All By Yourself; Don’t Wanna Be All By Yourself (Through Injury)

When you receive an injury, you do so alone. You’re the one who has to live through the moment, deal with the pain, and attend the endless hospital appointments. Other people may want to support you, but they just don’t understand what you’re going through. This can be so frustrating that you may choose to isolate yourself. You’re in this alone anyway, right?


But, facing injury alone could be about the worst thing for your recovery. Your loved ones are only trying to help. It’s no one’s fault that you were alone when this terrible thing happened. But, if you remain isolated through your experience, you only have yourself to blame. If you still aren’t convinced to let people in, keep reading to find out how isolation can worsen your injury.

You won’t get the help you need

Refusing to let anyone in means you won’t get the help you need. On a fundamental level, this means that you won’t have a helping hand around the house. You’ll have to get your own meals and make your own way to the bathroom. None of which is easy. Shutting everyone out also means you won’t get the professional help you need. Refusing to speak to a doctor could see them unable to offer you the best treatment. Not contacting a personal injury lawyer soon enough could see you unable to gain compensation for what’s happened. All because you were too stubborn about coping alone.

You might not spot changes

Having people around during recovery is also essential for spotting changes. A change for the worse could mean you need immediate medical attention. A change for the better is a sign that you’re doing something right. But, like children we see every day, you may fail to spot differences in your injury. You’re looking at it all the time, after all. By comparison, a friend who comes round once a day will be able to see straight away how things are going either way. That alone could save your life.

Your mental health will suffer

Isolation is also terrible news for mental health. In case you didn’t know, mental struggles can have an enormous impact on recovery. Even a negative outlook can severely extend the time you spend out of action. Something such as depression can also impact your quality of sleep. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that sleepless nights will also hinder your body’s chance to heal. In short; isolation is terrible news from every mental angle you could consider.


The answer?

So, that’s why shouldn’t isolate yourself right now. The question is, how do you let other people in? The good news is, there’s a simple answer. All you need to do is talk to people. They can’t know exactly what you’re going through, but hearing about your experience can help. Ask a friend around sometimes. Pick someone to attend hospital visits with you. Before you know it, you’ll get your life back on track this way.


BODYARMOR Sports Drinks

My husband and I recently started playing on a kickball team. During our first game last Wednesday I realized we are not as young as we used to be. We were both experiencing muscle cramping during and after the game. That’s when I told my husband we need to start doing some research on sports drinks will keep us hydrated out on the field, something with several electrolytes and something to help prevent cramping.

After doing some research, we found that BODYARMOR has everything we were looking for in a sports drink. From now on BODYARMOR is the only sports drink I will recommend. In addition to having several flavors to choose from, here are a few more things that really caught my attention and love about this sports drink.


  • First of all, they have three lines of drinks to choose from:




  • It is safe for our boys to drink

BODYARMOR is made with natural ingredients, naturally sweetened, natural flavors and nothing artificial. There is no caffeine and it is gluten-free – this gives me peace of mind because my boys always like to share my drinks with me and I know they are not drinking a sports drink full of sugar with no nutrients.

  • Potassium instead of Sodium

This is a fun fact I didn’t know, potassium prevents cramping due to its role in nerve function and muscle control. Most traditional sports drinks use sodium as their key electrolyte, BODYARMOR uses potassium as a key ingredient. I really appreciate they using potassium instead of Sodium. We get enough sodium in the food we eat every day already. We don’t need any more in our sports drinks. This has made me more aware of our drink ingredients and will start checking them from now on.

  • BODYARMOR Ingredients

It has more electrolytes than other sports drinks! BODYARMOR is higher in vitamins and potassium but low in sodium with some coconut water in it. BODYARMOR has no colors or flavors from artificial sources, it is naturally sweetened with pure cane sugar and coconut water. Each flavor is loaded with Vitamins A, B complex, C & E, Electrolytes and amino acids.

  • Packed with Electrolytes

Electrolytes help maintain fluid balance, especially after a tough workout. When you sweat you lose water and electrolytes, which is why it so important to stay hydrated. Another bonus to having several electrolytes in this sports drink is, electrolytes help with muscle contraction, nerve signaling, bone health and prevent muscle cramping. Which is exactly what we need!

Health Warning Signs And Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

When it comes to your health, you cannot afford to take any risks. Whilst most symptoms do not indicate anything serious, it is better to be safe rather than sorry, right? Unfortunately, a lot of health conditions can be associated with one thing: stress! If you know how to look out for the warning signs of stress, you can go a long way to ensuring you do not suffer from anything worse. With that in mind, continue reading for more information on the different health warning signs and symptoms associated with stress.


Stress is the feeling a person experiences when faced with situations that are either threatening or unfavorable. You may be shocked, but a small degree of stress is actually considered to be good and healthy. However, stress levels should not be allowed to rise past a certain level. Too much stress is to blame for most, if not all, chronic health conditions known to man. You can head to for some more information about some of the most chronic health conditions and how to treat them. Conditions linked to stress include migraine headaches, heart diseases, strokes, and high blood pressure.


How do you react to stress?


People respond to stress in different fashions. However, there are certain stress symptoms that are evident in almost everyone suffering from stress. People suffering from stress are highly irritable. During stress, the body sends out what is commonly known as a stress response. This response is the body’s way of protecting the person against stress.


The main stress symptoms include muscle tension, erratic sleeping patterns, serious headaches, poor sleeping patterns, and high irritability levels. Erratic sleeping patterns result when the brain is troubled. Unmanaged insomnia can have big side effects as you struggle to function properly during the day because of lack of sleep. Irritability is manifested when a person loses their temper easily and goes about picking a fight with almost everybody around him or her. This is because the person’s stress has taken over. Their anger and frustration stem from this, yet they express it by blowing up over something seemingly meaningless.


Muscle tension is yet another symptom experienced by people suffering from stress. These people often complain of back or neck pain. Head to for more information on neck pain. Experts argue that this pain might be arising due to restricted blood flow to the affected parts. This can be remedied by the person taking deep breaths and doing exercises to stretch the muscles. Stress is also known to cause a build-up of stress hormones in the brain, which can lead to migraine headaches. Regular migraine headaches may be indications that a person is suffering from stress. Over-the-counter pain medication can be taken to remedy this situation.


So there you have it: an impact into the effect that stress has on our bodies, as well as the different symptoms you should look out for. It is important to look out for these warning signs and symptoms because they can often manifest into something a lot worse.

You Might Want To Get These Symptoms Checked Out

More often than not, it’s perfectly fine to not worry about a symptom or body issue that appears for a couple of days. It’s normal to feel under the weather every now and then and, thankfully, most symptoms will disappear on their own after a day or two. But what if one symptom seems to persist? Sometimes, it could be worth getting something checked out if it has been bothering you for a few weeks, even if it does seem to be only a mild issue. After all, it could be a sign that you have a more serious underlying issue developing!


Here are some symptoms that you should get examined by a doctor, just to be on the safe side.


A Persistent Cough


We can all suffer from a tickly cough from time to time. Usually, it’s a sign that we are coming down with a cold. But most coughs will clear themselves up after a few days. However, if you have had your cough for more than a couple of weeks, it’s definitely time to consult a doctor. They will examine you and make sure you don’t have a respiratory condition that needs treating. If you have been in contact with asbestos ever, you might even need to contact a solicitor like, as your cough could be a sign of mesothelioma. If this is the case, you will be entitled to some compensation.


A Sudden Loss In Weight


Any change to your weight that occurs even when you haven’t changed your diet or exercise routine is something that you need to be concerned with, especially if you are losing weight. There are a variety of health conditions that this could be linked to. One of the most likely causes is an issue with your thyroid. However, as you can see at, it can also be a symptom of more serious illnesses, such as cancers and dangerous viral infections.


Chest Pain


If you ever experience any chest pains, it is essential that you are checked out by a medical professional as soon as you can. This could be a sign of a heart condition. If the pains are extreme, it could be a sign that you are about to have a heart attack. If the pains appear along with numbness or pins and needles in your left arm, you need to call for an ambulance straight away.


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A Change In Your Toilet Habits


Most people are regular when it comes to going to the toilet to do their business. In fact, some people might be like clockwork! So, a change in your toilet habits can show that something is wrong with your digestive system or bowels. It will be necessary to go to your doctor about this to rule out anything serious. He or she will be able to advise you on how you can get regular again if there is no underlying condition!


Fingers crossed you never experience these symptoms for too long.

What To Do When You’re Not In Tip Top Shape

Life can get hard when you’re just not in the best shape that you can possibly be. Not only that, but it can get really stressful! But, in all fairness, to be in tip-top shape, you do have to put a lot of commitment into your body. We have to eat right, drink right, exercise the right amount, and give ourselves that little bit of leeway with treats every so often. But, if you’re not in your best shape right now, we know that it’s going to be getting you down because the reason for it might not even be your fault! It could be something that has happened to you to cause your health to slip just a little bit. Either way, we want to try and get you to the best position possible with your health, and here’s how we think you can do just that.

Image Source


If You’re Injured


If your problem is that you’re injured, then the chances of this disrupting your life are huge. The disruption to your life could really hinder your chances of getting better quickly, so let’s think about what you can do. First of all, what caused the injury? If it was a car accident that wasn’t your fault, or perhaps you had a fall at work, or even out in public. If it was any of these, then you should try your chances with a claim. You can easily get help for your personal injury case, and the money that you could win from the case would be more than worth it. If you’ve had to take a few weeks of work, then this is definitely something you should consider because you’re just never going to be able to get the money back. Take your time to rest, recover, and slowly ease yourself back into daily life, rather than rushing into it all at once.


If You’re Sick


If you’re ill, then life can just seem like the most tedious task in the world. You wake up with a head full of cold, your throat is hurting and you barely have enough energy to try and face the day. Or even worse, you’re actually throwing up, and you just feel as though it’ll all never end. If you want to get back into tip-top shape, then focus on healing your body with healthy foods, lemon, and honey water drinks, and resting up. People physically exhaust their bodies because they try and do too much when rest really is the best medicine.


If You’re Just Treating Your Body Badly


If you’re treating your body badly, then what do you expect? If you drink all of the time, smoke, and have a poor diet, then you’re obviously going to feel the effects. What you need to try and do is treat your body like a temple. Take yoga classes, eat plenty of greens and fresh fruit, and exercise regularly. In fact, if you want a good diet to follow that should keep you in tip-top shape, think about following one like the paleo diet.

Our Choice Matter Review

As a mother of two lovely boys born by C-section, I would like to discuss a non-opioid pain-relieving option related specifically to C-section surgery. To begin I feel it is important to share my experience. When I turned 26 years old I found out I was pregnant. Both the doctors and I thought I was unable to have children due to a childhood accident. However, due to our surprise, my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful little boy. Before he came along, my pregnancy went as smooth as possible. I felt little to no pain or suffered from morning sickness during the entire pregnancy. In fact, I continued to work until a few days before my due date.

On November 11 my day started like any other day. My husband was getting dressed for work as I was preparing breakfast for the both of us. When we were done eating, he headed off to work and I started on the household chores. I knew the baby would be here any minute and I wanted to knock out some of the minor chores around the house. While washing our never-ending laundry, I began having regular contractions. I sat down for a few minutes to take a breather and the contractions just kept coming. I decided I would call my husband so we could go to the hospital. Once we arrived at the hospital they evaluated me and decided I was going to be admitted. They started monitoring my contractions and noticed baby’s heartbeat kept dropping. My doctor notified us if this continued, we would be forced to do a C-section for the baby’s safety. Unfortunately, baby’s heartbeat dropped again, so they called to schedule a C-section and had me in the surgery room within an hour. As a new mother, I didn’t know what to expect, all I knew was I wanted to do everything I possibly could to keep my baby safe.

Once we were done with the procedure, my doctor informed the reason for the unplanned C-section was due to baby’s umbilical cord being wrapped around his neck. This was causing his heartbeat to drop. Thankfully, I gave birth to a healthy 8lb 8oz baby. Once I was rolled to my room they informed me, if I was in pain just push the button for more pain meds.  As a new mother, I never considered other options to relieve my pain.  The pain after the C-section was so unbearable all I could focus on was how to relieve my pain. The only pain reliever that was offered to me was opioids. Now that I look back on it, I remember spending the first few days of my son’s life being super groggy due to the opioids. I decided to breastfeed my son, so I tried my best to stay away from the pain medications.

Today, I would like to inform you that there are non-opioid options to relieve pain. These options were never presented to me but I encourage you to take a look at the Choices Matter campaign and visit See if it is something you would be interested in. A few of the leading concerns surrounding opioids and childbirth are impact on breastfeeding, side effects, and fear over the risk of dependence or addiction. In a study, 44% of C-section mothers were not completely satisfied with how their pain was managed during birth. It is very important to discuss pain management options with your doctor long before your surgery date. There are treatment choices to consider before and after surgery that can impact the medications used, for example, opioid versus non-opioids, and for how long they’re needed. The trend is to use non-opioid medications at the start of treatment to limit, or completely eliminate, your need for opioids, which may be associated with unwanted side effects that can impact the recovery process. Thankfully, I was able to discontinue the opioids in a timely manner but unfortunately, that’s not the case for some.



Avoiding The Most Common Pain Management Mistakes


Dealing with physical pain is something we will all have to go through at some point in our lives. For some people, it may mean dealing with a bad headache now and again. For others, though, pain management is part of their daily existence. Not matter what applies to you, it is important to know how to deal with pain in an effective and safe manner. With that in mind, read on to discover more about the most common pain management mistakes so that you can avoid them.


Forgetting to take your medication – There is only one place to begin, and this is with failing to take your medication. After all, it is easily done! However, if you do not take your medication as you should, you can easily experience problems with pain. You can find more advice on this at There are a number of different approaches you can use to make sure you do not forget your medication. Why not set up an alarm on your mobile phone, for example?


Not seeing your pain treatment plan through – Yes, it can be incredibly frustrating when your pain treatment plan is not showing immediate results. Nevertheless, it is of huge importance that you see this through. This is especially the case if you are following a combination of dietary changes, exercise, physical therapy, and pain medication. It can take time for all of this to have the desired impact, so you do need to be patient. It will take willpower, but it will be worth it.


Failing to look into natural remedies  – You don’t always need to go for prescribed medicine when it comes to managing pain. Of course, this does not mean you should try something dangerous and unproven. However, there are lots of natural and herbal treatments that are well worth considering. You can head to for more information on this. A lot of people find that such treatments are more suitable for them and their body.


Skipping your doctor visits – Last but not least, one of the worst things you can do is skip your visits to the doctor. Even if you do decide to embrace natural methods, it is vital that you keep up your trips to the doctor to make sure that the pain is not related to anything that requires emergency treatment, for example, an infection or cancer. Plus, your doctor will be able to give you further advice on the herbal remedies you are taking.


As you can see, there are a number of different pain management mistakes that people make today. If you can avoid the errors that have been discussed above, you can ensure you deal with pain in an efficient and effective manner, enabling you to get on with your life.

Health Professionals to Check In With Regularly

Image Source


No matter how busy your personal schedule may be, it’s extremely important that you prioritize your health and schedule routine appointments with various health professionals in order to assure yourself that your body is functioning as it should. Here are just a few professionals you should consult on a regular basis!


A Doctor


The majority of us only ever visit our doctor when we are experiencing symptoms of illness or significant problems with our overall health and wellbeing. But you can visit for a general health check too! This will involve having your BMI worked out (to check that you are a healthy weight) and having blood taken for routine examinations. If your weight is deemed unhealthy, a doctor will then be able to advise you of parts of your lifestyle that can be changed for positive improvement. This kind of check can put your mind at rest. They’re essentially an MOT for your body and will ensure that everything is working and in good nick.


An Audiologist


Believe it or not, hearing loss affects a large percentage of the population at some point or another. What’s more? Its effects aren’t limited to the elderly. Individuals of any age can experience problems with their auditory health. Changes can be temporary or permanent and they can also take place suddenly or over a gradual period of time. Regardless of the way that hearing loss begins to creep into your life, it’s important to remember that it can ultimately have profoundly detrimental effects on your day to day routine, so you do need to monitor your hearing carefully. Sometimes changes may not be immediately apparent to you. But there are signs that you can look out for. Common symptoms of auditory loss include having the volume turned up too high on devices and not realising until someone with good hearing points it out, misunderstanding what others are saying to you, asking people to repeat themselves regularly, or having to concentrate and focus intensely on what people are saying in order to gather the information that they are putting across. If you do begin to experience any of these symptoms, however, don’t despair. There are plenty of brilliant developments taking place in the field of auditory health. You can learn more about the options available to you here!


A Dentist and a Hygienist


When it comes to dental care and hygiene, you only need to routine two appointments on annual basis – one with your dentist and one with your hygienist. This, for the most part, will consist of your dentist poking around your mouth and giving you the all clear, and the hygienist giving you a quick scale and polish. However, if problems are identified, these professionals will be able to rectify them with relatively quick and completely painless procedures!


These are just a few health care professionals you should make time for in your routine. But they are perhaps the most important! So, schedule your next appointments as soon as possible for the sake of your health and wellbeing!

Three Ways Instagram can Improve Your Fitness Regimen

Three Ways Instagram can Improve Your Fitness Regimen


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. There are millions of active users and it’s really easy to connect with so many people around the world. Many people love Instagram because it’s a playground for beauty and fashion. However, it’s also the perfect place to learn more about different subjects like fitness. Consider the three ways Instagram can really help you improve your fitness regimen.

1. Exposure to Different Workouts and Trainers

There are many people who are incredibly passionate about health and fitness. As a result, they’ve created amazing platforms on Instagram. They share their fitness routine and seem to live in the gym. In order to build their credibility, they share lots of tips and tricks in order to help people improve their bodies. Many fitness influencers specialize in specific fitness goals. Right now, the trend is leaning toward a big butt. So, there are plenty of fitness gurus focus on teaching women how to strengthen and build their glutes.

2. Meal Prep Ideas

Whether you’re a vegan, pescatarian or meat-eater, there are so many accounts that speak to any diet. Many people have hopped on the ketogenic diet bandwagon. Others want to focus on a gluten-free diet. So many meal prep accounts focus specifically on how to prepare certain dishes. They include a breakdown of information such as macronutrients and a caloric breakdown. When you’re able to see someone else demonstrate the simplicity of putting together healthy meals, it gives you a chance to become inspired to try it. Instagram also has a bookmark feature that allows you to save all of the meal prep posts that you want to try.

3. Body Inspiration

So many people with different body types are on Instagram. While it is inspiring to see people with six-pack abs and perfect curves, it’s even more inspiring to see people who have achieved the specific goals that you desire. Not everyone desires defined abs or a chiseled back. Some people just want to experience the benefits of squats with larger glutes. Others want to have more endurance in order to get through CrossFit workouts.

While it’s amazing to be inspired and learn so much from fitness influencers on Instagram, it’s also important to determine the real from the fake. There are influencers that choose to be inauthentic and promote false advertising. Look past the tea detox ads and the Brazilian butt lifts before purchasing anything from any fitness guru. Look for gurus who have achieved their results with honesty and integrity.

Loved ones health concerns

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with the American Heart Association; all opinions are entirely my own.

Dealing with someone who has had a heart attack or stroke can take a toll on people. It took a toll on my family and me when my father had a stroke and was put in the hospital and then through rehab. It can be difficult and stressful times to completely understand what is going on, or what happened to someone who has had a heart attack or a stroke. If you or someone you know is going through this please understand you are not alone. The American Heart Association Support Network offers a life-long connection to help and to be a shoulder to cry on.

Shot of a young family lying on the grass in the park

The Support Network has 117k members. That is 117k people that share your experiences and from e\who you can get advice. You will be able to get engaged with other people and find the help and encouragement you need for these hard times.  Joining the Support Network is not hard at all. It is a great place to see the personal experiences of people dealing with the same health problems and what worked best for them. You can also get questions answered professionally. Choose to help yourself live a longer healthier life by doing research and asking questions you have about your health on the Support Network. Signing up is free and this is something you do not want to miss out on. If you ever feel alone, you can find someone to have a conversation with about your condition or find someone who may need your help.

When you or someone you know is going through an emotional time it is always better to have someone who you can talk to and trust about your problems. The Support Network can help reduce depression by having more people to talk to. Having support can even help improve your quality of life. There are no membership fees or anything. Join today and let me know how much they have helped your life!

Performing As Counsel In The Competitive World

Ever since there has been civilization, leaders of all kinds have needed professional counsels to aid them in their endeavors. From the early empires of Alexander the Great and Rome to the modern day giant global economic powerhouses like the UK and Japan, consultants have been in rich supply. Nowadays in politics, they are called special advisors but in all inner circles, whether they be in politics, sports, business or armed forces, there are consultants that play the role of close counsel. These figures are far from mysterious as they are sometimes portrayed in drama shows. They are in fact just very, very good at what they do. They are experts in their chosen field, intimately knowledgeable and run their eye through an issue like a fine-toothed comb. Becoming such a trusted member of a very senior counsel in a company is a very lucrative attraction. But to be a part of an inner circle in business means you need to walk the walk and talk the talk.


A deeper analysis


You may be scouring the web trying to figure out the difference between an advisor and a consultant. To make things easy for you, the simplest explanation or comparison can be that an advisor is someone whose role it is to foreshadow and predict what might happen in the future. They help leaders in business plan out their decisions. A consultant plays a deeper role whereby they examine in finer detail what the current options are for a business. Usually, a consultant is a specialist in a particular subject area such as consumer relationships. While an advisor may paint you a picture of the landscape and what your competitors are doing, a consultant will look at the flaws in your own business such as structure, inefficiencies, and processes. Companies use many advisors to get a full-scale model of what is going on outside their business and give them options to plan for any events that may affect them sooner or later. Consultants, however, are usually contracted to come in and provide their services and vastly improve certain areas of the business that are failing or lacking in some way.


The crystal ball


Business leaders are always jittery, and wouldn’t you be if your name was on the line constantly? Kind of like keeping a finger on the pulse, businesses never ever want to lose the connection they have with consumers. The psychological connection is very difficult to establish and then even to maintain it. What are consumers thinking, why are they attracted to this but not this and why does it swap every month or so etc. These questions sound frantic but actually, they are little pieces of the puzzle that constantly need gluing together to form an accurate picture of what the business should be aiming for. An online masters degree in psychology specifically consumer behavior, would get you one step closer to becoming a consultant. Especially in this day and age, social media, marketing, and research are all areas that businesses are keen on becoming experts in. consultants that specialize in these subjects have a bright future ahead of them as leaders need these voids to be filled with reliable trustworthy voices.


An inner circle


At the top of the achievement list for any consultant is being included in an inner circle. Preferably this would be in an extremely successful and powerful corporation that has a worldwide presence. And even more preferably the consultancy would be a permanent position. What goes on in the inner circles of the world’s top businesses is a thing of mystery almost every single one of us. We all know that this is where the most important decisions are made but what the circle looks like, in terms of structure, people and process is again, subject to speculation. However, as a consultant that specializes in a key area, it’s your job to remain up-to-date with the latest of the latest in that field. Leaders may call you to their office at the drop of a hat, to get your take on a particular issue. They may command from you a report of great detail and ask you to plan out an important part of a restructuring or expansion. It’s a great honor and very well-paid role to be a consultant in a top 100 company.


Performing as the counsel of the big beasts in the competitive world of trade and business is an amazing and life-changing opportunity. Your responsibilities will be vast but ultimately concentrated. Unlike advisors which give a broad but thorough analysis of the industry and consumer landscape, a consultant will be a specialist in certain sectors of the industry and their knowledge second to none.


Surprising Health Benefits of Water

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Water

Everybody knows that water is good for you. Staying hydrated is essential to keeping your mind and body functioning healthily, and there are a host of specific benefits that you can enjoy from water, too. According to HealthLine, the average person should drink eight glasses of water a day. This can be difficult, though, if you are living in an area where there is a drought and access to water is limited. Initiatives such as the Cadiz Water Project Twitter are dedicated to combatting this problem. What happens when you drink the recommended amount of water?

There are a number of surprising health benefits that you can enjoy when you drink water regularly and take care of your health. Consider the following ways that hydration can improve your health and well-being, and consider, too, how important access to water is to your everyday life.

Improve Skin, Hair, and Nails

You may not have thought that drinking water would serve your vanity, but it is one of the most powerful resources you have for improving the appearance of your hair, nails, and skin. Many of the problems that you see in your appearances such as brittle hair or nails and dull-looking skin are caused by toxins that need to be flushed out of your system. Hydrating yourself is the most effective and immediate way to do this, so when you drink water, you are beautifying yourself, too. This does not just help your appearance—it also helps your health.

Make Migraines Less Common

According to the Migraine Trust, about one in seven people suffer from migraines, which makes it the third most common ailment worldwide. Did you know that many people get migraines as a result of dehydration? This is because the cells in your brain sometimes contract and expand depending on how hydrated they are, and when they are dehydrated, they contract and inflict pain on the individual. You might visit the doctor and try various medications to try and be rid of migraines, but perhaps drinking some water is really what your body needs. Doing so could prevent migraines altogether.

Boost Your Energy Levels

Drinking an adequate amount of water can also help you boost your energy levels. This is due to the same effect that causes migraines. As the cells in your brain shrink due to dehydration, you lost the ability to focus and stay energized. Conversely, as you drink water and the cells throughout your body become hydrated, your energy levels will be lifted as your body’s water volume is restored. Resources such as the Cadiz Water Project twitter offer further insight into some of the ways water benefits people. These benefits cannot be realized, though, without consistent access to water.

Prevent Many Health Problems

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, water can serve to prevent a number of health problems that can have a serious impact on people. Studies have shown that regular hydration can minimize your chances of contracting diabetes or developing kidney stones. People who stay hydrated are also less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases and experience reproductive failures. In short, staying hydrated is the key to good health, and it is important to drink water regularly throughout the day for the sake of your wellbeing. It is even more important to ensure that you have access to the water you need.

There are many other benefits of drinking water, too, that will convince you to drink your daily glasses. Stay hydrated if you want to be well, and be aware of factors that could jeopardize your access to water if you want to retain your access. Keep these benefits in mind the next time you grab for a can of soda and choose water instead.

When Health Transforms Your Home

Even with a healthy lifestyle, you can never avoid an accident. Whether you find yourself losing your balance while learning to ski or simply tripping down the stairs, accidents can happen to anybody and especially when you least expect it. As a result, you might find that you need to take some time off to recover your health. Depending on the severity of your injury, you might even have to consider new work arrangements, or temporary solutions until your body has recovered. And, of course, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you might also be able to claim compensation, which can be helpful when sorting out your post-injury life. However, there’s one thing you need to sort out in priority, and it’s your home! Recovery times can be challenging, so you need to ensure your home is equipped to help you through it.


Do you need new furniture? Be creative

You often need to look for temporary solutions with your furniture when you’ve had an accident that affects your mobility. An overbed table, for instance, is a common choice for people who are bedridden for a prolonged period. If you’re worried about what to do with your new furniture and how to integrate it into your home, you can check the creative recommendations from Integrant. You can add unique features such as drawers, LED light or even add an accessory kit with a cupholder. In short, don’t feel you’re limited in your choices of medical accessory!  

Don’t let health affect your mobility


Your home moves with and for you

Injuries that require lengthy recovery times can dramatically reduce your mobility. A hip injury, for instance, makes it difficult for people to take a shower or climb up and down the stairs. So, if you want to stay at home, you’ll have to look for ways to make your decor mobility-friendly. You can use additional ramps in the shower and next to the toilet to help you stand or sit safely. Additionally, you can add a wheelchair ramp for your stairs.


Why should you do the hard work yourself?

There’s no reason for you to go all DIY on the necessary modifications. You can organize improvement works and renovations with a professional while you’re still recovering in a hospital bed, for instance. Additionally, if you need to change your furniture, you can also sort this out with a moving company to pack and store mobility-unfriendly items and bring new health equipment. Ultimately, the secret to a smooth recovery transfer from the hospital to your home is to plan ahead!


A decor that makes you smile

Last, but not least, when you’re stuck at home all day and need to navigate through a re-arranged living room or bedroom, changing your decor can make a great deal of difference to your mood. A vibrant and happy color on the wall can help you feel more positive about your recovery and ultimately deal with your health with optimism. Most people wrongly ignore the potential of positivity in health recovery.


In short, when health forces you to stay at home, you can make sure that you make the necessary changes to help your recovery both physically and mentally. Problems of mobility and health-related depression can be addressed easily with smart home renovation tips!


Embarrassing Health Chat: The Discussions You Don’t Want To Have But Should

Everyone gets embarrassed at times. But I don’t think there can be anything worse than those embarrassing health issues that anyone of us can be faced with at some point in our lives. We tend to act a little sheepish. Avoid the doctors for as long as possible. Google as much as we can about quick fixes or trying to self-diagnose the problem so that you don’t actually have to say the words. Sound familiar? But while some of them can be very embarrassing to talk about, we also need to be very aware that in the majority of cases we should see and speak to our GP. In all fairness, they will have probably heard it or seen it all before. I wanted to highlight some of the discussions you don’t want to have, but should if you find yourself in this situation.

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Problems with your bladder or bowel


No one likes toilet chat, do they? There is something quite embarrassing about opening up to someone about your bowel movements or how often you urinate. So the best advice would be to know what is normal for you. If you do start to go to the toilet more frequently to urinate, then you may want to speak to professionals in urology to see whether there are any issues such as an overactive bladder. Bowel movements can be a little more tricky, so it is best to understand what might be normal and seek advice when you are unsure. It could be as simple as something that you are eating aggravating your body.


Gynecology issues


Another thing you can feel embarrassed about when it comes to your health is discussing issues regarding your womb, cervix, ovaries and Fallopian tubes. The problem is that you often can’t decipher whether there is something wrong until you have some form of investigation. A great tip is to consider changes with your menstrual cycle, as this could be an indicator that something isn’t right.


Trying to conceive


Along with issues with your womb, you may not notice problems until you actually start wanting to use this part of your body and try for a baby. Being aware of your cycles and your fertile days but still not having anything happening for a while could mean there are some issues with your fertility. While it can be disheartening, sometimes issues can be solved. It is not an ideal situation to be in or discussion you want to have, but it could help change your life.

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Struggling with your mental health


Your mental health is one of those things that we can avoid discussing as we try and avoid and cover up our feelings and thoughts. Anxiety can really affect how we live our lives and can even cause us to avoid certain things. Depression is also something that can really take over your life. Often it is do with your thoughts, your negative thinking and your outlook on life. However, communicating the issue can actually help you take positive steps in the right direction to help arm you with the tools you need to overcome how you feel.


Lumps and bumps where they shouldn’t be


Lumps can appear out of nowhere and in the first instance they can be quite alarming. We are all encouraged to regulatory check our bodies, and to know what is normal for us and what isn’t. So when a lump appears you may be wondering what it is or even fear the worse. While there is a possibility that it could be cancerous, you also need to consider that there are a variety of reasons a lump ca appear such as a swollen gland or an infection. Speaking to your doctor and having the chat can put your mind at ease.


Big chest


One female issue that can feel embarrassing to discuss is your chest area and a big problem many females can have is large breasts. Cosmetically, this might be something people desire, but the reality is, they can cause you may issue such as back pain. Speaking to your doctor can help you come up with solutions to this and in some cases, a reduction may be possible.




Finally, if we are coughing we are likely to see someone with a chest infection cure, if we feel unwell we are likely to get antibiotics to resolve any infection. However, there are infections in our body that we can choose to ignore because we feel they are embarrassing. Infections in our feet, glands, areas where we might sweat a lot. They can cause us to feel embarrassed but actually highlighting the issue will help your resolve it quicker than ignore it.


I hope that this has made you more aware of some of the health discussions you should be having.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

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Parkinson’s disease can seem like the end of the world for many people and families. It usually affects people 60 and older and the sadder part is that there is no cure.

What are some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease? Everyone should be aware of the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. Symptoms include resting tremors, loss of balance, the shakiness of your hands, and impact the way you do daily activities such as walking, talking, and thinking. Along with those symptoms, more than half of the people living with Parkinson’s disease will experience a much lesser-known aspect of this disease which is hallucinations and delusions. Hallucinations can cause people to see hear and experience things that are not real, or even there. Once the hallucinations become too bad some people will not be able to distinguish what is real and what is not. Delusions are incorrect beliefs not supported by evidence. In other words, believing something without any evidence to back it up. Such as someone trying to access their life savings or a lifelong spouse cheating. It can be difficult at times dealing with someone who has Parkinson’s disease.

Many people are often embarrassed about their delusions and hallucinations and therefore do not tell a specialist or their care partner about what they are experiencing, which in turn can make Parkinson’s disease hard to diagnose. There are many positive factors as to why someone should not be afraid to express what is happening to them to a specialist. The symptoms can worsen and your relationship with a person’s family and friends might get strained from the disease.

My mother ways on the same bandwagon of people who were scared to admit she had it. the first time my daughter and I noticed her hallucinations and delusions was when we went over on a Friday so she could spend some time with my daughter’s son, her great-grandson. My mom had a bat beside her bed and her front door. She kept insisting people were going to break into her house, however, she lived on the of the quietest neighborhoods i know. This was completely out of character for my mom because she had always been independent and never afraid of people. After that Friday is when we really noticed a change. She would randomly call me saying shes lost and doesn’t know where she is at. We soon had to put a tracker on her phone to make sure we knew where she was at all times. Sometimes it can be hard dealing with someone with Parkinson’s disease, however, if you push through the tough moments you can remember how wonderful of a person they are.

If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms you are not alone and you may be able to get help. Talk to a Parkinson’s specialist to learn more about available treatment options such as an FDA-approved medication indicated for the treatment of hallucinations and delusions associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Learn more about hallucinations and delusions associated with Parkinsons Disease.

Super Practical Reasons To Recover From Illnesses Naturally

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You don’t feel well? Here, take a tablet. It feels as if the answer to every health problem these days is to pop a pill. Whether it’s a terminal diagnosis or a headache, the average person turns to drugs for help and it’s wrong. Let’s get one thing straight – pills work and are effective. However, no one says you should avoid them completely. The key is to strike the perfect balance, and plenty of people aren’t hitting this goal in 2018. It’s as if temptation is impossible to resist in today’s culture. With that in mind, here are the practical reasons to recover naturally. Some of the following may come as a surprise.


The Bacterial War


Bacteria are living organisms. As a result, they can adapt and evolve, and they have been doing this under the radar for decades. Now, there is a real risk of overmedicating and self-medicating leading to bacterial immunity from antibiotics. Yep, even the strongest penicillin can struggle to kill off a common microorganism. What this means is that, in the future, if nothing changes, an infection may be life-threatening. Recovering without popping a pill means that your body will be able to fight back more efficiently and work with the drugs.


The War Against Drugs


When you hear the word “drugs,” there’s a good chance that you think of narcotics. The likes of heroin, crack, and cocaine is a scourge on society and need tackling. At least, that’s what previous presidents from Reagan to Bush thought. In truth, prescription pills such as oxycodone are ravaging the country at the moment. And, they are available over the counter and via a doctor’s office. The question “what is detox treatment for street drugs and prescription drugs?” is something people regularly ask now. Healing organically helps to avoid the temptation and resist the urge to use.


The PR Battle


In the past, people looked at alternative therapies the same way they did at flat-earthers. It was amazing that anyone could believe they worked, whereas now the evidence is in and it looks positive. Granted, drinking green tea may not be a miracle cure but it has its antibacterial benefits. Then, there are the treatments which tackle the mental as well as the physical. Acupuncture, as well as cupping, is excellent at relieving tension in the body. Once the mind is healthy, the body will follow suit as both are linked.


The Routine Development


Can we admit that pills don’t have a positive impact on lifestyle? If anything they are negative as they teach you to take shortcuts to solve problems. Natural remedies are different as they are hard work. It’s not easy to wake up every morning and hit the gym. However, if you want to keep the body fit and healthy, then it’s crucial you get your ass out of bed. Once you tweak areas of your life, other parts will inevitably get a boost too.


Drugs are the easy way out. Are you ready to work hard to save your well-being?

Niggling Health Issues To Take Notice Of

Our health is of the utmost importance. But why is that we tend to ignore certain aspects of our health? Many of us can let things carry on and allow niggling health problems to continue. Instead of finding a resolve and curing the problem. However, there are many niggling health problems that shouldn’t be overlooked. Which is why I thought I would share some of them with you today.



Back pain


When you struggle with back pain, it can be one of those things you just carry on with. You could blame it on a pulled muscle, or taking excessive exercise, or just feel like it is a niggling pain that has always been there. But back problems could be more severe than we realize. Sometimes you may even need surgery if a problem has gone untreated for some time. This is why it’s important to treat back pain before it turns into a big problem.




Headaches can be unpleasant for everyone. They can take us by surprise and stop us in our tracks. Headaches not only cause pain to our head but can also make you feel sick and affect your vision. If you find that you are experiencing severe headaches more often, then it might be worth getting checked out. Headaches can be caused simply by being dehydrated, but it could outline a more in-depth problem.


Unexpected weight loss


Weight loss is great when you have the intention of losing the weight. But it’s not so good when you lose weight unintentionally. This can be a big factor in your health. Increased weight loss can mean you have an overactive thyroid, amongst other causes. On the flip side gaining too much weight could also be affected by your thyroid. So it may be worth seeking advice and undergoing thyroid treatment to try and resolve the issue once and for all. Weight loss or weight gain can be also be caused for other reasons to go and seek some advice.




Alarm bells should be ringing if you find yourself with low energy and feeling tired. It is the biggest symptom of an iron deficiency, but it could also mean other health problems. If you find that there is no logical explanation for your tiredness, then head to the doctors.


Low mood


If you are feeling low and unhappy. Perhaps sad for no obvious reason. Then you may be struggling with depression. Low mood can range from being a mild case down to severe where you can’t function in your life. It’s crippling to suffer from depression, and there are many treatments to help you get back on track.


Tingling fingertips


Finally, while tingling fingertips may seem like something harmless, it can be a big indication of arthritis. Although mild it could be worth getting checked out to make sure you are healthy.




Feeling dizzy is one of those things you can sometimes just put down to being one of them things. But it’s actually a symptom of many health problems and shouldn’t be ignored. Although hard to track if you find yourself struggling with dizziness seek some advice.


I hope this has highlighted some of the niggling health problems you shouldn’t ignore.


Weird Signs that You Are Super Unhealthy

If you suspect that you aren’t in your best health or if you want to try and make sure that you are looking after yourself to the best of your ability then there are things that you can do about this. After all, you can’t hope to make a difference to your health if you don’t know if you are unhealthy in the first place, and this may just give you the motivation you need to really turn things around.


Swollen Legs


If your legs are swollen then this is known as being edema. It could be down to a thyroid issue or it could be something more serious, for example, it could indicate a problem with your heart or even your kidneys. You need to chat with your healthcare provider if you want to find out for sure and you may have to take medication as a result. Your doctor may even recommend an exercise routine as well. If you suspect that you do have a kidney condition that is due to excessive drinking then check out rehab facilities with proven results to try and get the help you need.


Longer Ring Finger


Your body is more than able to tell you when something is wrong. If you know that your ring finger is looking longer than normal then this could be a sign that you are at risk of developing osteoarthritis. This usually happens in the knees and one way for you to get around this would be to exercise properly. You also need to try and maintain a healthy weight as well, so that you can try and give your body the help that it needs to try and fight off these conditions.


Ice Cravings


If you are constantly craving something out of the freezer or if you want to eat ice then you could have an iron deficiency. Those who suffer from a lack of iron can usually go on to experience pica and this is a disorder that makes you crave certain foods that have absolutely no nutritional value. The main one here is nice, and it can also be things like paper and other products as well. The best thing that you can do here is chatting with your doctor. They will be able to advise you on the best way for you to get the treatment that you need and they will also probably advise you to have way more vitamin C as well, as this will help your body to absorb the iron that you have.


Weird Wrinkles


Sure, beauty is only skin deep but it really does indicate what is happening to your body. Wrinkles usually are a sign of aging but if you do have a lot of wrinkles or if you are starting to get wrinkles in strange places then this can be a sign that you have high blood pressure. If you have wrinkles under your arms then this can signify hypertension and by looking out for signs like this, you can be sure to get the best result out of your diagnosis.

The Health Issues We Need To Be Concerned About As We Get Older

As we get older, it’s always going to be a worry that our health deteriorates. No matter how well we look after ourselves, there are somethings we just can’t prepare for. While that may seem a little doom and gloom, this post is more to highlight them to you. So if it happens you know exactly what you can do to make things easier. It may not always be pleasant getting older, but we should be able to enjoy our golden years having fun with our family and loved ones.


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Our sight can get worse


As we get older, we may notice that our eyesight gets worse. This could mean that we struggle to read books or menus. Or it may affect us in the opposite way when it comes to seeing distance. While our eyesight is deteriorating shouldn’t be something to celebrate, we are blessed with great eye care. This means that we can get glasses to help us read or see further. Meaning it isn’t all that bad. The best thing to do is to keep attending regular eye check-ups.


Hearing loss


Our hearing may get worse for many reasons. Getting older is one of them. But also, if we have been exposed to loud machines or noise in working life, then this can have an adverse effect on the future. Our hearing is another sense that we grow so use to and take for granted. But by seeing a specialist, we may be able to get hearing aids to help us in the future. Hearing aids are not as daunting as they once were, and your appointment with an audiologist won’t be as bad as you probably imagine. With advancements in technology they won’t be a huge issue in your life but definitely can give you improvements.  

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Dental health


No matter how often we brush our teeth, our dental health can deteriorate as we get older. This can be down to many reasons. Good dental care is vital from an early age, and in most instances, this will bode well for us in the future. Always keep up to date with your dental check-ups to keep an eye on those teeth.


Rising blood pressure


Stressful jobs or troubled lives, in general, can have an effect on our blood pressure. While we are young, we have the tools to tackle this, which may not be the case as we get older. As we enter the golden age of our life, it would be good advice to take it easy a little. It’s the time to enjoy things and not get stressed out.


High Cholesterol


Finally, as we get older, we can be hit with high cholesterol. Which means a higher fatty substance in our body that cause problems for our general health. This is normally brought on by an unhealthy diet. The best thing we can do is take care of ourselves. Think about what you eat and the effect it can have on your body.


However, if we can take good care of our bodies now, then they will do their best to take care of us as we get older.

Injured? Here’s How to Make The Most Out of Your Free Time

When we get injured or suffer a road accident, it is easy to focus on the negatives and get depressed. What if you focused on the opportunity that this time off gives you to sort out your finances, learn new skills, improve your relationships, or do what you always wanted to. Below you’ll find a few tips on what to do with your free time and better yourself while recovering from an injury.

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Reconnect with Friends and Family Members

Image via Jon Ly


A sudden break from your daily rush lifestyle might come as a shock. If you failed to give your parents a call or sit down with your kids after school due to work, now this is the time to improve your relationships. If you have been wondering about how your old classmates and friends are doing, it might be time to look them up on Facebook and reconnect with them. List everyone you want to get in touch with, and make the most out of your time.

Take on a Course

Whether you always wanted to learn meditation or have been dreaming of a career change for a long time, but had no time to study, this is your chance. There are plenty of accredited online courses that will help you secure a promotion or pay rise, even lead to a career change after you have fully recovered. Do your research and dig deep to find out what you really want to learn.

Start a Blog

In case you have always wanted to connect with like minded people, but had no time, you can start your own blog. This will give you a new routine and a purpose in life, so you become more positive about your abilities and talk to people who might be facing similar issues as you. If you are facing disability forever or just for a few months, you can use your blog to write about your emotions and release stress and frustration.

Explore Your Legal Options

You can also use the time on your hands to explore your legal options and get the compensation you deserve from the person or business that caused your injury. Whether it was a road accident caused by a careless driver or a work injury due to the negligence of your employer, you can start building your legal case while recovering. You can also get in touch with an attorney to help you with your personal injury so you don’t have to do everything alone.

Plan Your Life

When you can take a step back from your regular busy life, take the opportunity to plan your life. Whether you would like to sort out your finances and get a better mortgage rate or deal with your home improvements, make a decision whether to move or not, you will now have the time and focus to get these pressing issues out of the way.

Suffering an injury is never great. You can, however, focus on the positives and make the most out of the free time to better your life.