Planning Your Spring Cleaning

Planning Your Spring Cleaning

Planning Your Spring Cleaning. It’s that time of year when most of us are starting to think about a spring clean. Hopefully, the weather will be improving soon, and early spring is a great time to throw the windows open, let some fresh air in and start on those big cleaning jobs that only seem to get done once a year. 

There’s something about the fresh air and bright colors of springtime that makes us want to clean up at home. We’re eager to get rid of dust and dirt, and air out our soft furnishings. We want our houses to feel clean and the air to be light and pleasant. We want our houses to smell fresh when they welcome us home. We want our homes to feel as bright and fresh as those gorgeous spring landscapes, and it’s the perfect time to get stuck into some big chores that you might have been putting off. 

Tackle Those Big Jobs

Start by thinking about any big jobs. Both things that get done once a year, and tasks that you might not always need at all, that you suddenly do, such as the help of a Pest Control Service. Think about what you can do yourself, and what you need help with, and make appointments with service providers and other helpers. 

Some of the big jobs that you might want to take on include window cleaning, cleaning the oven and washing machine, cleaning appliances like the kettle and dishwasher, cleaning your kitchen cupboards and behind shelving, and vacuuming underneath sofas, beds, and other furniture. 

This can also be a great time to get your boiler serviced, and anything else looked at if it needs it. 

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

During a spring clean, when you are busy cleaning hard-to-reach areas and moving furniture around, it’s easy to forget the smaller jobs that you typically do every week. You might want to leave your usual cleaning until after the bigger jobs are done, as you are likely to make more mess, but don’t forget them. 

Build a Schedule

If spring cleaning gets a bit much, stop doing it. Instead of being overwhelmed by cleaning your whole house in a few weeks, or disgusted by areas that haven’t been looked at for a year, change how you clean. Build a spreadsheet with deep cleaning jobs, and moving forward, try to do one a month on a rotation, instead of everything in one go. 

Write Lists

When it comes to a big clean, lists are key. Write down everything that you need to do and tick jobs off when they are complete. 

Stock Up On Supplies

Make sure that you’ve got everything that you need before you get started. Stock up on cleaning supplies and materials and make sure you’ve got enough to complete the job so that you don’t need to stop halfway through. 

Declutter as You Go

A big clean is a great chance to declutter as you go. Get rid of old junk, tidy up and make sure everything has a home. Donate what you can sell things online if you could make some extra cash, and only throw away items that you can’t recycle, reuse, sell, or donate.

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