How to be a Real Estate Investor by Phil Pustejovsky

How to be a Real Estate Investor by Phil Pustejovsky

How to be a Real Estate Investor by Phil Pustejovsky. My daughter recently received her real estate license and has been filling us in on many of the things she has learned along the way. We live in Texas and the small town that we reside in has several nice houses that have been on the market for quite some time that have caught our eyes more than once! Since I am selling my store so I can retire early, my husband and I have seriously been thinking about learning how to become real estate investors. But before we take that huge risk we knew we needed coaching and our daughter pointed us straight toward Phil Pustejovsky.

Phil Pustejovsky is North America’s leading real estate mentor, the best-selling author of “How to be a Real Estate Investor“, an extremely successful investor, and the founder of Freedom Mentor, the most result-producing real estate mentoring company ever created! We recently received this book and have been reading it together every evening after dinner. This paperback book is almost 200 pages and packed full of the information needed to learn how you can make fast cash and build wealth investing in the real estate market.

One of our biggest concerns about getting into this lucrative business was the fact that we would not have much cash up front, but learned quickly from reading the book that we could actually buy and sell real estate without cash or credit! After all the author, Phil Pustejovsky went from homeless to rich just from selling real estate! That is such an incredible feat and I cannot wait for us to finish this book so we can learn how to become financially free going into our future using the power of real estate investing!

In addition to covering every aspect possible, the book also has special sections giving you real-world examples and also sections offering wisdom keys. If you have ever considered getting into the real estate market you need to go buy this book first. Take the time to read over it carefully and learn everything in it. I am so thankful our daughter pointed us in the right direction. After all, why wouldn’t one want to learn from a veteran investor with 1,000s of deals under his belt?? You can find the book, “How to Be a Real Estate Investor” and read the many reviews on the Freedom Mentor website.

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