Your Health Isn’t The Only Reason Why You Need To Give Up Smoking

(image)   Smoking kills!   There, we said it, not that it should be any surprise to you. Should you have fallen prey to smoking addiction, you really are jeopardizing your health. This fact sheet will tell you all you need to know!   However, other than your good … [Continue reading]

Warrior Dash 2019!

Thanks to my New Years Resolution to try new things, I recently did something that I never thought I would. I, along with my closest friends, signed up for the 2019 Warrior Dash in Austin Tx. I’m so excited and scared at the same time to participate in this run! While researching it I found that … [Continue reading]

Millennials Don’t Know They’re Born Until They’ve Hosted An 80s Party

As millennials, we think we’ve got our stuff together. We’ve learned from the mistakes of the past, and we’re moving towards a better and (hopefully) … [Continue reading]

Borrowing Money – Is It Always A Bad Thing?

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The Health Basics You Might Be Overlooking

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The Chronic Conditions You Should Be Testing For More Often

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How To Know If You’re Getting Quality Bamboo Sheets

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5 Basics a New Driver Should Know About Their Car

5 Basics a New Driver Should Know About Their Car Being a new driver can be a bit intimidating while you are gaining your confidence on the road. … [Continue reading]

How to Make Sure You’re Always Prepared for Practical Emergencies in the Home

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Finding The Right Wheels For Your Toolbox

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Five Proven Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglars

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Which Facial Serums Help Your Skin After Long Plane Rides?

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The Everyday Technology Your Family Can’t Do Without

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3 Gift Ideas to Help Your Kids Feel More Grown Up

Image via Pixabay   Christmas is a magical time of year by all accounts. Families gather together; good food is prepared, carols are sung, … [Continue reading]

StorageMart Storage Facility

Although these are my personal opinions this post has been sponsored by StorageMart. StorageMart is the largest private family owned storage … [Continue reading]

Tips For Helping Your Folks Find A Nursing Home

Picture by joyce huis   It’s strange to think how the roles reverse as we age, where once upon a time we used to be entirely dependant on … [Continue reading]

All By Yourself; Don’t Wanna Be All By Yourself (Through Injury)

When you receive an injury, you do so alone. You’re the one who has to live through the moment, deal with the pain, and attend the endless hospital … [Continue reading]

BODYARMOR Sports Drinks

My husband and I recently started playing on a kickball team. During our first game last Wednesday I realized we are not as young as we used to be. We … [Continue reading]

Health Warning Signs And Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

When it comes to your health, you cannot afford to take any risks. Whilst most symptoms do not indicate anything serious, it is better to be safe … [Continue reading]

Are You Ready To Start A Family?

In one sense, starting a family is about the most natural, instinctive thing you can want to do. But in quite another, it is likely to be exactly … [Continue reading]