Sanford Bundle Back to School Supplies Review

It is that time of year again when back to school supplies are abundantly displayed in every store. I like to get an early start on the shopping and this year was a little different because my son who just returned home from 4 years in the Navy is starting college. So one in high school and one in college means more school supplies, we had to wait to find out what all our son would need for his classes. Totally surprising to me,  they don’t give you a supply list like they do in school. Its been years since I was in college, but I wanted to make sure my son had everything he needs.


Here are a few items from Shoplet that we love. He has already packed his bag and is feeling confident because of these great office supplies.

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The PaperMate Pens are amazing, I got 8 colored pens with ultra smooth ink. One color for each class or to keep him organized in his calendar. The PaperMate Mechanical Pencils are awesome to hold, they are the HB #2 so you can use them on those dreaded scan-trons, they are tri-design to fit better in your hand when you have to take the millions of notes needed in college. These come in a set of 5 with eraser. We also got a set of Sharpie Markers 5 colors ultra fine markers. There are a ton of projects he will need to do in the next year and having the materials are going to be essential. Lastly we got what every college student needs, the PaperMate Correction Tape. This glides on smoothly to hide those mistakes! Of course my son thinks he won’t need this! Of course, my daughter who is a senior this year has talked her brother into sharing these awesome items with her!

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Shoplet also offers Cleaning Supplies, Sandford Products, Medical Supplies, and Office Furniture. This company is awesome to order from and will have all of your back to school needs!! Hurry and get your orders placed and beat the store crowds and free shipping for any orders over $25.00!!

Shoplet Products

Shoplet Products


Shoplet products are awesome, Shoplet is the #1 e-tailer of business and office supplies. They have Cleaning Supplies, Office Supplies, Medical Supplies, Office Furniture and Pentel products which is what I am going to discuss.

As a teacher I wrote non stop. It was always important for me to have a pen that works amazing. That is when i found the Pentel EnerGel RTX Pen. I love how smooth it writes. But most importantly, I love how quick it drives. NO smudges which was extremely important on some of the paperwork I had to fill out.


Every since my husband’s promotion to manager. I have kept him stocked with Pentel products. I love the mechanical pencils for him to use while working on blueprints. The Sharp mechanical pencils are not only stylish but they write amazing. My husband doesn’t mind keeping them in his pocket throughout the day because of how nice they look!




If you are in the market for some awesome writing material then I suggest you check them out: Pentel Products. You can check out all the Shoplet social media links below.


I received this product for review purposes, although this is my 100% opinion.

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