How To Manage Your Small Business Finances

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 Whether you’re a start-up or further down the business road, you’ll be on a journey that’s both exciting and sometimes tough. With so much to consider from your marketing and branding, to managing your employees, it can be easy to get a little overstretched. As a business, you certainly will want to avoid becoming overwhelmed with your finances. Of course, this is easier said than done, with so much hard work and competition in the market, it’s not uncommon for the small business to face challenges. If you’re looking for ways to better manage your finances, then you’ll likely want to take a look at these top finance tips. 


Keep your expenses low 


 When you’re starting out, or in the early stages, you will definitely want to keep your expenses as low as you possibly can. There are plenty of inexpensive, or free, and easy to use website building tools out there which can allow anyone to build a beautiful website and blog for their small business. Advances in tech mean that it’s easier than ever before to utilize social media for marketing purposes or to teach yourself about SEO optimization. Learning SEO can improve your rankings on google via the use of keywords, or key questions, associated with your industry. 


 If you can work as a virtual business operation, and manage your staff, products and services remotely, this can also save you money on rent, utilities and hardware. The critical thing to do is to plan ahead for your expenses; work out how much you will be spending on the production of your products and services, on taxes, and on paying your staff. 


Separate accounts 


 You’ll need to ensure that your business account is entirely separate from your personal one; otherwise things can get confusing. If you don’t have different accounts, it will be much harder to gather the info that you’ll need for your tax returns, or to see where any losses came from. Ensure that you don’t forget to pay yourself, yet make sure that you are doing this in a structured way as opposed to taking funds for personal use as and when you need. How much you pay yourself will, of course, depend on your turnover and your profit. It may also be helpful to consider what another business in your field would pay for this position? 


Professional help 

 While DIY accounting software is an option, you may want to consider using the services of a professional accountant to keep things all shipshape. The harsh reality is that many small businesses will run into financial problems; however hard-working or ambitious that they may be. The crucial thing is that you know where to go for help if you do. If a business is experiencing tough financial problems and could benefit from legal advice, the issue is that these legal services can sometimes just feel like another un-affordable expense. Rashad Blossom offers quality legal advice at a reasonable price, so could be a great go-to if you find yourself in a sticky situation.

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How Do You Finance That Dream Business?

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How often have you thought about starting up your own business? Perhaps you have a dream to follow, or maybe you just fancy having more flexibility in your working life. Although it’s hugely exciting, the financial implications of starting a business can be a little intimidating. You may have heard talk about seed funding and angel investors and be feeling out of your comfort zone. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated- you can get your business off the ground with a few simple steps. 


Add In Your Savings 


Have you considered the idea of putting your own savings into the business? If not, why not? If you do truly believe in your business and you’ve done your market research, you should be convinced enough that it will work to take a chance. Trading off equity for money at the beginning means less control over the direction of your business, so it’s best to minimize it anyway. If you have some savings to add in, you’ll need to do this less, and it also shows investors that you have faith in your ideas. 


Find A Specific Lender


If you’re having trouble convincing a bank to make a loan to you, you may not know that there are some industry specific funding routes available. Services like allow you to access business capital based around the industry that you want to work in, and can be a great source of support when you’re just starting out. 


Minimize Costs To Bare Minimum


A lot of new business owners fall into the trap of convincing themselves that they need to spend straight away on things which really could wait. Get into the habit of questioning yourself before you make a purchase. Do you really need to splash out on a logo design before you’ve even made a sale? And why hire office space if you can work from your spare bedroom? Source any equipment you use pre-used as well. You can always upgrade once you’re making more of a profit. 


Keep It Professional 


Everything you do financially when it comes to your business has to be done professionally. Start as you mean to go on and you won’t be storing up mistakes which are hard to correct later. For example, if you end up borrowing money from a relative or friend, don’t just do it on a handshake. Make sure there is proper legal documentation in place, signed by all parties. Create a formal agreement on interest rates, repayment schedules and all other details and put it all in writing. Stick to this like the letter of the law – always make payments on time, even among family members. This is creating better business habits which will benefit you and establishes your trustworthy business reputation. 


Build Great Relationships 

Strong relationships are at the heart of business – with your customers, with your suppliers and especially with your creditors. Prepare income statements and supply them on a regular basis, share your financial projections with your lender and communicate any problems early. What you are trying to do is establish trust – once that’s built up you are likely to be extended more credit or given favorable terms next time.

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How To Prepare Yourself For Those Financial Rainy Days

Finances are one of those things that everybody has to make an effort to get right, and if you don’t do this, you could find yourself in the dark pretty quickly. Financial knowledge is something that you are always adding to in life, and as the economy – and your options as a consumer – change, your spending habits have to change, too. One thing stays the same, though, and it’s the reality that financial rainy days do just come around sometimes. We’ve put together a simple list so that you can be prepared for the worst if it ever does occur!

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Put a little aside each week

OK, we know what you’re thinking. People always talk about saving money, but the reality is that you just can’t afford to do it sometimes, and you may think that the amount of money you can add to your savings is just too minimal for it to be significant. However, saving up even $10 a week will be $520 over a year, and this can really help you out if you ever need it. Think about it this way: this is $520 that you don’t have to add on to your debts if you ever need some cash, and it can really change your financial outlook as a result. Put aside whatever you can, and you’ll be glad that you did this in the future!


Focus on getting rid of your existing debts

If you’re already in debt, you may be pretty worried about those darker financial days that could be around the corner, as getting another loan when you have a bad credit score can be a really difficult task (and you may end up with one with a high interest rate, too). Focusing on only purchasing the essentials right now, so that you can pay off any debts, is greatly important, especially if you may need to borrow again. It’s also a good idea to see a bankruptcy attorney if you need to, to get you back on the right track. The same rules apply here, that every little help, so pay off what you can, when you can.


Prepare a budget

A simple, but really efficient, the financial tip is to prepare a budget, so that you can plan out exactly where you’re going to spend your income, and what you can actually save. In an age where we can just swipe our cards whenever we want to buy something, the costs can rack up without us even realizing, and before we know it we’ve actually spent a lot of money. There are plenty of budgeting apps out there if you’re not quite sure how to go about this, but try your best to stay on top of what you’re paying out for. Breaking it down can be an easier way to work out where you need to cut down on some of your spendings!


So, if you want to make sure that you’re prepared for those financial rainy days, follow these simple tips, and see whether they can help you to get back in the clear!

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Tips for planning for your retirement

This is a Sponsored Post from Bravomark, although this is 100% my own opinion.

My husband’s retirement countdown as began. We are officially 3 years from retirement, therefore we are looking over every expense to try and eliminate or lower those unneeded expenses. In doing so we have come up with what we are calling our retirement plan. This plan will consist of making sure we are following the following steps to assure us a successful retirement.

I am going to share a few things we have found interesting!

  1. Take advantage of the company met 401K plans! Our retirement income is based a lot on the amount we will have in our 401K account.
  2. Make sure your life insurance offers cash surrender value! When or if we can no longer keep this policy any longer we just simple cash it out and receive money back we invested.
  3. Pay off your debts. I can’t stress this enough, we have worked hard to not owe and now only pay cash for everything we need.
  4. Save money! I read somewhere recently that around 80% do not save for the future. I choose to not have to work in my 70’s & 80’s so we save every penny we can.

These tips are what is making our retirement even possible. We have gone from a dream to almost reality. I can’t wait to travel the world while we are still young enough to enjoy it!

What are you doing to prepare for your retirement?? It is never to early to start!




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Borrowing Money – Is It Always A Bad Thing?


Borrowing money – whether it’s $50 to pay your mobile phone bill or $100,000 for a new house, there is a lot to think about! There are many different ways of getting the money you need if you do indeed need it… that’s always the difficult part, being honest with yourself! Do you really need the latest Xbox? Probably not! Do you need a car to get to work? More than likely!

Show me the money!

When borrowing money, you have various options, all of which have pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of the most common solutions in further detail:


  •    Borrowing from family and friends – The first option you have is to borrow money from your friends and family. The good thing about this is that it is unlikely your loved ones are ever going to charge you any interest. Interest is the percentage you pay back on top of the money you have borrowed. You can think of it as a fee you pay for being given the money.
  •    Borrowing from the bank – Most people borrow from a bank when they want to buy a house or when they need funds for starting a business, for example. Being accepted for a bank loan is a lot more difficult because they take a lot of factors into consideration, including your credit history. The daft thing about a credit rating is that you actually need to show you’ve paid off loans and other forms of credit in the past in order to get a good rating. So it’s rare that your first ever loan will be from the bank.
  •    Borrowing from loan companies – There are many different types of loan companies. You have payday loan companies, where you borrow a small amount of money for a short period of time and pay it back with a lot on top. There are then secured loans, where the cash you lend is secured against something you own. For example, with logbook loans, the money you borrow is secured against your vehicle. So, if you don’t pay the loan back, the company can take your car! You also have the likes of Altrua Financial, who help with home loans. With lending companies, you have plenty of different options available, but you can always expect to pay back a lot more than you have borrowed.


Is borrowing money really so bad?

We tend to think that borrowing money is a negative thing! You’ve no doubt heard the horror stories about people ending up in lots of debt because they borrowed money and didn’t pay it back, leading to more and more charges. However, it’s not always that way! Borrowing money can be a positive step, and knowing when to borrow money and when not to is a key part of how to manage money.


Of course, we would all like to make our purchases outright, but it’s never that easy! Do you know many people that have a spare $200,000 handy to buy a house? It’s unlikely. A mortgage is a type of loan for those who want to purchase a property. You will usually need to put down a deposit, say 10 – 20 percent of the property price. The lender will then lend you the rest of the money and you’ll pay it back monthly over many years. Property is a great investment and for most people and this is the only way to get on the property ladder. Most people also take out a loan when they buy a vehicle, which again is an important purchase, ensuring you can get to and from work. These are investments. You need to think about whether something is going to bring value to your life and long-term gain.

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Grow Your Money Through Investment

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Investing is a means of spending money in order to make a greater return in the future. Many people get involved in investing as a way of making some extra money on the side. Here’s just a brief guide to some of the opportunities out there for those that want to their first taste of investing.


Put your money into a savings account


If you’re looking for a risk-free form of investing, a savings account could be the best option. These accounts collect interest over time, allowing you to earn some extra money on your savings. The more you put into a savings account, the more interest you’ll earn. There are so many account options out there each with their own separate interest rates and conditions (some may have limited access, preventing you from dipping into them, whilst others may require you to contribute a certain amount each month in order to collect interest).


Try peer to peer lending


Peer to peer lending is another fairly risk-free form of investment that involves lending money to someone online as a loan. This loan then gets paid back with interest, allowing you to make a return in the long run. By going through an official peer to peer lending site, you can guarantee more security. Interest rates could be anywhere from 5 – 20%, making this a much more financially rewarding option than a savings account.


Invest in assets


It’s also possible to put your money into assets. Over time these assets may increase in value, at which point you can sell them for a higher price than you bought them and make a profit. A few examples include property, gold, old coins, and wine. In some cases, you may be able to rent out assets to make a more instant income such as renting property or renting equipment to businesses.


Try your hand at the stock market


Stocks and shares are often something seen as investments reserved solely for serious investors. It’s a lot riskier than other investment types and you generally need more money to get involved, however, the returns can be greater is speculate right. There are options out there for beginners such as financial spread betting and mutual funds which could allow you to contribute less money. You can also consider hiring a stockbroker to choose the best stocks to invest in for you.


Start trading currency


Another possible way to invest your money could be to buy and sell currency. Because currency values are always changing, it’s possible to make money by buying a foreign currency and waiting for it to increase in value before selling it for a profit. The latest trend in trading currencies is cryptocurrencies – these are often more volatile but as a result, you can make a return more quickly. Cryptocurrencies also come with a smaller minimum investment – if you don’t want to risk losing too much money this could an investment option worth considering.

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Ways to Become a Better Business Person

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Whether you run a business as a side venture or your main source of income, one of your main responsibilities is to make sure that it is run well. And there are plenty of ways that you can make yourself a better business person. In this article, we will talk about a few of the best ways that you can do this.


Get Organised


Getting organized provides you with the basis for all other things. If your desk and your desktop are cleared, you can free up your mind to focus on the more creative aspects of your business rather than simply being consumed by admin. Essentially, you need to put some decent filing and organizational systems in place, which will stand you in good stead as you begin to grow your business.


Prioritise Your Tasks


Prioritising tasks is something which you should be doing on a weekly or even a daily basis. People have a natural inclination towards doing the easiest task first rather than the one that really needs doing. But if you tackle the most challenging task straight away, you don’t have to have it hanging over your head for the rest of the day. You should also have a rough time estimate of how long each task is going to take you. Obviously, you may have to adjust your priorities during the day.


Keep Learning


The world of business is one which continues to change over time, and if you don’t keep your skills fresh, you risk falling behind. You can do this through formal systems such as online masters of business, but you can also do it in more simple ways such as reading articles and attending networking events. Too many business people get stuck in their ways, but if you want to be an innovator in your field, you need to commit to lifelong learning.


Become a Better Leader


A big part of being a good business person is improving your leadership skills. Rather than micromanaging and simply telling everyone what to do, the best leaders are the ones who lead by example and communicate well with their staff members. It takes time and practice for you to become a better leader, but if you get all your team on-side, your job will be made so much easier.


Manage Your Personal Life


If you have a greater level of control of your personal life, this will often help with your business life as well. For example, making sure that you get enough sleep on a regular basis will help your mind to work at 100 percent. Making sure that you get plenty of exercises, drink enough water and eat a healthy diet will all contribute towards improving yourself as a business person.


Becoming a better business person is a lifelong endeavor, but following these five principles will go a long way towards achieving your aims and growing your business.     

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5 Ways To Breathe New Life In Your Wardrobe On A Shoestring Budget


Looking into your wardrobe, you sigh as you realize your clothes collection has either become unfashionable or no longer fit to wear. It’s a feeling many of us have, especially when living on a shoestring budget. We consign our days to window shopping, looking at the dress wear that we wished we could own, but only if we had the money. So what can be done about it? Is it really possible to replenish your wardrobe and still pay the rent? The answer is yes! Check out our essential tips below, helping you to look good, despite your meager budget.


Tip #1: Compare prices online


So what if you can’t afford to shop at some of the more expensive stores online or on the high street? Prices do fall, eventually, and you can often find a bargain online, especially when you look on resale sites, and there are regular sales happening on the high street all the time. Sometimes it pays to wait, and while you may not always keep up with the very latest fashion trend, you can still buy something that suits you at a discounted price.


Tip #2: Don’t ditch your old clothes just yet


When going through your wardrobe, there may be items of clothing you can no longer fit into. This is a shame, especially if it’s an item you are particularly in love with. While you could give it away to a charity shop or a friend, you could also alter it to finally make it fit you again. There should be a clothes alteration store near you, so look for places near you, such as one of the Stitch It zipper repair and clothes alteration stores, and salvage some of your ill-fitting outfits.


Tip #3: Have a clothes party


A great excuse to get together with your mates, a clothes party is also a great opportunity to try on each other’s outfits, and swap and share them. So, if you have been eyeing up that lovely outfit in your friend’s wardrobe, organize a social gathering and give that pretty garment a new home! Perfect, especially when your friends share your personal fashion style. And you can all have a good knee up and have fun modeling each other’s outfits as well.


Tip #4: Sell your old clothes


There’s little point having outfits in your wardrobe that you never intend to wear again, so if your best mate turned up their noses at that lime green dress you shared at the clothes party, you may as well consider selling it instead. There are some online sites, such as Material World, who will pick up your outfits from you, and offer you a trade-in price. There are others, such as eBay and Craigslist, where you can advertise your clothes and charge your own prices. With the extra cash, you may be able to buy that new dress from Zara you always wanted.


Tip #5: Head to the menswear department


While this is a bit of a stereotype (though probably true), women spend more time buying clothes than men. Clothes stores and manufacturers capitalize on this, charging women exorbitant prices while selling men’s clothes for less. The cheek of it! Still, don’t get down about it, as there are some items of menswear that look great on women, so follow the link and widen your options.


Bottom line


It is possible to breathe new life into your wardrobe, so we hope you find our tips helpful. Let us know if you have any further advice for our readers – perhaps you have found a great online store that sells fashion at bargain prices, for example, or you may have found a style that will look good on anybody, regardless of budget. Give us a shout and do us all a favor. Thanks for reading, and happy (cheap) shopping!

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Making Money With The Environment In Mind

There’s a lot of ways to make money in the world. Some are obvious, like working a regular job and bringing home your paycheck every week or so. Some bring in a side income, like selling off your junk on Ebay, or completing tasks for people in your city for a few good bucks at a time. However, there’s another way you can make some good money whilst serving everybody’s interests at the same time: being environmentally conscious. A business that works for the environment as well as itself can be extremely profitable, and more of them are needed in the world. Here’s a few good ways you could set up your own company that works to save the outside world whilst keeping your inside world comfortable.

Pexels Image


Being Energy Efficient


If you’re already running a business, chances are you’re using a lot of technology to keep it going for another day. And that probably means you’re paying a hefty sum of your profits in bills for electricity, and losing a lot on lighting alone! However, simply swapping out your old bulbs for the energy efficient variety can cost you at least $20 less each month.


Some of the biggest businesses out there have pledged to lower their carbon emissions by half before the year 2020, and seeing as we’re only 22 months away from that now, it’s time to get serious. Install energy efficient equipment, such as printers in the office and refrigerators in the break room, and you can save hundreds each month on less wasted heat and light output.


You could even find a different way to power your shop or your office by installing solar panels on the roof, which can mean thousands less in your electricity bill each year. So simply put, the point here is to save money to make more money with better resources behind you.


Removing Waste


Waste is something everyone produces, and when it comes to regular rubbish versus recycling, it can be hard to dispose of everything correctly. And this is where your company can step in. Simply having a couple of trucks to your name can mean you’ll make thousands in simply removing waste safely and efficiently.


And waste management doesn’t even need to have a physical element to it, if you’re more of an online or nomadic business model take yourself back to your roots by removing e-waste, which can consist of old documents and files, and old technology. On the other hand, you could simply put your profits to a better use by investing in waste management stock, which is currently at an alltime high and thus carries little risk for a person to put to good use.


Making money with the environment in mind is soon going to sweep the globe. More and more people, from the younger and older generation alike, are finding new and improved ways to power themselves and their businesses. Make sure you’re a part of the future generation with your business practices.

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20 Ways to Save Money on Everyday Items….

Growing up money was tight, I learned at a very young age you had to work hard for everything you want in life. This also taught me the importance of money. Saving it, making it and especially how to spend it.

After marriage and graduating college money issues were not as “tight”, but I still took those young values I learned with me and it has paid off!

Here are ways I like to save money!

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  1. Cell Phone bill – I had AT&T for years, I would call every so often and explain that I will have to cancel my account since the prices were constantly going up. It wasn’t until a blog conference that I recently found out Cricket is owned by AT&T. I did my research and found out they use the same towers and covered the same area. So I switched from a 160.00 for two lines to 100.00 for four lines.
  2.  Cable bill – I hated writing the 124.00 a month check to Directv every month so I did a little research and sure enough if you call them when they have promotions and ask for it, you can cut your bill to half of what it is. I now pay around 60.00 a month. The only reason we keep it is the husbands wants the SEC channel.
  3. Filters – Changing out your air conditioner/heater filters often will help save on the electricity bill. The more clogged they are the more the air conditioner/heater will have to run.
  4. Shop wisely – When I am browsing in a boutique, I usually take a picture of the tag of something I really, really, like 99% of the time I can find it online way cheaper than in the store!
  5. Dollar Tree – This place will save you 5.00 – 10.00 a week if you shop there first. I buy all my cards and gift bags from here and every now and then you will find something on your grocery list there for a dollar!!
  6. Wash your sheets – Keeping your bed clean will help you not to get sick as much. Besides the fact that clean bed is amazing!
  7. Coupons or Sales– Check for printable or app coupons before leaving to shop, plan meals around what is for sale that week. Regardless of how great the coupon is, only buy what you will use.
  8. Bulk – Take a calculator with you, if it is a lot cheaper to buy it in bulk then do it. I love when something in bulk is on sale and I have a coupon, I stock up!
  9. Budget – Make and stay on a budget regardless!! This is important to learn, I remember weeks when I would say we are going to have a “leftover” night or let’s find a meal at the “Dollar Store”. Really what I meant is that is all we could afford but wanted it to seem like a fun activity. Staying on the budget meant getting creative.
  10. Electricity – It is important to seal off any air leaks or making sure your home is insulated to reduce the electricity bill.
  11. Intrest Rate – Negotiate those as often as possible.  You will be amazed at how willing a company will be to work with you if you make payments timely.
  12. Pyramid payment – This took us several years to master but now I am happy to say we are debt free! You take your smallest bill rather if it is a 300.00 jewelry store account or 500.00 hospital account and you pay extra until it is paid and continue this until everything is paid off. We paid cash this year for my new Cadillac and it sure felt good!
  13. Savings – Regardless if you put 5.00 a week away, make sure you start and have a savings account. You need something to fall back on when you have an emergency!
  14. Education Degree – The more education you have or can receive the more you make in life, as a general rule. Try and get some type of degree even if you can only take one class a semester. There are so many grants and aids that can help you with this.
  15. Church – Most churches have a ton of really fun free activities you can do as a family. Church communities love to help out.
  16. Yard Sales – I can’t tell you how many times, my new wardrobe consisted of my latest yard sale finds. Most yard sales have clothes really reasonably priced. I clothed my children for years from yard sale finds.
  17. Garden – Plant a small garden of veggies your family likes. If you don’t have room for a garden put them in a pot, people love fresh veggies and it is a great way to give to others.
  18. Fix broken items – If there is an issue with something like a vacuum or dripping water faucet, fix it immediately. You will save money in the long run by taking care of it right away.
  19. Money saving sites – Shop sites like before making online purchases to see if there are any great deal or prices. I recently found a 99.00 gift that I wanted to get my grandson for his birthday on there for 25.00 at a certain store. I was so excited!!
  20. Ebates – If you download Ebates to your dashboard every time you shop online it will pop up and tell you how much $$ you will make from the purchase not only that but it will find if there is any money saving coupons out there. I use it for every purchase and get a check in the mail!!

Pic Credit

These are a few of my favorite ways to save money! I am sure there are a ton more ideas and would love to hear yours!!

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Affording A Family Car

This is a sponsored post although this is 100% my opinion.

When your family expands you might find that the two-seater convertible you bought when you were 20 just isn’t practical anymore. It can be stressful trying to find a car which is large enough for your family as well as economic on the road.

The price of a large family car can be pretty steep, and because of this, you can end up with a massive loan to pay back alongside all of your other bills and family costs. It can mount up so much that you question whether you can afford a car at all. This is why you should look around before you purchase a vehicle.

But not to worry, we have some ways you can afford a car for your family without having to worry about anything…


Some car manufacturers will give you the chance to put your old car up for scrappage in return for money towards your new vehicle. This is a type of funding that has been around for years and it will make buying a new car much easier for you and your family. Simply give your car in and they will offer you up to a couple of grand for the scrappage, which you can put towards a family car of your choice.

Government Grant

One of the bonuses with the rise of the electric car is that the government are encouraging people to buy them. The reason for this, of course, is that many countries are now trying to do all they can to reduce CO2 emissions and make the world more sustainable. It means that if you find an electric family car, you could be given a government grant in order to buy it. It can cover up to 35%of the cost of the car!

Part Exchanging

A very popular way that people use to save money on a car is to part exchange their old vehicle. This involves essentially selling your car to the dealer in order to get a discount off the full price of a new car.

Use Finance

These days many people decide to use a finance deal in order to pay off their car. This means that the value of the car will be split up into a term of approximately 3-4 years, and you will pay a chunk of this each month and finish the loan with a balloon payment if you want to keep the vehicle at the end. If you don’t, you can use the value of the car to put towards a new one.

Bad Credit Car Finance

The idea or getting a guaranteed personal loan might be a little bit of a pipe dream if you have bad credit, however, there are some schemes which you can use to buy a car even if your credit score isn’t too great. This is a great option if you have fallen a little on hard times and have a bad credit rating. It means you still have a chance to purchase and own a car for you and your family.

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What Would You Do If You Inherited A Fortune?

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and daydream about what life would be like if money was no object and you could do what you will with it? Maybe getting the surprise of a lottery win or inheriting a family fortune from a long lost relative. It does happen, so it’s fine to start thinking about how you would spend it hypothetically, isn’t it? I thought it would be nice to take a moment to think of some of the ways you could put that money to good use. I’d love to hear what you would do if life changed for you.

Image source


Extend and/or revamp your home


Inheriting some cash doesn’t necessarily mean you move home. You may love the street you live on and your current property, but of course, there will always have been jobs you will have wanted to do, or extensions and improvements you will have wanted to make, so why not use the money for this? Getting in touch with websites like could be the ideal place to start. Improving what you have means that you don’t’ have the upheaval of a new area, but still get to enjoy the finer things in life. Ne kitchens and bathrooms, a whole new set of furniture to furnish your home, it could be absolutely amazing.


Purchase the new place to love into or abroad


Perhaps you want a new place entirely, wanting to move into a bigger house or change the area you live for somewhere more upmarket, an inheritance or lottery win could give you the opportunity to do that. You could even consider a holiday home abroad somewhere. Maybe a country that you love to visit, or a place that has guaranteed good weather all year round.


Go on the ultimate holiday


I think one of the first things people consider when they come into some extra money is a holiday. There may be a big long bucket list that you have full of destinations you want to see and experiences you want to have. If you don’t have a bucket list this website has some great suggestions on how to compile one. The money you have inherited could give you the opportunity to go on an amazing holiday. Maybe even taking an extended break from work and seeing the world. Round the world cruise, anyone?


Imagine a never ending shopping spree


Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about heading to the shops and buying something new? The phrase “the credit card is going to take a beating” won’t even be necessary to you if money was suddenly no object. Of course, it isn’t always about buying things and filling you life with things, but certainly knowing you can afford things as and when you need it can be a huge weight off your shoulders.


The car of your dreams


Finally, why not take a spin in the car of your dreams? Many people have a car manufacturer they would like to own, or a certain type of car, so now could be the ideal time to make that purchase?


I hope that this has given you some food for thought if you find yourself in the comforting position of an inheritance or lottery win. How would you spend it?

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Honest To Blog! Making A Career As A Blogger Is Easier Than You Think!


A lot of people find themselves fantasizing about a job where they get to have total control over everything from their working hours to where they work. Of course, for a lot of people, it doesn’t seem possible that it could ever be more than a fantasy. However, since the rise of the internet, a lot of things have changed in regards to just how much control you have over your career. One of the most significant ways in which people have been able to take control of their careers is through blogging. Blogs are becoming more and more popular and show very little sign of slowing down anytime soon. Because of that, it’s easy to want to look to blogging as a way to earn money doing something you care about. However, it can often seem like a bit of serious challenge. Make sure you promote your social media, I love the Amazon marketing agency. With that in mind, here are a few things that you can do to get a leg up on the competition and start making money as a blogger.


Get your tech chops up


Blogging is, first and foremost, a digital platform. Sure, things like magazines involve a lot of the same writing skills, but there are a lot of other things that you have to consider pretty carefully. Whether it’s learning more about the platform that you’re using for your blog, or taking some Microsoft Excel training classes, it’s important that you’re as computer literate as possible. Being aware of how to use these kinds of software is going to help you in everything from your accounting to promoting the blog itself.


Learn to promote yourself


You could have the best blog on the planet, but it’s not going to matter one bit if no one knows about it. Promoting your blog and getting it out there can be one of the biggest challenges that you face as a blogger. Luckily, there are a few simple things that can help you get people reading your blog without spending huge amounts of money on a large scale marketing push. Social media is one of the very best tools in your arsenal. Being able to promote your blog for free in a way that can potentially reach millions of people all over the world is something that you simply can’t afford to ignore.


Make your writing engaging


Unsurprisingly, there’s one thing that is more important than just about anything else when it comes to building a career as a blogger: you have to be able to write. Now, this isn’t just a matter of making sure that your spelling and grammar are correct at all times, though that is important. The most important thing is to make your writing as engaging and dynamic as possible. Every sentence to make the reader want to move on to the next one. Ever post should take them deeper down the rabbit hole of content on your blog. If you can’t use your writing to connect directly with your readers, your blog is never going to succeed.


Of course, just because you do these things doesn’t mean that you’re going to find instant blogger success. But if you’re willing to put the work in, you’re going to be able to find a career path that offers you far more freedom and control over your life than you ever expected.

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Top Tips To Save Yourself Some Cash This Christmas



As magical as the Christmas Period is, it isn’t half expensive at times. You may not want to think about it yet, but Christmas is right around the corner, so you may want to start thinking of ways to save yourself some cash during the festive period. The most expensive parts of Christmas are the extra energy we use to heat the house, the extra food we buy for Christmas dinner, and, of course, the gifts. Hopefully, the tips below will help you to avoid spending too much money during the winter months.




Shop Around – The most obvious way to save money will always be to shop around (which is why this tip is going to be featured a lot). You might want to consider doing some research on different energy companies to help you to find ones that are the best value for money. There are lots of comparison website online that should be able to help you out. While gas is the most obvious place to save some money, due to the extra heating, you must remember that you will also start to put up Christmas lights soon, and the earlier nights will mean that you have your normal lights on more, so you need to try to save on electricity too.


Add Insulation – It’s a well-known fact that heat rises, meaning that most of the heat being lost from your home will be being lost from the roof. To lower the amount of heat loss, you may want to consider having some roof or loft insulation installed. This will mean that you have to use less gas, as less heat will be being lost from your home, which is certain to save you a lot of money. Similarly, you might also want to consider double glazing windows, to avoid heat loss through your windows.


Only Use What You Need – Are you one of the many people that turn the heating on for the whole house, rather than simply the room that you’re sat in? If you are, you may want to stop doing this, as it’s a waste of energy and money. Similarly, avoid leaving on lights that aren’t in the same room as you, and unplug appliances that you’re not using, such as televisions and games consoles, as they continue to use power, even in standby mode.




Use Cheaper Alternatives – Turkey may be your go-to bird for Christmas, but it’s not the cheapest available. Instead, consider buying a chicken or duck, or simply buy a turkey breast, instead of the entire bird. You might also want to consider making a smoked salmon pate, and serve it with breadsticks, either earlier on in the day, or later at night, when you’re watching the Christmas TV, instead of the smoked salmon that you usually serve with dinner.


Shop Around – It’s back again! Search through the websites of several different supermarkets to try to find the best deals on Christmas food essentials, such as the bird, the vegetables, and even a bottle of wine or two. You’d be surprised how big the price difference can be from one store to the next, so it pays to put in a little extra effort.


Buy A Bigger Bird – This might seem counterproductive, as a bigger bird is sure to cost more than a smaller one. While this is true, you should think of the bigger picture. People tend to cook a lot of vegetables for Christmas dinner, most of which is wasted, as it’s hard to reuse vegetables. Your bird, on the other hand, can continue to be reused a few days after Christmas day. You could have it on a sandwich, in a curry, with salad, and as part of a variety of other meals, which saves you money on other food.




Stick To A Budget – It can be incredibly easy to overspend on gifts at Christmas, so it’s important to come up with a budget and stick to it. If you have more people to buy for, you will have to spend a little less on each gift. If you have fewer people, you can splash out a bit more. You might want to save up throughout the year so that you know that you have enough money to cover all of your gifts. This will make budgeting a lot easier, as you can see exactly what you have to spend.


Encourage Secret Santas – If you have a group of friends to buy for or a lot of siblings, bring up the idea of Secret Santa. This means that you will only have to buy one gift, so not only will you be able to save a lot of money on all of the other gifts, but you will also have the money to be able to buy that individual a more elaborate gift. This will also reduce the stress of having to come up with ideas for gifts for a lot of people.


Shop Around – This is the last time, I promise! Like with you Christmas food, you’d be surprised how many stores sell the exact same thing for completely different prices during the Christmas period. That bath set that you were thinking of getting your Aunt is probably a lot cheaper elsewhere and is sure to be even cheaper online. Start thinking of Christmas gifts earlier on in the year, as stores sometimes raise the prices during the Christmas period.


Christmas is expensive, there is no doubt about that, but you need to remember that it’s not money that matter during Christmas. If you don’t have the money to go out and buy elaborate gifts, then don’t. You could always do a Rachel and Monica and bake cookies instead, which is much more meaningful and much cheaper. Your loved ones will be much happier to spend time with you, than having you spend your money on them, so enjoy your family time, and follow these simple tips if you need help saving a little cash here and there.

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Tips For Being a Money Smart Millennial

Without a lot of doubt, some of the main problems and anxieties that people in their twenties have are over finances. From student loans to working from paycheck to paycheck; whatever money comes in can quickly leave again. There are many things you want to be doing in your twenties as well. From traveling to saving money to buy a house; money is important at this age, yet it can be a time when you have very little of it. So how can you get your finances sorted in your twenties? If you set yourself a good foundation for your finances in your twenties, it will help to set you up for life. So here are some tips and tricks to getting smart about your finances. Don’t just bury your head in the sand.



Be Realistic


When it comes to sorting out your finances, then it means facing facts and being realistic. You aren’t going to be able to do everything all at once. You might dream of traveling the world for a year after college. But if you don’t have a way to fund your travels, then it can’t happen, at that time at least. The site could help give you some ideas on this. But just be realistic. Don’t spread your money too thinly. Set goals for things to save for, but make sure that they are achievable.


Aim To Clear Debt


If you are in college or have just left, then you’ll know how much debt can take over your life. A large student loan can be a blessing to get the education that you need, but it can also be a burden to pay back. So look for ways to set money aside to pay off any debts in you have them. If you have credit card debt then it could be worth looking at the site to see if there are any cards that will offer a balance transfer, if a lot of your debt is on cards. Make a plan to get out of debt and it will mean that it is much more likely to happen.


Live With Your Folks


If you can stand it, and you’re in employment that is close enough, then living with your parents for a little while can help you to solve the two points above. It can help you to get out of debt, as well as help you to save some money for the things that you want in life. It isn’t going to be an ideal scenario in many ways. But it can help to get your finances in check, for sure.


Embrace Frugal Living


If there is ever a time to embrace frugal living, then it is going to be when you are in your twenties. Looking for ways to cut the costs of your grocery shopping can be fun (there are many reasons why people get into couponing, but they stick at it because they enjoy it). Embrace simple DIY projects and living on a budget. You can still have fun without spending a lot. So embrace it and have fun!

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Ling Ling Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice @ Walmart & $2.00 off coupon!

This post was sponsored by Ling Ling, all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Our new after Hurricane Harvey life has not been easy, to say the least!! We enjoyed our weekly dinner dates. Since the Hurricane that hasn’t been an option. Most of our favorite restaurants are completely gone. As we slowly rebuild here in Rockport, I have decided to try new items to help us find quick delicious meals! I wanted something that tasted authentic and easy to fix.

We have always loved Asian style meals and ate them at least once a month.  So this was my first mission and I am so glad I did, we tried the new Ling Ling Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice from Walmart and immediately fell in love.  It was way beyond my expectations, the rice was so fresh and the flavoring is perfect! We decided it was better than a local restaurant we frequented prior to the storm.

The new Ling Ling Fried Rice has an amazing variety to choose from based on pure and authentic Asian inspired recipes from Japan, China, Korea and Thailand.

  • Yakitori Chicken
  • Yakiniku Beef
  • Thai-Style Chicken
  • Chinese-Style Vegetable
  • Bibimbap Beef

If you are in the mood for a delicious stress-free dinner, check out which Walmart where you can find any of these amazing Ling Ling Products in the freezer section!

Our first purchase and try were the Ling Ling Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice, it was so good we decided to try another one next week! Fortunately for us, there is an amazing coupon for $2.00 off! They also have two noodle varieties: Chicken Yakisoba, Drunken Noodles with Chicken and two dumpling varieties: Chicken Dumplings in Chili Sauce and Pork Dumplings in Chili Sauce. I love dumplings so I know this will be next on our list.

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Good Debt vs. Bad Debt: Is There Such a Thing?

If you are looking to spend your money on something large, then the question can often be asked if it is worth getting into debt over. Should you be better saving that money for other things? Do you really need it right now?


Once you have been able to answer those questions, then you need to think about how much of an investment for the future are those things that you want to buy? In basic terms, is it going to be a good debt or a bad debt?


If you’re confused by those terms, then it is time to explain what I mean. Good debt can be something that is a sensible investment for your future. It should be leaving you better off in the long run, which is what we all want. Plus, it shouldn’t have a negative impact on your life at the moment. Basically meaning that it could spiral out of control and interest rates are low. Bad debt is when it is the complete opposite. It isn’t going to benefit you in any way in the long run and can cost you more and more to do so. So when you are left in a position questioning if you should be spending money on something, then those definitions should spring to mind.



Examples of Good Debt


  • Student loans are a pretty good example of good debt. They are helping you to achieve something that can set you up for life and improve your employability and career prospects. Often, the interest is lower on student loans than on other loans. It can get out of control a little if you don’t budget and plan well, which is where consolidation of student loans might come in. But check somewhere like before you consolidate. You want to make sure that you’re going to be getting a good deal.
  • Mortgages are another example of good debt. You are paying money each month towards owning a home. You aren’t wasting money and sending it to a landlord. At the end of the day, once you’re on the property ladder, you have something that is yours, and you can sell at any point. You could read more here if needed. So it definitely is a good debt to have.
  • Investing in your own business, or perhaps a business of others can be a good debt to have. It means you could get a business off the ground and you can benefit from the profits. As long as all risks have been assessed, then it can be a good debt to have.


Examples of Bad Debt


  • If you’re borrowing money to pay off bills or credit card debt, then that is an example of bad debt. It will just get you into further financial problems over all. So don’t borrow to pay off borrowing.
  • Paying for anything that you can’t afford with credit cards or loans, that you won’t be able to pay off in full, is an example of bad debt. Whatever it is, a luxury holiday or some new clothes, if you can’t afford them, you shouldn’t be buying them. It really is as simple as that.
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s It Okay To Go Over Budget? Hint: The Answer Is Yes

Image source


Families love a good budget. Okay, they don’t love them, but, sadly, money is an option for the average household. So, to make sure they don’t end up in the red, people create a budget. Whether it’s to renovate a tired home or stock up on appliances, they stick to it religiously. But, is it necessary? Is going over budget as bad as it appears? The answer is no. Lots of families overspend and don’t have to file for bankruptcy, and here’s why.


There Is Good Debt


For some people, this fact is hard to accept. Like the majority of us, you will think of all debt as bad. Let’s face it; no one likes a credit card bill or a bank loan hanging over their head. However, these are examples of bad debt because they tend to fund unnecessary purchases. As shows, people tend to put a downpayment on a car or a vacation. These are things which have no resale value in the future and aren’t worth the financial burden. A mortgage, on the other hand, is different. Although the debt is large, it is payable over a long time. Plus, houses increase in value over time leaving you with a valuable asset.


Backup Plans Do Exist


Should the worst happen, you could declare bankruptcy and destroy your credit rating? But, this isn’t the end of the world as there are ways to bounce back. To begin with, can help you find a partner who specializes in bad credit. Not only will they repair your score, but the professionals can build it back up to the top. Secondly, bankruptcy isn’t as bad as you might imagine. Filing for a Chapter 7 with unsecured debts is a simple way to wipe the slate clean. Your credit score will get hurt, but it is repairable. If this scenario is out of the question, a family loan could be the answer. Remember that where there is a will, there is a way.


It’s Manageable


When you read posts which tell you never to go over budget, they assume the worst. For the most part, they say how it will escalate out of control and you’ll be homeless within a couple of months. The truth is that this rarely happens. Yes, it is a possibility if you go way over budget and don’t remedy the situation. However, the average person will take action once they realize there’s a problem. Even if it goes to court, the repercussions are usually a small fine and a payment plan. By being proactive, the debt you will incur won’t be hard to manage.


Going over your budget might make you uncomfortable, which is fine. Having kids means you never want to put their future at risk, no matter how short the odds. Ultimately, this post is here to show you that if you are savvy and organized, overspending isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it might transform your lifestyle.

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Stretching Your Time: Ways To Increase Productivity

It’s one of the things that we wish we had more of, energy. An increase in energy is vital to everything we do and imagine how much you’d be able to accomplish if you had that little bit more energy or were you able to get up an hour earlier. But we just can’t seem to do it. There are things that we indulge in on a daily basis that are threats to our health, from a poor diet to just simply not exercising as much as we should. If we don’t have energy, we can’t be productive, and with the many tasks we have to complete now we need to find ways to increase our productivity naturally, but can this be done?



Is Multitasking The Key?

In short no, it isn’t. We may think that multitasking is the key to being efficient, but in fact, by trying to do many things at once means that you won’t just lose time and productivity, you aren’t directing your full attention to one task!


Do We Make The Most Of Our Time?

If we look at ways of being productive, we need to be smarter in how we work rather than looking at the old-fashioned knuckling down and accomplishing lots of hard work approach to everything. In fact, working smarter is the key to surviving in the modern world. As there is the cliche of making time to do things, while you may feel there aren’t enough hours in the day, there is always some sort of downtime that you can take advantage of to complete a task. The 2-minute rule is a thing used by lots of businesses to get people back in a productive mindset, so it worth trying to see if you really do make the most of your time.



Do You Need To Supplement Your Diet?

Productivity isn’t just about having the right attitudes in place, but it’s also essential that you look at how you are fueling yourself. It seems that when we have a lot of tasks to accomplish we tend to load ourselves with excessive amounts of sugar and caffeine thinking it will do us good, however, it will only result in an energy slump later on. There is also a lot of talk about supplements like Modafinil and Smart Energy which can be used to increase your concentration or give you that bit more of an energy boost. It’s your prerogative if you want to go down this route, especially if you find it you are unable to improve your diet anymore but still need more time to accomplish tasks. But it’s important to have a healthy diet as a baseline. You can only operate as good as the fuel you are putting into your body.


Productivity is associated with a focused mindset and a lot of energy, so it’s important for you to channel that energy into the right areas. A lot of business people now talk about decision fatigue, and a lot of people don’t even think about mental tiredness as a thing. So the next time you need to accomplish various tasks think about how you are feeling, in a mental and physical sense, but also if you are operating with the right mindset.

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Words Of Wisdom For Those Approaching 40

Image source


After realizing we didn’t know our local area anywhere near as well as we know our favorite holiday spot, we decided to do a bus tour of our home city. It was while riding this that we overheard a woman fretting about turning 40. To sum up her conversation, she was worried about this milestone for the simple fact she believed she would be more “complete” by now as if she hadn’t quite achieved that successful image she had painted in her mind.


It got us thinking about how much expectation we throw onto our shoulders and whether we would have done things differently. Not an easy answer. However, while thinking about that, we veered off a tangent and started thinking about the different lessons we have learned along the way, lessons that could help other people slip into their forties with a little swag in the walk and a huge smile on their face.


So, without further ado, here are the best life lessons we have picked up on our journey through life. Wow.


  1. Age Is Just A Number. That’s A Fact

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional.” Well, that statement is absolutely spot on. You are only as old as you feel, so don’t let age convince you that you’re old and decrepit and unable to enjoy life anymore. When you turn thirty, you start telling yourself that you are an old lady and then, when you hit forty, you start wishing you had appreciated your youth that much more. Don’t let the placebo take over. In fact, do the opposite and take the fight to your age.

Image source


  1. Get To Know Who You Are And Love That Person

The only way you can really love who you are, in a total sense, if if you get to know who you are and start to enjoy the changes we all go through. Get that right and all that self-esteem, happiness and confidence stuff will follow suit. That’s not all, though. You see, the more you accept who you are, the more you can accept others too, and that brings about relationships so tight you’ll feel the air squeezed out of you.


  1. Enjoy Those All Of A Sudden Wrinkles

We’re not sure anyone really gets used to the fact their face is slowly turning into a spirograph, but the more you accept this the more you’ll embrace them. We heard an elderly lady once call them laughter lines, which is exactly what they are. They are your laugh lines and what they signify is a life enjoyed, where laughter ruled the roost, not a frown. Embrace these and help your friends embrace them too. Laugh about them. It will warm your soul if nothing else. Of course, it is also totally fine for you to start fighting these wrinkles as early as you like.


  1. Never Give Up On Getting Fit. Never.

There are so many benefits to working out, whether it is a run along a beach, a cycle around the park, or yoga classes with your best friend. There is the chance to lose that middle-aged weight you’re fretting about (or at least hold off any more weight joining the party). There is the benefit it has in boosting your quality of life and preventing any of those women’s health issues creeping into your existence. And then there are those other little benefits that include stress management, boosting your metabolism, releasing endorphins to feel good and the sense of achievement that can really lift your day. Yeah, trying to get fit is definitely worthwhile when you’re approaching your 40s.

Image source


  1. Embrace The Part Of You That Wants A Vagabond Life.

There is no such thing as traveling too much. In fact, not traveling enough tends to be people’s biggest regret when they finally get comfortable in their old age, which is why you should make a conscious effort to buy memories and not material things. After all, do you want stuff to show or stories to tell? A great rule to follow is the one new place every year rule, which will see you start to tick off those bucket list destinations for real and not just accept them as a pipe dream that takes up space on the cork board on your kitchen wall.


  1. No More Of That Comparison Nonsense.

We do feel bad for kids these days. What with all that pressure of not feeling good enough and having to constantly compare themselves to others. But it isn’t just kids who have become subject to the plague that is Facebook. We know that you can’t completely stop comparing yourself to others. But comparing your life to your best friends and knowing the context is a lot better than comparing your behind the scenes footage to the highlight reel of someone you knew twenty-five years ago. You need to accept that there will always be someone with more money, a better career, more holidays or better legs; that’s just life. But those people are also comparing themselves to others. So stop. Delete the Facebook app from your phone and toss Instagram to the wayside. Your life will be so much more fulfilling without them.



Image source


  1. Remember That Kids Grow So Fast.

By the time you’ve fully adjusted to the fact you have kids, that phase will be over with and you’ll be sat wondering where the time went and how you got to this stage already. It is overwhelming, but with all that attention and care, the time just slips by. So make a mental note – or a physical reminder – to enjoy every second with them. It may seem long in your head, but the entire time they live with you at home is rather short in the grand scheme of life. Remember that and embrace what you have when you have it.


  1. Don’t Care So Much. In Fact, Don’t Care At All.

Everyone that is pushing the forty-barrier will be nodding their head at this next statement: we wish we stopped caring what others thought of us sooner. Look, self-doubt happens, that is a fact, but just because it happens doesn’t mean it has to win. Instead, stop caring so much about what other people think of you and start doing more of what you want to do… in all aspects of your life… period. What others think of you really is none of your business. Once you realize that, well, you can live your life with the right motivations.

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