Natural Ways To Alleviate Joint Pain

When we think of our fitness, we invariably think about our muscles, our body fat ratios and, in some cases, our flexibility. But we rarely think about the condition of our joints… at least, not until it’s too late. Injury and chronic conditions like arthritis can be particularly punishing for our joints. And when we’re affected by joint pain, it spills out into every aspect of our lives. It prevents us from concentrating when we’re trying to work. It keeps us from playing sports with our friends or playing with our kids. It can prove a serious detriment to our physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing

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The good news, however, is that you are not powerless to reduce the effect that joint pain has on your life, your work and your relationships with friends and family. You don’t need to run into the expensive arms of big pharma, either. Here, we’ll look at some natural ways to alleviate joint pain.


Make strength training part of your fitness regimen


If you’re spending your workouts on the treadmill or elliptical machine, you could potentially do more to rid yourself of joint pain. Strength training can help to alleviate the swelling, pain and stiffness of conditions like arthritis. By strengthening the muscles that support the joints, they experience less stress when going through their range of motion. 


Use hemp based topical creams


Massaging sore joints with a topical cream can also help to alleviate the pain, swelling and stiffness of injured or diseased joints. Hemp is a wonderful plant with many nutritional and medicinal uses. And one way in which it can be especially helpful is when applied as a hemp pain relief cream. The inflammatory compounds of the cannabidiol (CBD) within has been linked to joint pain relief.  


Take a CBD oil supplement


There’s been a great deal made of the healing properties of CBD. It has been linked to reduced stress, the alleviation of anxiety and depression, and a wealth of skin problems. However, as much as topical CBD infused ointments has been linked to reduced joint pain, preclinical studies indicate that taking CBD in the form of drops, tea or vape fluid can also fight inflammation and reduce joint pain. 


Eat an anti-inflammatory diet


Finally… inflammation is at the core of many of our nation’s most dangerous chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and even some forms of cancer. And the body’s natural inflammatory response can exacerbate joint pain, even though it’s a necessary part of the healing process. Our sedentary lifestyles can enhance inflammation, as can our over-reliance on processed foods. Combined with the above measures, a naturally anti-inflammatory diet can help to make joint pain a thing of the past. Avoid processed foods, especially processed meats which are type 1 carcinogens. Eat more fresh foods (mostly plants), healthy fats, lean proteins and green veggies. These are all linked to a natural reduction in inflammation which will in turn give you more mobility and less pain in your joints.  


You Don’t Need to Spend A Lot To Stay Healthy


Many people are under the impression that it takes a lot of money to stay fit and healthy. They believe you need to invest in the most organic foods, the highest-quality gym gear. You need to pay for gym memberships or only eat certain types of food that are Certified Healthy. 


This isn’t the case, though, and it’s a myth that you can only stay healthy by spending a lot of money. Instead, there are ways to keep in the best shape you can, both physically and mentally, without wasting all your hard-earned cash. If this sounds appealing, here are some of the ways you can do so. 


A Healthy Diet


Eating well is something that everyone should strive to do. Still, fresh produce can quickly be forgotten in the back of the refrigerator, it will go rotten if left on the counter, and this makes any food you forget about seem like a waste. 


You don’t need to spend the money, though, and if you’re blessed with a garden, or enough space to create an indoor vegetable patch, you can grow your own. This will help you save money and know exactly where your food is coming from, giving you peace of mind and confidence in every salad you enjoy. 


Excellent Dental Health 


Dental health is something we should never neglect, and while regular trips to the dentist can cost money, the better you take care of your teeth, the more money you’ll save. One way to do this is to explore the potential of revitin coupon code, which is a toothpaste with 100% natural ingredients that can promote excellent oral health.


Similarly, you can focus on cutting sugars and other harmful agents out of your diet. The less sugar 7ou eat, the better your mouth will feel, and as sugary snacks often cost more money, you can save even more cash, as well. 


Staying Fit and Active


Gym memberships are overrated, but staying fit and healthy is not. Many people struggle to get into the habit of going to the gym, and this can be for several reasons. They may not feel confident enough, they might not be able to get to the gym as often or as easily as they’d like, or they might not enjoy the atmosphere. 


This doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit, however. Home workouts and regular exercise around the neighborhood will help keep you in excellent shape. You can do body weight exercises, such as push-ups and planks, or invest a little money into weights and other home gym equipment. These are cheaper than a monthly gym membership and allow you to get a little exercise whenever you like. 


Saving Money, Keeping Healthy


Saving money and keeping healthy are not two things that many people consider to go hand in hand. However, there is always the potential to be as frugal as possible while ensuring excellent physical, mental, and dental health. All it takes is a little dedication and a splash of creativity, and you’ll enjoy a healthy lifestyle and bank balance in no time. 

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