roads will greatly reduce the chances of something happening. The same principle can be applied to medical threats. While some things are genetic, many long-term medical conditions are influenced by lifestyle factors, such as how often you work out, whether you smoke, and so on.


Get the Basics in Order


It’s not easy having a comfortable life in the modern world. When we think that our comfort is under threat, then it’s normal that we feel slightly on edge, as if something bad could strike. One way to get around this is to work hard on getting all the basics in order. If you have those things in check, then you’ll be much more able to enjoy all that life can bring. The two biggest things will be your health and your finances. If those things are taken care of, then you will find it easier to relax. 

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Wedding Checklist: 5 Exciting Things To Do Before You Say ‘I Do’

Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels


So you’re getting married! This is an incredibly exciting time in your life and the start of a new chapter. But it’s also very daunting. Over the next few months, you’ll have so much to organize and plan with your partner. 


Creating a magical day that you’ll both never forget, there are certain things that you’ll want to tick off your checklist ahead of the smaller details – such as designing the centerpieces, planning the bachelor and bachelorette parties and purchasing your wedding cake.


To give you a head start, here are the top 5 things you’ll need to do before you tie the knot!


  • Find a Venue



At the start of the process, spend some time looking at various wedding venues throughout your city. Alternatively, if you want to do a destination wedding, now is the time to book a flight and head out to a venue that’s further away.


When looking at wedding venues, you’ll want to find one that matches you and your partner’s tastes, can accommodate all of the guests that you want to invite and ensure that it fits within your budget. Wedding venues aren’t cheap, but if you research in advance, you’ll find one that doesn’t break the bank. 



  • Send Out Save the Dates and Invites 



Once you’ve settled on a wedding venue and you’ve put down your deposit, it’s time to send out the save the dates. On this save the date, you should include the date that you’re getting married and a little bit of information about the location that you’re having your wedding in. This will give your guests a taste of what’s to come and guarantee that they will be free on the day.


A few months before the wedding, you should then send out formal invites to all of your day guests and reception invites to others that aren’t included on the day. When you get all of your RSVPs back, you can start to create a seating plan for your wedding breakfast. 


  • Buy Your Outfits



This is perhaps the most exciting part of the planning process. During this stage, both you and your partner will buy your outfits, as well as your bridesmaid and groomsmen’s outfits.


Make sure that you plan this at least 6 months in advance of the big day, however, in case you require any alterations beforehand. During your dress fitting, you’ll want to invite all of your close friends and family – just make sure that you don’t have too many people though, as you could find that there are too many opinions flying around when you’re trying dresses on!



  • Purchase Your Wedding Bands



This is a wonderful experience for you both; around 5 months before your wedding, head out with your partner and purchase your wedding bands. With so many on offer in a range of budgets and styles (such as the Tacori Wedding Bands), you’re bound to find the right ones for you. 



  • Arrange Catering, Photographers, Flowers etc.



Once you’ve got all the above in place, you’ll want to think about who you want to cater your wedding, what photographer (if you’re having one) you want to hire, the flowers you want and if you want to have any evening entertainment. 


In terms of catering, you’ll want to sample various suppliers and menus before you settle on one. You want a menu that appeals to all palettes – so it’s a good idea to opt for a simpler dish. 


Similarly, with a photographer, flowers and evening entertainment, it’s worth looking at several different suppliers in order to get a better insight into which one is most suitable for your day.

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3 Puzzle Games That Make Commuting Fun

Do you commute to and fro from work a lot? Do you travel around the world many times in the year? Perhaps you’re someone that needs to catch a flight every other week for business purposes. Out of all the things you can do on your phone, playing games is still one of the most popular. However, we tend to become fixated on social media these days, because while we’re on the move we want to stay close to things we find familiar. Following certain people, online that are relevant to our interests is normal and can occupy a lot of our attention when we’re bored. But puzzle games are still the number one category of games that keep us happy, healthy and captivated while we’re surrounded by strangers, trying to get to work on the bus, train or taxi.


Testing your brain


Not all puzzle games are dull and dreary. Many of them are quite humorous, such as Brain Test. This is a fun puzzle game that is not your average test of smarts. It frequently breaks the fourth wall and acknowledges your methodology of thinking. It happily plays tricks on you to see if you can think outside the box. It’s a free game on Google Play and the Apple Store app. It has a fantastic rating of 4.6-stars with 618K reviews. It’s been downloaded 10-plus million times and it’s given a PEGI 3 rating. Made by Unico Studios, it’s a tricky puzzle game that presents many different scenarios. Sometimes you have to shake the phone to make a car go faster. Sometimes you need to find things by moving objects out of the way. It’s a great game that will keep you preoccupied until you arrive at your destination.


Challenging wordsmith strangers 


Sometimes, it’s the old games that are the best. Words with friends are available on both Android and iOS platforms. It’s very much like scrabble with a few key differences. Since you can play online, you’re challenging people from all over the world to a game of wordsmith. However, you can invite your friends to play and enjoy a private game. The arrangement of the bonus tiles is different but so is the value of each letter. Unlike scrabble which only uses UK English, WWF offers an enhanced North American lexicon. You can also submit words for review if they’re unrecognized so you could end up winning a game due to a word being reinstated in your game that was rejected in the beginning.


The classic still lives


The classics are often the best to keep your eyes glued to your smartphone screen. Check out Jigsaw Puzzles by EasyBrain on the Android and iPhone platforms. There are countless different jigsaws to complete, all of which are in HD. It’s been downloaded well over 10 million times and has a great 4.5-star rating from over 300,000 reviews. 


When you’re on the train and it’s a slow day, take out your phone and play a few puzzle games. Your brain will get exercise and you will see how time flies by. 


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How Can You Help Those In Need?


Everyone has those moments where they need some assistance. Sometimes, it’s as simple as lending a hand to move some furniture around. Others, it’s more serious, with emotional turmoil making every day a struggle. As a friend, you want to be there no matter the severity, but it can often be challenging to help someone struggling with emotional pain. You don’t know what is too much or too little, and while you want to be there, you might feel your words are not doing what you intend. 


Don’t Talk, Just Listen


When someone is in need, you often feel the need to talk to them and answer everything they say. However, sometimes people just want to vent. They don’t want you to solve their problems. They want you to know what they are going through. They need you to know the facts. 


Most of the time, all you need to do is be there with them and listen. You only need to respond if they ask for you to do so. It’s natural to feel like you’re having a conversation, but you shouldn’t force yourself to say something, especially if you don’t know what to say, anyway. 


Little Gestures


Every day can be a struggle for people struggling with issues ranging from anxiety to depression burnout, so consider offering a helping hand with little gestures. They7 may not seem like much, but something as simple as picking dinner up from the store on your way over or talking the dog for a walk will help immeasurably. 


It can feel like a lot of pressure to do things when someone is not feeling themselves, so knowing they have a reliable support network around them can ease this pressure and give them one less thing to think about. 


Give Them Space


You need to understand that everyone needs space, so while it’s good to be there for them, it’s equally important to leave them to themselves when they need it. 


Everyone is different, so while some people need the company of friends to help them cope, others will require the opposite. There is no right way to deal with problems, but there is a right way to respect someone’s wishes, so if they want to be alone, you must give them space. 


Gently Suggest Other Treatment Methods


You can’t go in all guns blazing and tell your friend or relative that this is what they should do. Still, if you can tell they are suffering from specific issues, you can gently encourage or suggest other treatment methods, especially if they have not explored any yet. 


Places such as the Renaissance Recovery Center are ideal for substance abuse issues, whereas general counseling can help people overcome a range of mental health issues. However, they need to want to get better, and this can often be the most challenging battle of all. 


A Friend in Need


As a friend or relative, you want to be there no matter what. With these ideas, you can provide support for those in need, both close by and from afar. Hopefully, they will take your assistance on board and start their journey towards getting better.

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It’s Time To Stop Letting People Take Advantage Of Your Good Nature

Source – Pixabay CC0 License


Being a genuinely nice person is something that should be celebrated. Sadly, there will always be a number of people ready to take advantage of you. Worse still, it’s likely that you’ve allowed them to get away with it for far too long. Now is the time to put an end to those problems.  


Your first step is to identify the biggest culprits before taking the necessary steps to prevent any further problems. Here are four examples that deserve your full attention. 


1| Friends & Family 


Admitting that a loved one is taken advantage of you is tough. However, a little honesty goes a long way, especially when followed by a commitment to stand up for yourself. 


Knowing when a relationship needs to end can be very liberating. Other examples include spotting a sibling or friend that borrows money and asks for favors without offering any in return. Essentially, any friendship or relationship should be mutually beneficial. 


As you get older, you appreciate the fact that quality is far greater than quantity. A small circle of people that enrich your life is the answer. Every single time. 


2| Employers 


Your employer is the person that gave you the opportunity to earn money. As such, it’s natural that you may let the odd mishap slide. But you must not ignore mistreatment. 


This can manifest itself in many ways. Whether it’s pursuing action after a work injury or seeking your entitled holiday leave or overtime pay doesn’t matter. Having the confidence to ensure that you are treated fairly in all situations will unlock huge rewards. 


Another example is when you aren’t getting paid a suitable fee. A little research will show what people in your role expect to get paid. Don’t be afraid to seek the raise you deserve. 


3| Companies 


Most businesses will be quick to correct mistakes when it works in their favor. When it works in yours, though, they are often far less willing to make a noise. So, you’ll have to do it instead. 


Service providers often sell excessive packages. Run a broadband speed test. Check your 4G usage. Understand whether your existing home insurance packages have you covered. This info will allow you to contact the suppliers and seek a customized plan to suit your needs. 


If a company is unwilling to budge, don’t be afraid to take your business elsewhere. After all, the existing company clearly isn’t that interested in your best interests. 


4| Colleagues 


Colleagues can take advantage of your good nature in many ways. One of the most common, though, comes from stealing your ideas. You must not let this happen. 


Computer tech allows you to make a record of your ideas and input. Do this privately, and be ready to fight injustice when they try to take credit for your work. Or if you run a business, you should use copyrights to protect your innovations. Allowing others to profit is not an option. 


There are plenty of additional situations where strangers can take advantage. Whether it’s at work, on the road, or at your child’s club events, stamp it out. You are strong.

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Involved In A Car Accident? This Is What You Need To Do



Being in a car accident is one of those things no one ever wants to experience. When it comes to an incident on the road, there are a lot of worries you may have as well as things you need to think about. 


Unless you are familiar with the best practice while out on the road you may be left clueless and in shock after a car accident and as such you might not consider contacting car accident attorneys or taking photos of the scene. 


Today we want to guide you through the process of a car accident and everything you need to do after the event. 


Stay at the scene


The most important thing you have to do when you are involved in a car accident is stay on the scene. There are so many people who will try to drive away or take details and leave, but this is never the right way to handle it. A car accident can not only injure people, but it will hold up traffic and authorities need to be called to help clear the road and assist. The best thing you can do is stay put and wait for this patiently, ready to give a statement. 


Call for help 


Depending on the severity of the accident you may have already had someone else call for help on your behalf, but if not you should do this as soon as you can. Calling the emergency services will allow the scene to be made safe and for anyone injured to be helped. Once you have done this you will be able to hang tight safe in the knowledge that the professionals will handle it. 


Collect information 


The most important thing you can do when it comes to being in a car accident is gather much information as possible. When you collect information from the scene it is imperative that you get the contact details as well as the insurance details of all other drivers involved, and then gather information from witnesses who will be willing to give a statement on your behalf. To prepare yourself for this ever happening to you, ensure that you keep a notebook and pen in your car. Also consider keeping a pencil in the car just in case the ink runs dry. 


Take photos 


Imagine you are at a crime scene. What would you want to do? You would want to take photographic evidence and video evidence of everything you see. This is the only way you can truly ensure that you will get enough evidence to take to court and allow you to gain the compensation you need. Take photos of the inside and outside of the vehicle but also make sure to take photos of the whole scene to allow the police and court to see the scene in its fullest. 


Don’t admit responsibility 


Even if you think an accident on the road might be your fault, NEVER under any circumstances should you admit responsibility. It is crucial for you to stay quiet and simply gather information and evidence, because if this does go to court and the other party tells the judge that you claimed responsibility for the accident you will have no hope whatsoever of getting and compensation for it. 


Get a lawyer 


When it comes to getting compensation for an accident the most important decision you will make is a lawyer. Not all lawyers come equally and you must take the time to choose your lawyer carefully so that they will fulfill your needs in the courts. When choosing a lawyer to handle your case there are a few different things you should factor into your decision making. 


One of those is the facilities your lawyers can offer. Go to meet the lawyer face to face and this will allow you to see what kind of faculties they have and the amount of resources they will be able to provide you in your case. 


Another thing to consider is the personality and friendliness of the lawyer. Although you will hire a lawyer for a business purpose, you need to ensure that you get along with them in a personal way. The reason this is important is that you will spend a lot of time with your lawyer and if they are cold and uncaring it will not help your case.


Use all of these handy tips to prepare yourself after a car accident and ensure that you are able to get on with your life and gain the compensation you may need.

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When It’s Time To Let Go Of A Relationship

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 


Relationships are hard, even when you meet the right person. However, this doesn’t mean that being in a relationship with someone has to be more of a struggle than it’s worth or make you unhappy more than you are happy, so how do you know when you should give up on a relationship and when it’s worth fighting for? 


Slow Down

Take your time, and don’t let yourself be ruled by knee-jerk reactions. You need to take your time, go slow and think about what you really want and how you really feel. 


Talk To Others

You might not want to talk to people you know, some people may not want to get involved, or you might want to speak to a stranger. Have a look online at forums or read real-life stories such as these from the Serratelli Law Firm, you may be able to relate to some, and it may help you with your thinking. 


Reflect On Why You Got Together In The First Place

It’s essential to look at when you got together in the first place and what it was. Look back at what situation and location you were in your life at the time and what was going on. There could be several reasons why you are with your partner, and they might not necessarily be the right ones. 


Break Your Routine

We all know what it’s like to get stuck in a rut, so it’s essential to look at your relationship and see what things do you do for each other because it’s a habit and what do you do because you care and want to do it for the other person? If you break your routine, then it’s easier to see this and to look at your relationship from a different perspective, almost an outsider’s point of view – but not quite. 


Determine If Your Past Is Impacting Your Present

It can be hard to let go of the past, and while you think you have done, it has a nasty way of coming back to surprise you at times. When you’re with someone for a long time and spend a lot of time with them, it isn’t straightforward to realize your behavior and how you might be acting towards your partner. It’s essential to reflect but also to know if things are still bothering you from the past and if it has had an effect on what is going on now. 


How Hard Have You Both Tried?

The key to knowing if it’s time to move on is to take a look at how much each of you has tried. Is your partner trying to correct their faults? Are they willing to take responsibility for fixing their side of things? And you as well, are you looking at what you have done and taking responsibility for your wrongdoings? What are you doing to correct your faults? If you think you have both done everything you can to salvage the relationship, then it might be time to let go.


Ultimately, when you know, you know, but it is a big decision, and it is good to make sure that you have considered everything that will help to remove any doubt you have in the future. 

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Convincing Reasons To Give Up Your Car

(Pixabay CC0)


Ask yourself this one important question.


Do you need a car?


It might be that you do, especially if you travel on a regular basis. But if you rarely use your car, and if you could manage quite well without one, then you might want to consider giving it up.


Here are just some of the reasons why.


#1: You will save money


When looking at your monthly bank statements, consider how much money you spend on your car. With fuel, tax, insurance, and possibly even maintenance costs to add up, consider where that money could have been better spent. So, rather than relying on a car to get you from A to B, consider other forms of transport instead, such as the bus, train, or even your bicycle. And for those times when you do need a car, consider borrowing one from a friend or family member, or consider the types of car you can book now at Burswood Car Rentals and similar places, and hire something instead.


#2: You will face less stress


Let’s face it; driving can be stressful. You will know this yourself if you have ever had to deal with road rage from yourself or another driver, if you have been stuck in rush hour traffic for an age, or if you have found yourself dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. If you didn’t have a car, you wouldn’t have to face such stresses, so if you don’t need to rely on your four wheels, get rid of it for the sake of your sanity!


#3: You will do your bit to save the world


Road transport is responsible for around a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions, and you become part of this equation every time you step foot into your car. Sorry for the guilt trip! To reduce your carbon footprint, you could use your car less, switch to an electric car, or give up your car entirely. With one less car on the roads, the world will become a slightly safer place, and you will have less need to feel guilty about the part you have had to play in damaging the environment


#4: You will experience the health benefits


The more we rely on our cars, the less exercise we do, and the unhealthier we become. So, if one of your goals has been to keep fit this year, you might consider giving up your car for either the short or the long-term to help you achieve your targets. By walking or cycling more, you will improve your physical health. And because of the fresh air you will be getting, as well as the added exercise, you will do much to improve your mental health too. So, think about yourself and your own health needs. Then think about the health needs of your family. By using your car less or by giving it up, you will all start to benefit from the exercise you will be receiving. 


So, what do you think? Could you give up your car? We have listed some very good reasons as to why you should, so consider the option, even if it’s only for a short time.


Thanks for reading!

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 Kid Custody Evaluation: Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

  Kid Custody Evaluation: Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

Amidst a divorce procedure, you may end up in a youngster custody front line. If you and your ex-spouse can’t settle on child guardianship issues, the judge will probably have to order a child custody evaluation. Child guardianship assessment is intended to weigh up your chances and your ex-spouse’s for getting the youngster custody. The process is completed by a mental health professional, normally a psychologist, who can be appointed by the court. At times, the court can enable you to pick an evaluator from a list of area professionals. The evaluator’s errand is to decide the best interests of the child.

Any individual who has experienced a kid custody evaluation procedure will affirm what a nerve-wracking process it is. Regarding your League City family attorney’s recommendation will comfort you to a more prominent degree.

                                    Kid Custody Evaluation do’s

Clinging to the following do’s and don’ts can place you in a positive light when meeting an evaluator.

  1.   Establish a decent connection

As with every other circumstance, the primary positive impression is the way to progress. Such factors as being perfectly dressed and having great habits can work for your advantage when you are on appointment for the meeting with the evaluator.

  1.   Show readiness to cooperate

Being responsive in general and responding kindly to the majority of the questions posed by the evaluator will frame a viable collaboration between both of you. Follow up immediately and altogether when the evaluator requests you to give paperwork or information.

  1.   Act naturally

You should make an effort to establish a decent impression. However, being simply obsessed with attracting the evaluator, you can appear to be phoney and fake. In this way, be straightforward, honest and genuine.



  1.   Express an eagerness to work with your ex-spouse

Show the ability to set your feelings aside and coordinate with your ex-mate for your youngster. Tell the evaluator that you are focused on working with your ex-mate to choose what is best for the kid. Show the ability to think about different custody and visitation arrangements.

  1.   Put the kid’s best interests first

In a kid custody evaluation process, make a point to maintain your emphasis on your child’s prosperity. Make an accentuation on what is best for her/him and not what can profit you more. Perceive that your child needs a positive relationship with both the parents. The evaluator will positively esteem your efforts of putting the kid’s benefit preeminent.

                        Kid Custody Evaluation Don’ts

Following are a few don’ts which must be taken care of.

  1.   Avoid from demonstrating a negative attitude towards your ex

Avoid tearing down your ex-life partner. Defaming your ex will just make a feeling that you are reluctant to cooperate. Abstain from using threatening remarks also.

  1.   Abstain from manipulating or lying the evaluator

The evaluator’s job is to weigh up your chances for authority and not to give treatment. In this way, don’t load him/her with your issues. Rather, let him work the system, furthering your potential benefit. The evaluators have seen lots of similar situations and are knowledgeable in distinguishing lying practices.

  1.   Prevent yourself from training your kid

Beware of instructing your child on what to state. Furthermore, particularly don’t delineate for him/her to talk negatively about the other parent. Indeed, even the slightest doubt of instructing your child to talk to support you can be seen by the evaluator as a negative factor working against you.

  1.   Try not to resist court custody orders

Be careful to obey custody orders while the evaluation process is pending. Make a point not to disregard the court orders regarding the visitation and child-rearing time plan.

A child custody evaluation can be a complicated process for both you and your kid. Keenly paying attention to your family lawyer’s recommendation and experiencing the procedure can profit you a lot. The skilled family-law lawyers will explain the custody evaluation to you and provide direction throughout the process.

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What’s The Best Way To Escape To A Life In The Country?What’s The Best Way To Escape To A Life In The Country?

Whether you’re retiring and you don’t want to be stuck in the city, don’t mind a commute, or simply want to get away from it all, the country lifestyle is nothing if not appealing. However, it’s not always easy to attain. If you want to move to the country, you need a plan, and here are some of the factors that you need to consider.

Picture sourced by Tom Fisk


Build or buy?

Your local market may not have a lot of rural homes on the market, which means you have to consider whether buying is a possibility that you can afford or commit to. Building a home isn’t as difficult or expensive as it once was, thanks to teams that focus on providing prefabricated or modular homes like Hybrid Prefab Homes. As the name suggests, these homes don’t demand a construction process as lengthy. However, it’s important to know any local codes that could get in the way and to clear the red tape before you spend too much on the home itself.


Know your market

Whether you’re looking for a home or space to build your own, you need to know the market you’re stepping into. Just as real estate agents can help you better understand different town and city environments, there are those who specialize in back country property, as well. Teams like Red Hawk Real Estate can help you see all the listings for both land and property in the countryside, making it a lot easier to spot opportunities for development. Otherwise, the legwork of seeing what’s available in different parts of the region can make the process a lot lengthier and exhausting than it needs to be.


Fixing up a country house

If you’re buying a country property, you should be aware of the fact that many of them might not reach the kind of modern standards you see so frequently in towns and cities. Cheap, old property might not be too difficult to find, but fixing up old school homes with old school problems can be expensive and time consuming. Know what you’re getting into and be aware that fixer-uppers are always serious time investments.


Getting used to country life

If you want to move to the country, then you should try to get acclimated to country life and do your research on it beforehand. Smart Move highlights a lot of the common challenges that urban and town folk can have when moving to the town. A need to stockpile food and household supplies, the importance of finding the local community as remote as they may seem, and the essential nature of learning about conservation and interaction with wildlife can all make the country seem less of a lonely and scary place than new arrivals find it to be.


A move to the country is by no means impossible and, for some people, it’s as smooth a process as moving from home to home in the town. However, it’s important to address the factors above to make sure you’re ready for what the country move really entails.

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How Your City Can Be More Sustainable

If you care about your city and community, you might want to help find ways to improve it. Getting involved by campaigning for the changes you want to see or even starting community projects can help you to achieve what you want. Making sustainable changes can create a forward-thinking city.




Many cities now have recycling services of some kind, although not everyone feels that they have adequate assistance with recycling. Recycling can have to reduce waste, save energy and even produce sustainable energy. If your city isn’t recycling friendly, you can get involved to campaign for change.


Walking and Biking Infrastructure


Anyone who has spent time in Europe knows the pleasure of a walk-able or bike-able city. While some US cities make it easy to walk or cycle around, many are only navigable by car. Changing infrastructure isn’t easy but it can make a huge difference to the sustainability of a city.


Public Transport


Public transport is another thing that many European cities do well. If you can’t get around on foot, cutting down on cars with public transport is the next best thing. Higher demand for public transport can encourage cities to improve and add to their services.


Green Energy and Water Supply


Supplying a city with energy can also be done in a greener way. Using renewable energy sources, including solar and win, can help cities to be more eco-friendly and even to save money. Conserving water is also a key sustainability goal for many cities, including those with drier climates.

Infographic Design By Norwich University

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Learning Sign Language Is Cool

Everyone wishes that they could speak a new language – but not many people consider sign language. However, sign language opens up a whole new world to you in terms of social circles and your ability to communicate across the globe. Sign language looks beautiful, it is expressive and above all – very inclusive. Of course, many deaf people have the use of top-class experts providing people with fitted hearing aids, but sign language gives an extra layer to that communication.

Photo by Jo Hilton on Unsplash 

Hearing Loss

It is a lot more common than you think. It is now very common that parents are using sign language to communicate with babies before they can talk properly – and that is something pretty special. In America, it is estimated that there are 28 million people who have some degree of hearing loss. Although many rely on a mixture of lip-reading and some sound recognition, not all speak sign language. However, to really participate in mainstream education and the job market it pays to learn to lip read and have sign language too. 


If you can speak an additional language, you are already more desirable. If you can speak sign language? You are opening up a whole new market for many businesses. Aside from the business realm, you can work as an interpreter, or help teach children as a TA or teacher (you’ll need other qualifications too though). Some career options are an audiologist, interpreters, social workers, counselors, a hospital worker, and so much more. Sign language is a valuable skill to have when it comes to the job market. 


If you don’t want to make sign language the star of your career show, then you can volunteer in many areas. Typically sign language volunteers will be able to work in the theater, churches, schools, homeless shelters, and some cases foster centers and animal shelters. If you are in the middle of learning sign language, you can use volunteering as a way to practice and hone your skills, and mix with other users to get the most out of the experience.

Help The Hearing

This might sound strange, but you can improve the rate at which a child learns to read and speak by teaching them sign language at the same time. Simple signs will help differentiate between letter sounds and words as they go. A typical example is many children say “elemenope” rather than L M N O P for years. If a child can see early on that they are in fact, not as one, they will be able to build on that knowledge. 


Sign language is a lot of fun for your children to learn, so much so that many younger classes now learn to sign and sing at the same time. 


Learning sign language is as beneficial as learning any other foreign language – except it potentially has more positive in terms of social impact and the ability to improve the lives of others by doing so. Like anything else, it takes time and dedication – but it is a skill you can use for life. 

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What To Consider When It Comes To Location

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay 


If you are looking to buy or move house, it is essential to realize very quickly that the actual, physical house is not the most important thing. The first thing you should look at is the location of the house. Any home can be decorated, fixed, made bigger, rooms can be knocked through, and walls can be built, but you can not change where the house is built. The location and the neighbourhood you live in is the main thing that will make a difference in your life, and the potential value of your home and these are the things you need to consider:


Geographical Location

When you begin looking at different areas, you need to consider what is most important to you. Whether it’s job opportunities? How close are you to your family? Or is it the price? How far away is the new place from where you already live? Will you need moving and storage from Are you Planning a home for retirement? Or is it for your family to grow and you want to live in this house for a very long time. Whatever it is, you need to think carefully about your decision.


Urban vs Suburb vs Rural

The area you choose will have a significant impact on the kind of life you lead. Is there a community? Do you want a community? Can you walk to local amenities? Do you want or need to be able to do this or are you happy driving? Do you need a good local school? Do you want to be close to entertainment options and healthcare services? 


Safety Concerns

Houses in areas with a high crime rate are usually much cheaper. But, how cheap does a home need to be for you to be at potential risk of becoming a victim of a crime? 


The Neighborhood

Even in small towns, different neighbourhoods can be different and have entirely different characteristics. You need to choose an area where you feel comfortable in, and you probably want to live near the places you regularly visit, like where you work or where you shop. 


School Districts

Even if you don’t have any children yourself, considering the quality of the local schools will have an impact on the value of your home in the future. Parents will often pay more to live in an area close to excellent schools.



Commuting to work can be very tiring and not only that, but when moving,  you need to consider the likelihood of any changes to your circumstances at work. Does the area you are looking at have potential job opportunities in your industry? 


Leisure Activities

What do you and your family like to do? If you enjoy going out to restaurants, the cinema, or enjoy doing water sport activities, buying a home with some nearby leisure activities would be an excellent idea.

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How To Rent With Pets

Finding a new home to rent is stressful enough, but for pet owners, it can be even more of a challenge. Many landlords don’t allow pets, so finding somewhere for you and your fur babies to live is often difficult. 

Image from Pixabay


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Many landlords have a different idea of what ‘pet’ means so even if a listing says no pets, it can be worth asking the question anyway. Many landlords mean no cats or dogs, but would have no issue with a pet like a gerbil or a budgie. If you are a cat or dog owner, ask anyway and offer to provide a reference from your current landlord or to pay a larger deposit in case of damage caused by the pet. You may be surprised by how many landlords are willing to compromise. 


Look around for pet friendly rentals. Using resources like this local report from ABODO to find pricing for pet-friendly rentals can be a huge help. Be prepared to provide information about your pet’s health and behavior. Knowing you have a well-trained small Yorkshire Terrier with up to date vaccinations, for example, may put your letting agent at ease when they’re picturing a huge, unruly Great Dane. 

Image from Pixabay


Take Precautions

If you’ve found a pet friendly rental, make sure you set up any needed precautions to minimise possible pet damage. You may need this landlord in the future for a pet reference so make sure you take the care required. This might be covering up carpets in an area where the pet will regularly be kept, or adding baby gates to keep pets out of any banned parts of the house. 


If the landlord leaves any furniture, move out of pet reach if you’re concerned about scratching so it’s only your belongings that take the hit. 

Image from Pixabay


Make Any Repairs

If your pet does cause any damage, deal with it yourself as soon as possible. This could be as simple as repainting a wall before you move out, or as major as offering to cover the costs of things like carpet replacement if there’s been more serious damage. Being honest and immediately explaining how you’re going to fix it is likely to go down much better with your landlord than if you’ve tried to cover it up, or move out without mentioning your furry friend tore up the living room carpet. 


Where possible, make sure your pet is properly trained. Teach your cat to use a scratching post, and not the wall. Make sure your dog knows if it isn’t allowed upstairs, and make sure any indoor pet is properly house-trained. 

Image from Pixabay


While it’s always going to be more difficult, finding a suitable rental for you and the furry members of the family isn’t impossible. Persevere, keep looking and keep asking questions until you find the right landlord or letting agent. When you find them, treat their property with respect so they keep allowing pet owners to live there, and give you a good reference to help you find your next home.

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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Debt Lawyer if a Creditor Sues You

In early 2019, the credit card balance that Americans carry from month to month rose to $423.8 billion. Many Americans get in a bind and use their credit cards to pay for everyday expenses including their electric bills, clothes and other essentials.

One wrong move and the house of cards can come tumbling down. Many Americans use the risky move of paying one credit card payment with another credit card. One of the major dangers of paying a credit card payment with another credit card is that the principle on the card never decreases and the debt continues to mount.

Many credit card companies will not allow debtors to pay their credit card payment with another credit card. If you’ve got into debt and creditors are suing you, you may feel stuck and worried without a clue what to do. Continue reading this article to learn the five reasons you should hire a debt collection attorney.

Must-Know Information Regarding Debt Collection Attorneys

If you’ve been looking over websites like, you may be wondering if there are benefits to hiring a debt lawyer.

Can’t you just deal with the problem on your own instead of incurring fees from an attorney? The following information will help you understand the benefits so you can make a decision about what is right for you.

1. Deal with the Problem Quickly

Depending on the state that you live in, you may only have a few days to reply to a lawsuit. When you view the lawsuit, you’ll be able to see how much time you have to reply.

If you ignore it and don’t respond to the lawsuit, the court is likely to put a judgment against you. Contacting an attorney will allow you to get started on your case quickly while you go about your life as normal taking care of your family and working your job.

Many attorneys allow you to come in for a free consultation to make sure they are able to help you with their case.

2. No Second Guessing Your Decisions

When you’re getting letters from attorneys and being serviced with papers, it can be extremely scary. You may also be second-guessing every decision that you make. When you work with a debt attorney, you don’t have to make your decisions based on your limited knowledge.

When you work with a qualified attorney, you’ll be able to consult with them and take advice from someone that knows the laws of your area in and out.

Make sure you hire a reputable attorney to get the best results — more on that later.

3. Possibility to Pay Less Than You Owe

You might be thinking that working with an attorney is just going to be another bill that you have to carry. While attorneys do charge you to take care of your case, that doesn’t mean it will cost you more to work with them.

If you have a valid defense against the creditor like unfair collection practices or some other infraction against the law, you are likely to come out paying less than you would without an attorney.

You must be totally open and honest with the attorney to make sure they understand your case fully before they take it on. If they believe they can help you and still get a good payday out of the case, they will take your case on.

4. Get Your Credit Back on Track

The sooner you start taking care of your debt, the sooner you’ll be able to get your credit on track. Bankruptcy, judgments, liens, late payments, high credit card utilization and other similar marks on your credit make you look like an undesirable debtor.

The sooner you start working with an attorney on your case, the sooner you’ll be able to start getting your credit back on track. Even if your credit shows that you got into some trouble, it is going to be better for you if it shows that you’ve taken care of your debt.

5. Avoid Monthly Debt Settlement Company Fees

When you start struggling with debt, you are likely to come across debt settlement companies that claim they can help you get out of trouble. Most of these companies claim they will be able to negotiate with your creditors to get them to take less money than you owe them.

The only problem is that the debt settlement company has no true power to make these creditors do anything. You may work with these settlement companies and never get the results that you want.

These companies are not held to high standards like attorneys are which could mean that you find yourself working with less than desirable companies.

If you work with a debt settlement company, most of these companies will advise you to pay them instead of your creditors as you work with them. If you do this, you will notice that your credit score begins to suffer more and more.

You’ll be told to save your money to a recommended amount to offer a lump sum to these creditors. Since the sum is less than you owe, the settlement company say this is the value they offer to you. In truth, you could negotiate your own settlement while still paying your creditors, in most cases.

Attorneys will not charge you monthly fees in hopes they will be able to negotiate with your creditors to allow you to pay less money than you owe. They will use the law to help you get out of trouble.

How to Find a Good Debt Collection Attorney

You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your case. You need to make sure the person that you’re dealing with is a reputable attorney. There are some things you can do to make sure the attorney of your choice is one that gets good results and is trustworthy.

Start Out the Old-Fashioned Way

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways to get things done. Speak to your friends and family as well as any professionals that you know and ask them for a referral.

Who have they worked with or do they at least know of someone that has worked with a debt collection attorney? Knowing someone that has personal experience with this attorney will allow you to rest easy that you’re making a good decision.

You may not know anyone that can give you a referral in your area. If that is the case then you should follow the tips below.

Researching Attorneys

Since you don’t know anyone that has experience with an attorney, you need to do some research.

Look at online review sites to see what people are saying about different attorneys. Don’t just go with the first attorney that you find. Set up meetings with at least a couple of attorneys.

When you get to your meeting with the attorney, have a list of questions to ask them so you can get a feel of which person is going to be your best bet. Some of the questions you should ask are as follows:

  • How many cases like mine have you worked on?
  • How long do you foresee this case taking?
  • What means of communication should I expect?
  • Do you do case negotiation yourself or give it to a paralegal to do?

Once you ask these questions, you can get an idea of how they would work with you and which options sound like the best for you. If you don’t want an update every time something changes with your case, it might not be a deal breaker if they don’t update you all of the time. Some people want to know every step of the way and in their case, it would be a deal breaker.

After you find an attorney that you think would be a good option, ask them for references from their previous clients. You don’t want to only read reviews from their site but you want to speak with a real person on the phone to hear about their experience.

Now you know how to choose a great attorney and how they can help you with your debt challenge and it is time to get it taken care of.

Keep Your Family Together After Debt Challenges

It’s no secret that financial problems can tear a family apart. The stress of creditors calling, liens and garnishments can cause stress and frustration with even the strongest couples.

Having a debt collection attorney to help you through the process is helpful but you might need further help. We understand what it is like to go through this scary time.

Read through our other blog posts today for helpful tools and products for your family as you’re recovering from debt.

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