When Health Transforms Your Home

Even with a healthy lifestyle, you can never avoid an accident. Whether you find yourself losing your balance while learning to ski or simply tripping down the stairs, accidents can happen to anybody and especially when you least expect it. As a result, you might find that you need to take some time off to recover your health. Depending on the severity of your injury, you might even have to consider new work arrangements, or temporary solutions until your body has recovered. And, of course, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you might also be able to claim compensation, which can be helpful when sorting out your post-injury life. However, there’s one thing you need to sort out in priority, and it’s your home! Recovery times can be challenging, so you need to ensure your home is equipped to help you through it.


Do you need new furniture? Be creative

You often need to look for temporary solutions with your furniture when you’ve had an accident that affects your mobility. An overbed table, for instance, is a common choice for people who are bedridden for a prolonged period. If you’re worried about what to do with your new furniture and how to integrate it into your home, you can check the creative recommendations from Integrant. You can add unique features such as drawers, LED light or even add an accessory kit with a cupholder. In short, don’t feel you’re limited in your choices of medical accessory!  

Don’t let health affect your mobility


Your home moves with and for you

Injuries that require lengthy recovery times can dramatically reduce your mobility. A hip injury, for instance, makes it difficult for people to take a shower or climb up and down the stairs. So, if you want to stay at home, you’ll have to look for ways to make your decor mobility-friendly. You can use additional ramps in the shower and next to the toilet to help you stand or sit safely. Additionally, you can buy a wheelchair add a wheelchair ramp for your stairs.


Why should you do the hard work yourself?

There’s no reason for you to go all DIY on the necessary modifications. You can organize improvement works and renovations with a professional while you’re still recovering in a hospital bed, for instance. Additionally, if you need to change your furniture, you can also sort this out with a moving company to pack and store mobility-unfriendly items and bring new health equipment. Ultimately, the secret to a smooth recovery transfer from the hospital to your home is to plan ahead!


A decor that makes you smile

Last, but not least, when you’re stuck at home all day and need to navigate through a re-arranged living room or bedroom, changing your decor can make a great deal of difference to your mood. A vibrant and happy color on the wall can help you feel more positive about your recovery and ultimately deal with your health with optimism. Most people wrongly ignore the potential of positivity in health recovery.


In short, when health forces you to stay at home, you can make sure that you make the necessary changes to help your recovery both physically and mentally. Problems of mobility and health-related depression can be addressed easily with smart home renovation tips!


How To Turn Your Old Garage Into The Organized Office Of Your Dreams



Right now, is your garage being put to good use? You may be tempted to say yes automatically because you know that it’s actually in use. But think about this for a second. Is it really in good use? Are you making the most out of the garage? Do you know that you’re really maximizing on the space? Or is it just currently a dumping ground? The chances are, it’s the latter. Because so many of us never get around to using our garages as efficiently as we could be. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a home office together, well it’s time to realize that your garage is a great place for it. So here’s how you’re going to make that incredible transformation.


  1. Clear The Junk


First of all, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re clearing out all of the old junk that you have there. And don’t just move it from all over the garage to one side. Make sure that you’re moving things out of the garage and actually sorting through it. Hire a skip and get things taken away that you no longer need. Anything that you do want to keep can be stored elsewhere in the house or garden until the work is complete.


  1. Conduct Any Work


When you’ve got an empty shell to work with, you’ll then want to do your construction work. This means that you’re going to want to block up the door and work in some replacement windows and maybe even new ones where the door once was too. You may also want to add in a bathroom, or electricity if you don’t currently have it in here. Speak to your contractor to work out how much you need to do to make the office possible.


  1. Decorate


From here, you’re then going to want to get some home office design ideas in mind and start the decorating process. You’ll want to make sure that you create a design theme that’s going to be appealing, but also that motivates you to work too. And definitely remember to have fun here, as it’s all part of the process.


  1. Work In Storage


Then, this is the important part – you need to start organizing. Really make sure that your contractor knows you want to keep this space organized. You may want to split it. Have a section where you can store office and work materials, but then also some build in areas to store some of the garage stuff that was here originally, and has no other place to go. This is a great way to really optimize your space organization.


  1. Furnish


Finally, you’ll then want to furnish the space too. Make sure that you pick out office furniture that will be comfortable, but that will also allow you to stay organized too. You’ll want to start your hunt for the key pieces when the renovations get underway because it can take a lot of time for you to find a balance here.

Does A Beautiful Home Have To Cost A Fortune?

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It is only natural that we want to have the best home imaginable. Our home is where we hide from the world; our retreat that is always welcoming. It’s also space where we can be ourselves and invite the people we care about to share; an entertainment venue all of our own making.


The desire to create the perfect home is therefore understandable. We all rely on decor and design to achieve this. Get these aspects right, and it’s possible to transform an empty space with a few pieces of furniture in it to an actual home. We use renovations, updates, and decorative touches to achieve this, often constantly updating our homes to reflect the latest interior design trends or adapt the available space to more suit our needs.


Unfortunately, there is one potential side effect of all these adaptations, modifications, and home decor perfections: they’re expensive. From renovating an entire floor of your home to just adding a few decorative touches, there’s no denying the fact that a beautiful home can be extremely costly.


However, the key word here is “can”. Yes, a beautiful home can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to achieve the perfect look without spending a fortune, then here are a few tips you’re going to want to keep in mind…


1) Focus on improving your DIY skills


There are thousands of renovation tasks that can improve your home no end, from installing new flooring to fitting an entirely new set of kitchen cupboards. These kinds of changes can make your home look as good as new— but you tend to need to hire a professional to do them.


However, it’s worth running the math the next time you hire a professional to perform work on your home. Let’s say you took the funds you’d pay to a pro, and used that money to attend training courses that could teach you basic-to-medium renovation skills. You’d actually get far better value for money from the latter because your newly-learned skills can be used again and again, whereas paying a tradesman to do a single job means the money only lasts for that job.


Of course, there will always be some renovation tasks you should never attempt to DIY; there’s a useful list of these at architecturaldigest.com, so take note. However, for flooring and other medium-skill tasks, attending a course and learning how to DIY safely and effectively is a great financial investment.


2) Shop at the right stores


As with most things, where you shop for home decor and DIY equipment will govern how much you pay for it. It’s vital that you find stores that are looking to sell items at a reasonable price, rather than charge a huge markup.


For DIY supplies, it’s usually more affordable to shop at stores that are targeted towards tradesmen and high-skilled DIYers. These stores tend to forgo the expensive advertising and jargon in favor of just providing the best deals for people in the know about the items they need. In terms of home decor, that means focusing on the likes of Deconovo.com; places where you can buy great soft furnishings without the extortionate markup of some stores. By ensuring that you always shop at stores who focus on value rather than extreme profit margins, your budget for all home renovation and decoration will go much further, which should mean that your home looks nicer as a result.


3) Look for inspiration from blogs, and social networks— but never purchase directly


If you head to sites like Pinterest or home design and decor blogs, you’re going to be encouraged towards high purchase prices. While there’s the occasional bargain-focused account or blog out there, most focus on high-end items. Often, these items are provided to the person making the post for free, as part of an influencer arrangement. That’s fine of course — provided the relationship is disclosed — but it does tend to mean that the items featured on top blogs aren’t exactly accessible in terms of price. Only high-end brands can afford to partner with the most popular influencers, so the price of the items featured tends to be in the high-end bracket too.


It’s nice to see social media and blogs as inspiration for your own home design, but you should never see them as purchasing guides. If you see a look you like on a blog or social network account, then use it as inspiration to create the same thing yourself from more affordable stores. Clicking through to buy the exact items featured in these kinds of posts is almost certainly the most expensive option. Take the inspiration, but don’t be tempted to buy the exact same items— you’ll almost certainly be overpaying if you do.

In conclusion

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By following the above, you should be able to achieve the home aesthetic of your dreams— but without breaking your budget to make it happen. Enjoy!

Prep Your Air Conditioning Unit for Better Summer Cooling

Prep Your Air Conditioning Unit for Better Summer Cooling


It sometimes seems like winter moves directly into summer, with a couple days of spring mashed between, and this can make it hard for homeowners to transition from one season to the next. If you want your air conditioner to run perfectly every time you turn it on between those chillier days, you should complete a preventative inspection before it gets too hot outside.


Inspect Interior Components of Your AC System


Before you turn the AC on, take a look at your thermostat. Is it getting too old? Does it show visible signs of damage? Move from there to inspect any ductwork you can see; signs of wear could mean clogs or leaks that lead to decreased efficiency and higher monthly bills. Next, move toys and furniture away from air vents, so there’s nothing obstructing the path of cooled (or heated) air. Finally, find the drain line (usually located near the indoor cooling coil near the furnace in the basement.


Professionals, such as those at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning, can offer tips about how to keep the drain clear and how to prevent appliance wear and tear. For example, it’s important to replace the filter during the year. Clean filters allow air to flow through the system efficiently and prevent many of the problems that pop up when filters are clogged.


Check Exterior Components for Signs of Trouble


The outdoor condenser unit sometimes gets blocked by growing vines, yard debris, and windblown trash. Clear these away to get a closer look at the unit. Make sure all panels are in place and that electrical connections are secure. Take a close look at refrigerant lines; they should be properly insulated without signs of damage. The same goes for any electrical wiring. Eventually, the air conditioner will be old enough that it should be replaced. The bright side of this is that newer appliances often lead to financial savings.


Run a System Test


After visually inspecting the various components of the cooling system, turn the system on to test it while running. Start by adjusting the thermostat to your desired temperature. Listen to the fan on the outside condenser; it should have a smooth, quiet rhythm. While there, check the top of the unit for warm air; this means that warm air is being moved out of your home. Several minutes after you head back inside, you should notice the indoor temperature getting lower.


Schedule Professional Servicing


Most experts recommend that you hire a technician, just like those at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning, once or twice a year for servicing and general maintenance. If you found any signs of trouble during your own inspection, it’s best to contact a professional for repairs before the heat settles in for good. Remember that good HVAC professionals will provide recommendations for more efficient systems, such as advising you to add another layer of insulation in the attic or to replace an older appliance. Expert advice often leads to fewer service calls and that sometimes means an initial investment.


Without too much trouble, you can protect your air conditioner from damage and early replacement. Work closely with heating and cooling professionals to enjoy a comfortable home all year long.

5 Signs You May Have an Insect Infestation in Your Home

5 Signs You May Have an Insect Infestation in Your Home


When you think of insects being present in a home, you may associate it with poor housekeeping or an unsanitary environment. However, because of the supreme adaptability of most insects, they have learned how to live among humans and thrive on a whole new level. Even the cleanest of homes can suffer a bug invasion, and if you suspect these tiny pests are sharing your home uninvited, there are a few signs you can watch for that may clue you in about their presence.


1.      Damage to Indoor Plants


If you keep plants indoors and they suddenly begin to look poorly, this may be a sign of insect activity. Spider mites, aphids, and scale bugs all feed off plant sap and can spread from one plant to another without being noticed. Check the stems of your houseplants for clusters of insects or what is known as sooty mold, which can form on the plants as the bugs excrete their feces. If you do discover an infestation on any of your plants, move them outdoors until you can treat them to protect other plants.


2.      Unexplained Powdery Dust


Wood-boring insects and other species may leave behind tiny piles of powdery dust as they eat, breed, and defecate. This substance is known as frass, and while it has recently become a popular additive in natural fertilizer, finding it indoors usually means the presence of termites, carpenter ants, or bark beetles. Knowing which insect you are dealing with may require the services of a professional exterminator, and it is wise not to delay this because many wood-boring insects can cause severe damage to your home over time.


3.      Droppings in the Pantry


While seeing the occasional stray beetle or roach near your pantry is usually no cause for alarm, finding frass, shed exoskeletons, or egg casings may be signs that bugs have discovered your location. Boxes and bags of dry goods present an opportunity for chewing insects that can access and infest your food. Cereal, dried potatoes, and rice are all common food sources for foraging insects, including different species of ants.


If you find signs of insect activity near your pantry, it is a good idea to inspect any cardboard or paper-based containers. To discourage bugs from returning, store cereal and other foods in airtight plastic or glass jars, where they can be kept fresh and safe. Clean your shelves with diluted vinegar and let them dry to eliminate any scent trails left behind by invasive insects.


4.      Unexplained Odors


Some bugs emit a pungent odor when an infestation gets worse, but two that have strong and distinct smells are roaches and bedbugs. You may see roaches before you smell them, but if they are congregating under a sink or in your basement, you might notice a greasy, oily odor. Bedbugs create an odor that may remind you of coriander. The bigger the infestation, the stronger the odor, so if either become noticeable, you may want to have your home and furniture treated right away.


5.      Damage to Books and Wallpaper


Some bugs, such as silverfish, have an appetite for linen, glue, and other adhesives. As a result, they may target your laundry room or bookshelves. They have also been known to eat wallpaper glue. Stored books in cardboard boxes are like a feast for these creatures, so it is a good idea to use glassed-in shelves or keep books in plastic bins with snap-tight containers. Treating a silverfish infestation is best left to a professional extermination company, as these insects can be stubborn and resistant to commercial bug sprays.


Keeping a clean home can help reduce the risk of inviting bugs in. However, if these uninvited guests make their way inside, knowing how to spot signs of their presence can help you eradicate them quickly.

Putting The Hard Parts Of Moving Into Someone Else’s Hands

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Let’s face it, moving home is never a pleasant ordeal. While you will be excited about your new home and the joy it will bring, it will be hard to focus on the bright side of this journey while you’re in the thick of it. There are loads of jobs which need to be done, along with countless documents and pieces of paperwork which have to be completed. Altogether, this makes for a truly daunting task, and a lot of people don’t feel up to it. Thankfully, this post is here to help you out, showing you how to put all of this weight on someone else’s shoulders.


Finding Your New Place: You won’t be able to move home until you’ve found the new place you’ll be living in. This process has to be completed before you sell your old place properly, or you could find yourself having to stay in a hotel between homes, and this will be expensive. The hardest part of this sort of job will be keeping your eyes open for new properties as they hit the market. An estate agent can handle this work for you, providing an invaluable resource when you’re trying to handle this complex process.


The power of an agent doesn’t stop here, though, as they will also be able to help you with the paperwork you have to complete for the sale to go through. You may also need a lawyer for this, but your estate agent will be able to help you find one who charges fair rates. With all of the hard parts taken care of, you will be able to focus on the fun part of the new home selection process; the viewings. You will have the final say in the purchase, but it is still nice to know what you’re getting into before you get started.


Selling The Old One: The old home will also have to move into new hands if you want this process to go smoothly. Like buying a place, this always comes with loads of legal red tape, and it will be hard to find ways to get around it. Your estate agent should also be able to help you with this, finding buyers on your behalf. You should be careful at this stage, though, as a lot of buyers will work hard to make the price of your home go down. It will take a strong negotiator to get the best price, making it important to research the person you choose for the job.


Performing Renovations: When you move into a new home, it’s unlikely that the place is actually new. Instead, other people will have been living there, and this means that there could be some room for improvement when it comes to the decor. Making some small renovations will be a lengthy process if you do it on your own. To handle this job, you will have two choices; pay a professional or get some friends to help. Paying for this work will always get better results, but may not fit into your budget.


Packing Everything Up: Putting all of your possessions into carefully laid out boxes will be a challenge. To make it as easy as possible, it will be worth coming up with a strategy beforehand, enabling you to put things away in a sensible way. Along with this, you will be able to enlist the help of a moving company for this stage of the job. Businesses like this specialise in helping people to make their move as easy as possible. It can be easy to make your life very hard by accident if you don’t follow self-imposed packing rules.


Moving It All: This is where your moving company will come in really handy. Most people won’t be able to lift sofas, TVs, and other large items in the home on their own. Instead, you will need a lot of help for this process, and a company like Big Man Movers could be perfect for you. Giving you the chance to help as much or as little as you’d like, services like this can be a blessing when you’re moving. Some are better than others, though, so it will be worth reading some reviews, especially if you have particularly tricky items like pianos.


Unpacking At The Other End: Once you get to the new place, you will be faced with the challenge of dealing with all of your possessions once again. This time, though, you will be unpacking it, and this can be even harder. Making sure that you keep your original packing order in mind, it should be easy to move boxes into the right rooms. From here, you can work to position furniture correctly, filling it with items as you go. As long as you brief them correctly, your moving company should also be able to help with this stage of the move.


Keeping It Cheap: When you’re moving home, you will often be working on a tight budget, and it will be hard to make sure that you’re spending as little as possible. A lot of people go over their allotted pool of cash, and this can be hard to deal with. To avoid this, working hard to research the companies you work with can make life a lot cheaper. There is nothing stopping you from getting quotes from every company you can find, ensuring that you only choose those with the best deals.


Hopefully, this post will give you everything you need to begin the process of moving home. When you have a busy life, struggle to move, or simply don’t want to deal with this, getting help to handle the hard parts is a great way to make it less daunting. This sort of approach will always cost more, even if you work hard to keep it cheap. In reality, though, the money you spend will always impact the experience you have, and it could be the difference between loving and hating your new home.

Declutter and Decorate For a Spectacular Spring Ready Home!

Spring is well and truly here and your home needs to get ready for the joys of sporadic sunshine in the next few months. There is something a little therapeutic about having a spring clean so let’s make it happen for your home. In order to give your abode the full overhaul you need to get rid of the stuff you don’t need that is cluttering up your homely environment. Treat yourself to a bedroom revamp and a kitchen uplift with just a few easy steps. Start with throwing out the junk and then enjoy bringing in the new!

Smart Selling

Cleaning up your home for spring doesn’t need to be a troublesome task; you can actually make some extra money if you do everything right. Your rooms could look a whole lot more spacious if you just got rid of some of your bigger items by selling them online. People love to buy second hand furniture for a discounted price and it couldn’t be easier to send them items if you use Shiply. Your unwanted furniture could be cleared out of your home within a couple of days and safely transported to their new home without a fuss. You will have some extra money to spend on your new furniture too.

Light and Bright

Warm and cosy color schemes are perfect for autumn and winter weather, but you really want to brighten up your home when it gets lighter and warmer outside. Think about adding brighter décor and paint to your rooms such as pastels, neutrals and whites. Not only will your rooms feel a lot bigger but you will also have an elegant springtime feel throughout your home.

Fabulous Furniture

Now that you have got rid of your old furniture by selling it online, you can bring in some new items to match your lighter and brighter home. Try and find delicate and dainty furniture pieces which aren’t going to hog the space in your living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room. The more compact your furniture is, the more space you will have to rearrange your rooms whenever you like.


Decorative Details

Adding the finishing touches to your spectacular spring home it the most exciting part of the makeover. The small details are what really make an impact on the overall vibe throughout the house. Choose a statement accessory to dress up each room in your dreamy dwelling. It could be anything from an ornate vase in the living room to a dainty set of scented candles in the bedroom. Go for the accessories which compliment your personal style and preferences, so that your home feels unique and special to you.

So spruce up your home and give it a springtime vibe; no more gloomy lighting, bulky furniture and drab décor. Your home will feel revitalised in an instant and you will be loving your new spectacular spring châteaux. It’s time to embrace the springtime vibes, so bring on the barbecues and social events in your new glam pad!

Easy Home Security Tips To Implement Today



Your home is probably the biggest investment that you have ever made, and this is why it is vital to do everything in your power to protect it. Home security does not need to be over complicated and expensive either. There are a number of things you can do to improve your home security today. Read on to discover some easy suggestions.

Change your locks – If you have not changed your front door locks for quite some time, now would be a good moment to do so. This does not require a lot of effort, and there are companies like All American Locksmith that can do this for you. It is definitely worth upgrading to a more secure lock, especially if yours are pretty dated.

Make sure outdoor wires are not easy to access – Another step you can take to improve home security is by ensuring that your electrical wires and telephone lines are not easy to access by burglars. Why is this important? Well, if they are easy to access, a criminal will simply cut the wires in order to disable your security systems, rendering them ineffective.

Get your neighbor to pick up your mail when you are not about – Another easy change you can make is getting your neighbor to collect your mail whenever you are not home. This is especially important if you are someone that travels regularly. It is easy to get the mail company to deliver your letters and alike to your neighbor, and this will ensure that burglars do not realize you are out of town. After all, accumulating mail is a clear giveaway.

Use exterior lights intelligently – Nowadays, most lights come with a timer so that you can schedule when they come on and off. This is something that you should use to make it appear like you are at home when you are not. It is also a good idea to get motion sensors installed for the parts of your garden that are not very visible.

Put together a security checklist – Last but not least, it is a good idea to put together a security checklist that you can use whenever you leave the house. This should include checking all of the windows and locks, making sure your security system is turned on, and anything else that applies to your home. A quick check around the house can make all of the difference.

As you can see, it does not require a lot of effort in order to improve the security of your home. If you follow the advice that has been provided, you should be able to add further security to your property without breaking the bank or having to go through a lot of hassle to do so.

Live Like Royalty With A Bedroom Revamp

Do you want to live in luxury in your home? You should start with your bedroom. The bedroom is actually one of the most important areas of your property. You need to make sure that it’s set up in a way to get the best, most comfortable night of sleep that you can. As well as this, a bedroom can be a great personal space and a fantastic place for relaxing. Here are some of the ways you can upgrade your bedroom to make sure that it’s the ideal place for you.

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Get Rid Of Those Lumps And Bumps


Are you tired of waking up in the morning with a sore back? If so, you should think about upgrading your mattress. There are lots of different mattresses to choose from, but we recommend looking into one with memory foam. Memory foam provides the perfect cushion and support for you, molding around the shape of your body. It will provide the ultimate level of comfort and make sure that you don’t wake up with aches and pains. Of course, if you suffer from back pains, you can also search for a mattress that provides more support for your body and is slightly firmer.


Add A Little More Space

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Kings and queens never have to worry about fighting for space on the mattress at night. That’s because kings and queens sleep in large beds and you should too! King beds provide plenty of space for both you and your partner so you can roll away when it’s time to snooze. You’ll wake up in the morning feeling refreshed after being able to stretch out through the night.


Walk Into Fashion


You might also want to think about adding a walk-in wardrobe to your bedroom. You can do this if you have enough space in your room to convert an area of it into what is essentially a separate room. It’s a great way to make sure that the rest of the room stays clean, clear and minimalistic as you can essentially use this area for all your storage. Typically, this type of redesign can cost up to one thousand so make sure that there’s room in your budget.


Add A Few Spot Lights


If you are more interested in how your room looks, you should think about changing the lighting. You can add spotlights to your room to give it a more modern feel. If you use LEDs, you can also make sure that the room looks bright and beautiful. You can even add a dimmer switch to provide an additional level of control or opt for smart bulbs if you love easy home living.

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Get Electronic Blinds

Last but not least, you should think about adding new blinds to your windows. With electronic blinds, you’ll have the perfect way to wake up to natural light. You won’t have to worry about sleeping in because these blinds can be set to rise automatically like an alarm. It’s a great feature to think about investing in, and you can bet a lot of royals have this option in their own bedrooms.

Staying More Organized at Home

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If you are constantly feeling like you are in a state of chaos at home, there is plenty that you can do to make like just a little bit easier for yourself. Though we can’t do anything about the demands of your kids or the mess your pet makes, we can give you a few pieces of advice that should help you to save time and not feel as if you are running around like a headless chicken all the time. Here are just a few useful points which are worth following.


Don’t Multitask


Some people think that they are multitasking masters, but in reality, they could do things so much quicker if they simply focused on one task at a time. So, instead of leaving a hundred jobs going at once, try finishing what you start instead. For example, you are not finished with breakfast until the minute that the dishes are done. You are not finished getting dressed until the dirty clothes are put in the hamper etc.


Keep Everything in a Place


There shouldn’t be anything that floats around your house without a place to be kept. If something doesn’t have a clear place, the first thing to ask is whether it is worth keeping at all or if it is simply cluttering up your home. If you decide that it is, you need to work out exactly where it should be stored. You should also get into a system which involves grouping similar items together so that they can be found easily.


Put Your Phone Away


Even if you think that you are only checking Facebook for a minute or two, if you do this 20 times a day, it will quickly add up! To avoid temptation, it may be worth keeping your phone in a different room entirely. You are likely to find yourself with so much time on your hands simply by reducing your temptation to procrastinate.


Never Go Anywhere Empty Handed

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The best way of cleaning is little and often, rather than letting everything mount up and tackling it all in one go. If you never go anywhere empty handed, you are cleaning up as you go. It may take a bit of time to get into this habit, but once you do, you may wonder how you lived any other way. If you feel like the household chores are getting on top of you, you could always look into home cleaning services. A clean home goes a long way towards creating a clear mind.


Make a List


For the larger tasks that go beyond the regular household chores, you should make a list and tackle it step by step. You are better off taking on the bigger jobs first so that they are not left looming over your head.


Hopefully, this list has given you a few ideas that you can put into practice when it comes to staying more organized in your home.

Elyptol Hand Sanitizer Giveaway

Using hand sanitizer has not always been my thing. I can only imagine how many chemicals get on your hands when you put it in your hands. I’ve always been more of a “soap and water” kind of gal. When I was first introduced to the all-natural antimicrobial hand sanitizer spray by Elyptol I was impressed. I was impressed at the all-natural, the texture, the smell, the moisturizing, and the way it made my hands feel afterward.

I keep a bottle of the spray in my purse, in my car, and in grandson’s diaper bag when I am watching him. Two of the hand spray hand sanitizer came with clips on them. I love how I can hook them on the bag for easy access. It became really useful when we took a trip to Disney World, I did not have to worry about everyone running to the bathroom to wash their hands. With so many people in one place, I always stress about the grandkids touching something and getting germs on them. With this hand sanitizer, I know we are protected by its naturally Antimicrobial formula that kills 99.9999% of germs.

Enter for your chance to win this amazing bundle!!

Win a bundle of Elyptol Gel & Spray #5

I also received the natural antimicrobial formula but in the gel. The gel substance does not dry out your hands like the regular gel hand sanitizers. Not only does it not dry out your hands but also helps with moisturizing your hands. I keep this one in my bathrooms beside the sink, at my office at work, and also in my bathroom at my office. I just currently had to replace the one in the office bathroom so I’m assuming it is getting used a lot.

I am very impressed with this product. It made me go from a “soap and water” gal to “I can’t live without this hand sanitizer” gal.

10 Steps to go from a Renter to a Buyer

Home buying can be scary! Especially if you are living paycheck to paycheck and see no way out of it. I want to share some quick tips on how to go from paying way too much on rent to actually owning your own home.

  1. Apply at a mortgage company, this will tell you what you can afford and how much your payments will be. I love using local agents and highly recommend Guild Mortgage. Not only can they help you understand the process but they will give you suggestions on how to bring your score up and what the benefits are.
  2. Find an amazing agent. This is the important part. Your agent needs to understand and know the market, represent the buyer and make sure the worth of the home is in line with the asking price. Your agent will negotiate a better deal for you and hopefully help you with paying little to no closing cost! This is my specialty!
  3. Decide what criteria is most important, unless you are going to build a home, none will have everything you will want so you make a list of the must-haves and go from there.
  4. Start the search, your agent will want to set up several homes for you to view, sometimes it only takes one home but most of the time it takes more. Do not feel bad if you don’t find one you like the first time around. Usually, you are excited and nervous and need to see several before making such a big decision.
  5. Pick your home. After finding your perfect home, the negotiating begins! This is where it is extremely important to have a good agent! They will handle all of the legal requirements and paperwork and make sure you are being represented for the best deal possible.
  6. Once an offer is accepted and under contract you will give an escrow check. Usually, it is 1% of the sales price so on a $100,000.00 home you are looking at a $1000.00 check.  This will get deposited by the title company and kept until closing at which time it will be deducted from your amount owed. It is like an insurance payment.
  7. Then you will have the option to have an inspection and termite inspection done. This will be paid up front by you the buyer. Depending on the market the average is around $350.00 for inspection and $100.00 for termite inspection.
  8. The survey and other fees can and should be negotiated by your agent. I usually ask the seller to cover these. To lessen the amount of cash my buyer needs to have on hand.
  9. Closing, at this point you are out $1000.00 plus or minus for escrow, inspections $500.00 plus or minus and now the closing which is usually 30 days after you have signed the contract. Here you are required to pay whatever percentage the mortgage company decides. Some can pay as little as 1%, all the way up to 20%. You can ask for the best deals but by knowing this ahead of time you can start saving!! If it is only 1% you can purchase a $100,000.00 home for $1,000.00 down. Total cost would be around $2500.00.
  10. Welcome home, a lot of times people don’t realize their house payment is less than what they rented for!

Owning a home is the American dream. I would love to hear if you are a homeowner and how you saved money in the process!


Expanding the Horizons of Your Home is Easier Than You Think

Many homeowners underestimate just how much they can do with their homes. Just because things have been one way for a long time, that doesn’t mean you can’t make big changes if you really want to. It’s certainly possible to make this happen, but it’s easy to overlook what’s staring you in the face sometimes, and we understand that. It’s time to start looking at the various ways in which your home can be adapted in order to meet your needs.


If you’re thinking about moving out because your current living space isn’t really working for you, you should hold off that for a second. Before you make any rash decisions, it’s always worth looking into the various ways in which you can change things for the better and get your home on the right track for you and your family once again.


Read on now and start learning about what you can do to make your space work for you, and at the same time expand the horizons of your home. It’s a lot easier than you might think, so scroll down and prepare to be enlightened.


Embrace Its Quirks


Every home is unique and different; that’s something for you really embrace and work hard on realizing. Just because your home is not ideal in every little way, that doesn’t mean you can’t do interesting and creative things with space you do have available to you. Try to emphasize the things that make your home stand out from all the others out there. It could really enhance your appreciation of the home in general if you put in the effort.


Get Creative With the Layout


Rather than taking issue with the size and shape of your rooms, you should think about how you’re currently using them. The layout of your furniture will ultimately be the thing that dictates how you use your space, so if you’re not being creative and making the best possible use of the space you have, of course, it’ll feel unsuitable for you. Read about some great design ideas and switch things up. It’ll have a huge impact on how you view and use your home.

Image Source


Take Inspiration From Other Homes


If you’re someone who watches a lot of home design programmes or simply likes visiting other people’s homes and seeing what they’re doing with their space, you should try to take inspiration from those things. When you see how people are making the best of their unique situations, you can very easily get inspired to take the same approach to your home. It should make you more willing to embrace that challenge. And there’s nothing wrong with stealing ideas from others.


Look for Wasted Space and Start Using It


Every home has certain areas in which space gets wasted. That’s just the way it tends to be. If you’re considering making big changes to your home, you should start with the ways in which you’re currently wasting space. Perhaps your furniture is too big and is not making good use of the space you have. Or perhaps you have whole rooms that are being used for storage when they could be used for more productive and interesting things instead.


Avoid Problems by Choosing Sturdier Materials


If you are tired of things breaking and not lasting as long as you want them to, you should start using more strong and sturdy materials in your home. You can make the whole place feel more long-lasting and less temporary by using materials that are made to last. This could mean switching your floors to hardwood floors or choosing marble for your new kitchen countertops.


Consider Knocking Through Non-Supporting Walls


When your rooms are beginning to feel too confined and cramped, it can be really frustrating. It can start to feel like the whole home is simply too small for you, but that might not actually be the case at all. Instead of getting down about the whole situation, you should look for ways to open up space a little more. This could involve knocking down non-supporting walls that are unnecessarily breaking up space into smaller zones.

Image Source


Try Decorating Ideas That You Normally Wouldn’t Dare To


By stepping outside of the ordinary and trying decorating ideas that you would normally never even consider, you could stumble across some surprising results. This is what tends to happen, so don’t feel a need to stick to your tried and tested ways of decorating the home. If they haven’t worked for your space up until this point, it’s only sensible to switch direction and try new things that might produce better results for you in the long-term.


Add Additional Functions in the Corners of Rooms


Every single corner of your room should be getting used. It should have a proper purpose, and it’s more than possible to add entirely new functions to a room by making use of these corners. So if you have an empty corner in your living room for instance, you could change things up by adding a chair and a bookcase. It then becomes a space where you can sit and read whenever you feel like it.


Don’t be Afraid to Break Conventions


Breaking conventions is essential if you want to come up with a unique space that works for you. Why follow conventions so stringently when all that really matters is your opinion. You’re the person living there and making use of the space on a day to day basis, so the conventions set by other people really don’t matter all that much at all. It’s something to keep in mind when it comes to making changes in your home.


Your home can probably do so much more than you give it credit for, so don’t assume that you have to move out if you want to do new things with your living space. Just make changes to the home you have and enjoy not having to go through the stressful ordeal that is moving house.

Looking Good? How To Get Your House Ready For A Viewing



If you’re looking to move on in life, inevitably, the topic of selling your home comes up. If you are keen on moving on the pretty quickly, and you want to get your house sold, this can be done. It does require a lot of work, but, from the moment you put it onto the market to the moment that it is out of your hands, it could take just a few months. One of the main things to bear in mind when selling your home, is to make sure that it’s viewer ready. So, when someone comes by to view your home, what are the best things for you to implement?


Creating a blank canvas

Every potential viewer wants to picture themselves in the home. This is very difficult if you have your personality emblazoned on every wall in sight. Sure, a space is like the kitchen will have some superficial work done to it to make it appear more modern, but there are things you need to do to make sure that your personality doesn’t impose on the viewer’s decision of whether they want to buy or not. This is why a blank canvas helps so much. And you can do this by painting the walls a neutral color, minimizing clutter, and making sure that there is enough light entering the house.


Making everything up to code

If the house has certain problems, either from a structural standpoint, or in relation to the electrics or plumbing, these need to be fixed first. It might not be something that crosses your mind at the outset, but by using plumbing services that wow clients and viewers alike inspires confidence in the home as a whole. Look at it from your perspective, you would not dare purchase a property where there is a chance that something could break that will cost you an arm and a leg. Whether it’s superficial issues in the exterior walls, or the plumbing is old, it’s best to have someone inspect the property and give you an honest opinion if the house is up to code.


Maximizing curb appeal

Curb appeal is one of those all-important terms now that is bandied around by estate agents. It’s one of those things that you need to consider, especially if you are looking to sell it quickly. Curb appeal is, as expected, what aspects of the home appeal to someone passing by. If you haven’t considered the exterior of your property, and are focused on the interiors only, you need to think about the first impressions your home makes on a potential buyer. This means that, as well as making sure the walls are looking okay and the driveway is paved properly, that there isn’t anything to detract from the quality of your home in comparison to the others in the street. This is something lots of people don’t think about but you need to make sure that your home is in keeping with all the others. If your home looks too palatial in comparison to the rest of the other houses, this could signal alarm bells in a buyers mind as to the quality of the area.


These are the three fundamentals of getting your home up to speed before reviewing. Get these right, and it will make for a much quicker process.

Shark® APEX™ DuoClean® Powered Lift-Away® Vacuum

I never thought I would be one of those people who not only have one but have two inside dogs. Growing up we never had animals in our home. So in adulthood, I really never liked having inside pets. That is of course before I met Buster. Buster was a tiny pound puppy Dachshund mix that I fell in love with at first sight. He was so tiny, I had to keep him in the house and of course, if he wasn’t sleeping with me he would cry. Shortly after Buster, my husband decides he had to have a Dachshund too so we bought Butch, this was over ten years ago.

Needless to say, I spent many days vacuuming up dog hair. I wanted to make sure my dog-friendly home, didn’t look like a dog home. I have major allergies and sinus issues so it was important for me to keep dog hair to a minimum. I would vacuum almost daily to assure minimum dog hair. Recently I was introduced to the Shark® APEX™ DuoClean® Powered Lift-Away® Vacuum I was so shocked at how much dog hair my other vacuum missed.

It literally looked like a brand new carpet when I was finished vacuuming. This vacuum is the best vacuum I have ever used. I have stairs and always hated dragging the vacuum up and down. With this vacuum, you are able to lift just the canister and take it upstairs. I could vacuum spots I haven’t been able to in years because of how flexible the Shark Apex is.

Shark® APEX™ delivers Shark’s ultimate cleaning experience in a full-sized upright vacuum. Equipped with DuoClean® Technology, it grabs large particles, pulls in piles, and directly engages hard floors for a beautiful, polished look. Powered Lift-Away® Technology allows you to clean under furniture and above floors with the push of a button. LED lights on the handle and floor nozzle provide visibility in dark spaces, allowing for a thorough clean. The Deep-Cleaning Motorized Pet Tool stores onboard the vacuum and is perfect for quick pickups on upholstery. Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology® traps dust and allergens are trapped, emitting 10x fewer particles than HEPA standards require*.

Shark’s ultimate full-size, multi-floor, pet-and-allergen cleaning experience.
DuoClean® Technology features a bristle brush to deep clean carpets and an additional soft brushroll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors for a polished look.
Deep-Cleaning Motorized Pet Tool removes deeply embedded allergens, dirt and hair. Stores onboard the vacuum for cleaning convenience.
Powered-Lift Away® Technology. The canister detaches to deep clean hard-to-reach areas while still delivering power to keep the dual brushrolls spinning.
Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology®. Emits 10x fewer particles than HEPA standards require*.
Noise Reduction Technology. Expertly tuned to reduce noise and soften pitch.
Active-Glide™ Technology provides smooth maneuverability on floors and carpets while maintaining powerful suction.


Insurance 101: Getting the Best Deal

Insurance 101: Getting the Best Deal

Insurance is a necessity for your household, but you also want to be diligent about keeping costs down. Thankfully, you can take advantage of some money-saving moves that ensure that you have the coverage your family need and the funds to afford it. You’ll want to follow these time-testing advice tips while shopping for policies and evaluating your current insurance needs.

Home and Auto Shopping Basics

Depending on your household’s finances and coverage requirements, you may benefit from choosing services from a captive agent. A 2016 NerdWallet article explains more about captive agents, representatives who sell exclusively for a single insurance company. These providers were once the only method through which you could purchase policies in the past. However, NerdWallet writer Alex Glenn points out that it might be wise to find a professional among Dallas local insurance agents for several reasons:

  • First-hand expertise to guide you as you shop
  • A personal relationship with one point of contact
  • Ability to recommend insurance solutions for busy people

Multiline Policies Save Money

You’ve probably seen commercials advertising the benefits of bundling multiple types of products, such as home and auto. The Insurance Information Institute reveals that there’s wisdom in that promotional message. Those combined policy packages are where you’ll find significant discounts, since insurance companies reward customers these types of savings. It’s a good idea to stay openminded when you’re searching for auto products, and the same holds true if you need a homeowner’s or renter’s policy. It pays to comparison shop, and don’t be afraid to jump ship if a new carrier gives you a better deal on a bundle.

Got an Older Vehicle? Rethink Your Coverage

It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of daily life and forget to reassess your insurance needs, along with what you’re spending on premiums. If it’s been a few years since you’ve gotten another quote, you could be missing out on reduced rates. Additionally, older vehicles may warrant a reduction in coverage, especially if they’re paid off and are worth less than 10 times your premium.

Don’t Forget About Your Deductibles

Deductibles, or the dollar figures that you’ll pay before your insurer begins to reimburse you for claims, also impact how much you’ll pay in premiums. With lower deductibles, you spend more because the insurer is on the hook to pay greater sums to help you recoup your losses. Whether it’s for auto, home, or renter’s policies, make sure that you can safely afford your chosen deductible out of pocket in case you do incur a claim.

Insurance can take a significant bite out of your monthly budget, but you can use some smart shopping practices to cut down the bill without sacrificing coverage. Consider purchasing your policies from a captive agent, who can often offer you special discounts and bundles. Be sure you aren’t throwing away money for policies on older vehicles of lesser value, and pick a deductible that lowers your premiums while still being affordable. These basics should help you get better value for your money while offering sound protection for you, your family, and your belongings.

Making Money With The Environment In Mind

There’s a lot of ways to make money in the world. Some are obvious, like working a regular job and bringing home your paycheck every week or so. Some bring in a side income, like selling off your junk on Ebay, or completing tasks for people in your city for a few good bucks at a time. However, there’s another way you can make some good money whilst serving everybody’s interests at the same time: being environmentally conscious. A business that works for the environment as well as itself can be extremely profitable, and more of them are needed in the world. Here’s a few good ways you could set up your own company that works to save the outside world whilst keeping your inside world comfortable.

Pexels Image


Being Energy Efficient


If you’re already running a business, chances are you’re using a lot of technology to keep it going for another day. And that probably means you’re paying a hefty sum of your profits in bills for electricity, and losing a lot on lighting alone! However, simply swapping out your old bulbs for the energy efficient variety can cost you at least $20 less each month.


Some of the biggest businesses out there have pledged to lower their carbon emissions by half before the year 2020, and seeing as we’re only 22 months away from that now, it’s time to get serious. Install energy efficient equipment, such as printers in the office and refrigerators in the break room, and you can save hundreds each month on less wasted heat and light output.


You could even find a different way to power your shop or your office by installing solar panels on the roof, which can mean thousands less in your electricity bill each year. So simply put, the point here is to save money to make more money with better resources behind you.


Removing Waste


Waste is something everyone produces, and when it comes to regular rubbish versus recycling, it can be hard to dispose of everything correctly. And this is where your company can step in. Simply having a couple of trucks to your name can mean you’ll make thousands in simply removing waste safely and efficiently.


And waste management doesn’t even need to have a physical element to it, if you’re more of an online or nomadic business model take yourself back to your roots by removing e-waste, which can consist of old documents and files, and old technology. On the other hand, you could simply put your profits to a better use by investing in waste management stock, which is currently at an alltime high and thus carries little risk for a person to put to good use.


Making money with the environment in mind is soon going to sweep the globe. More and more people, from the younger and older generation alike, are finding new and improved ways to power themselves and their businesses. Make sure you’re a part of the future generation with your business practices.

Refreshed and Revitalized: A Touch Of Charm For Your Tired Kitchen

It is the room in your home where everybody hopes to socialize and relax. From peering into the fridge for a quick afternoon snack to perching on a stool whilst browsing through the morning newspapers, it is arguably the most utilized area of your abode. This means that your kitchen may need the most upkeep and attention to preserve its fresh and vibrant look. Whether that means adding color to the kitchen with new accessories or changing up the overall design, you need to give your kitchen a makeover every so often. There are many ways you can transform from dreary to dazzling and often it doesn’t take up too much time or money. We all know what it is like to have your kitchen out of use during renovations, so you need quick and easy changes which will cause minimal disruption to the daily flow of your home. Thrill your friends and please your partner as you perfect your pantry and glamourize your galley in a few simple steps.

Stylish Surfaces

They are growing dull, dreary and downright outdated; your kitchen surfaces have lost the life they once had. It is time to strip away the bland and boring style and replace them with something fresh and exciting. Marble Kitchen Countertops are the new design that every fashionable homeowner needs to have. The sleek and sophisticated designs are guaranteed to suit everybody’s taste and the high-quality material means it will last almost a lifetime. Choose a timeless and smart countertop and modernize your kitchen in an instant. You won’t remember your kitchen without it, so make the change today.



Chic Color

Neutral tones such greys, creams, and browns are ageless and well suited to many home interiors, but it is important to pair these muted shades with a pop of color. By adding a hint of brightness to small elements in the kitchen you will create a cool and contrasting feel. Sleek grey countertops and flooring would look perfect with a flash of red from a toaster or kettle. Perhaps you need a new refrigerator or freezer and you are willing to make a bold statement with a bright color instead of a standard boring white one. Small but effective pops of color in your kitchen will be sure to make it a more vibrant place to hang out.  


Fashionable Furniture

Your chairs are mismatched and your table legs are wonky; you will you had a tall breakfast bar to sip your morning smoothie before you head to work. Get rid of your ancient wooden furniture and swap it for a stylish new set. Opt for a sturdy style which will last you for years to come and grab some funky cushions to vamp up your seating. If you have the room you could add some additional items, such as a tall bar-style table with a matching stool; ideal for a quick and casual sit down.

Savvy Storage

It is not just the look of the kitchen which is important, but it is also the way in which you store your pantry products. Instead of having half empty packets and messy tins strewn across your countertops you should consider buying some new storage jars to jazz up your food storage. Fill a set of clear glass jars with pasta, pulses, and spices and you will instantly have a chic storage idea which looks way better than your current cupboard stash.



Glam Gadgets

No kitchen is complete without the latest hip kitchen gadgets to keep your band on trend. Blitz up your own breakfast smoothie using a brand new blender, which will look perfect on top of your new kitchen counters. Hop on the food trend of zoodles and courgette by making spaghetti with a spiralizer. Feed a selection of vegetables through your new device and you will have extra veggies in all of your meals. Save yourself hours of slaving over the stove with a stylish slow cooker. Throw in your stock, sauce and spices and your dinner will cook whilst you’re out at work!

Now is the time to refresh your kitchen with this handful of sensational ideas. Not only will you be able to sit back and relax in a sparkling new atmosphere, but you will also astound your loved ones with this brightened makeover. Make your kitchen a more homely, productive and sophisticated place to be with these transformations. With just a little splash of color and a sprinkle of style, you will be able to enjoy a fresh and elegant place to

Air Wick Essential Mist Kit @ Walmart

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Air Wick®. The opinions and text are all mine.

I consider my home my sanctuary. I love walking through my door and knowing that it is time to relax and unwind. My home brings me happiness from the time I walk through the front door. I do worry though about others’ impressions when they walk into my home. You see I have two inside dogs. I love my two dogs and they are part of our family, but I don’t want everyone who walks in the door to automatically know this is a dog home. I prefer them to have the same impression as I do.

I love walking into a home that smells welcoming and has a fresh scent which is why I decided to try Air Wick Essential Mist Kits. One try and I was hooked.  From then on, I’ll never have to worry about visitors stopping by unexpectedly or what they will think as long as I have my home protected by Air Wick Essential Mist. I love the Lavender & Almond Blossom scent which I find calming and is conveniently available at Walmart. From 2/23/18 – 4/30/18 you can get a $1.50 off coupon here when you enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a $50,000 Air Wick Home Makeover or a $5,000 Air Wick Room Makeover.

I entertain a lot and am always prepared with Air Wick Essential Mist Kits. They are the perfect solution to refresh your home before entertaining, and they have other varieties such as Fresh Water Breeze and Mandarin and Sweet Orange. Everyone always compliments on how great my house smells, although we have two inside dogs, people don’t even realize it until I tell them.

I love knowing I am getting this at Walmart for the best price! I also love knowing Air Wick Essential Mist diffuses a natural essential oils infused fragrance. You can experience a divine blend of freshness and softness – the fresh aroma of lavender wrapped with the delicate, sweet and creamy floral of almond blossom – bringing you a feeling of freshness and cleanness.



How to Reduce Stress While Moving Residences

Moving is one of the most stress-inducing activities that adult life has to offer. Not only do have to go through the process of finding your new dream home but if you are moving into a home that you plan on remodeling, you have to find a remodeling contractor and take out a home improvement loan. In addition to the financial concerns associated with a move, maybe you’ve also got other issues going on in your life like needing to hire a personal injury lawyer. Then, on top of it all, you have to pack all the belongings from your current residence!


However, the stress should not be a deterrent in your pursuit for a change of scene. A change of scene is a very exciting prospect, and it is possible to amplify this excitement while diminishing the stress that comes with the task. By taking these 3 simple steps into consideration, your move will be as easy going as packing for a picnic.

  1. Make a Schedule


One of the major stressors that come with an attempted move is the overbearing, omnipresent nature that the preparation takes in your everyday life. With an entire lifetime of objects to sort through, pack, and emotionally part with, the various aspects of the move will start to creep into every waking minute of your life. With no end in sight, this may turn all the excitement of the move into a cumbersome burden.


This is not, however, an unavoidable fate! This stress can be easily resolved by clearly planning the time you dedicate to the move and sticking to it. Plan to dedicate a specific hour or two packing boxes. Once that time is up, stop packing! Go eat a snack, read a book, get other work done, or just do something you want to do!


By strictly scheduling your moving-prep time in this way, you will make sure that the stress of the move does not take over your life. Much in the way you are sorting your things into boxes, sort your time into boxes! This will also likely help to maximize the efficiency of the time you set aside for organization and packing.

    2. One Room at a Time


When the 1000 pieces of a new puzzle are scattered around on the floor, the prospect of putting them all together can be incredibly daunting. However, once you find a few corner pieces and begin to put together one section at a time, the impossible task suddenly seems incredibly manageable.


This is the exact mentality that should be applied to packing a house before a move. The thought of fitting every room in your house into a seemingly small collection of boxes is an incredibly stressful prospect. If you instead focus intently on packing one room at a time, accomplishing the task at hand seems like a far more reasonable reality.


Decide which room you are going to dedicate time to packing. Once you make this decision, go into that room and think about that room as if it is the only room you need to pack. Although it involves a little bit of self-deceit, this small white lie that you tell your own brain allows you to see your end goal and approach it confidently.


The new tangibility of the end goal will relieve great amounts of stress from the packing process and allow you more free time and clear headspace to focus on the joy of going somewhere new.

     3. Yes, No, Maybe


Objects have an incredibly sneaky way of accumulating over time. While it may seem harmless when you are staying stagnant in one place, the version of you that is preparing for a move is seeing the error of your past ways. From valuable objects hidden in layers of trash to junk that you have a formed a sentimental attachment to, sorting through what is coming with you and what is not can be the most emotionally trying aspects of a pending move. Of course, you don’t want to get rid of essentials like your dreamy Nectar mattress, or your fancy new Tissot watch, but do you really need that box of receipts from the last 10 years that you always kept on hand “just in case”?


The stress comes from persistent overthinking, and, therefore, your stress will be greatly relieved if you give yourself permission and ability to trust your own instincts. This is a mission easier said than done. The best way to access your instinct is by making three distinct packing piles: Yes, No, and Maybe.


In whatever room of the house you are in, determine which side of the room will serve as the “Yes” side, which side of the room will serve as the “No” side, and which area of the room will be the “Maybe” area. When you pick up each item in the room you are currently conquering, quickly take the object and throw it into one of the designated sides of the room. Put things like your must-have facial mask in the yes pile since you’ll still need it once you move, and put other non-essentials in the maybe or no piles.


Of course, you can switch objects from one pile to another once you refine the packing process. However, this will serve to give you an excellent head start and may make it easier for you to part with some objects you would have wasted large amounts of time struggling to part with.